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Kodak Printer – Community Review

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A couple of months ago, Kodak sent me the ESP 9 to review. They also had me determine how much money I could be saving on ink if I were using this printer instead of the one I currently own. Several other YouTube partners were given the same opportunity. Since more than one of those videos showed up on YouTube, there were – of course – a few haters in the comments. One commenter, though, was not only polite and nice… he actually asked if he could HAVE the ESP 9. I decided to send it to him. Here, you’ll see his review.

Matt has done a few screencasts for us in the past. He’s a great community member, and participates often. When he jokingly asked if he could have the Kodak printer, I thought it was a great idea. I’m not in the market for a new printer myself, even though this is a good one. What better way to handle things than by giving back to the community?

Matt absolutely loves this printer. He was excited that this is an all-in-one machine… printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. He likes the way the paper is stored under the printer in drawers… making it easier for paper to feed into the unit without having as much worry about paper jams.

He notes that the scanner lid is lightweight and will lock in an open position. Too often, you can have issues with scan lids dropping down or being too heavy to properly scan your documents. Also, if you want to scan a page from a book, traditional closing lids are impossible to help you get a clear scan of the book. With the ESP 9, you don’t have issues with that. Just lock the lid open and scan away to your heart’s content.

The printer includes multimedia ports, including an SD card and camera connections. This printer also boasts:

  • Convenient 2-cartridge, 6-ink system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity keeps you more connected than ever before
  • The consumer inkjet printing industry’s first 10 in. touch control panel
  • Sleek, intuitive design with memory card slots for printing with or without a computer

Matt feels that the touch-screen on the front is the best feature. He was impressed with the way he can check ink and paper levels with the touch of a finger. Again – the ink cartridges are “dirt cheap” for this particular printer. Matt notes that they last a long time, so you’ll definitely save money.

Congratulations, Matt, for being a great community member and for having a cool new printer to use.

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Walgreens Reverses DNA Test Kit Decision

Just a few days ago, Walgreens announced they would sell genetic-testing kits that can tell people whether they’re likely to get breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, become obese or suffer from a range of other maladies. The FDA spoke up against this idea, along with a host of other people and organizations. Tests such as these are not necessarily 100% accurate. FDA spokeswoman Karen Riley issued a statement saying that “The claims have limitations based on existing science, and consumers should not be making important medical and lifestyle decisions based on these tests without first consulting a health-care professional.”

Today, the popular chain store agreed with the FDA and reversed their decision to sell the kits. Dr. Stephen St. Jeor is a professor of microbiology and immunology who has weighed in on this issue, and helped to change the company’s mind. He says there are genetic markers for many diseases. However, most people would need a professional to interpret the results from tests such as the one Walgreens had planned to sell. Dr. St. Jeor worries that results could scare you into thinking you’re headed towards a bout with a deadly disease, when the information might not even be 100 percent accurate.

What are your thoughts? Would you trust a home DNA kit to give you accurate results that you could easily understand – and use to help you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle?

You don’t need a test kit to help determine what the best software is for your machine.

How to Save Ink Printing

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kodak. All opinions are 100% mine.

I print. You print. We all print. However, just because we all print the same amount doesn’t mean that we’re spending the same amount of money on our supplies. Maybe it’s time to rethink your ink strategy?

Just how much ink does your printer go through? More importantly, how much are you paying for that ink? Are you over-spending? You can easily find out using the overpayment calculator on Kodak’s website. I found out that I have overpaid $137.16 for my ink in the past year. Gee, what could I have done with that money?

I could have gotten 4 GB of additional RAM for my computer. That’s a lot of extra memory, folks.

MORE USB! I love USB devices, including regular old USB flash drives. A Geek can never have enough. With my savings, I could have purchased 24 of these little 2 GB USB 2.0 flash drives.

I love to watch movies, and I love to store media on a physical disc for safe-keeping. What better way to do that than with the 105 dual-layer DVD +R discs I could have bought?

My iPhone doesn’t have enough Apps, that’s all there is to it. You may think I have more than enough, but I could have 138 more of them right about now had I saved money on my ink!

My backyard is a mess. It needs some more work done to it, including about 342 pounds of river pebbles. I could have gotten those with my savings, had I been using the Kodak printer!

I bet if I try hard, I could find 489 friends in my address book that I could have sent postcards to. With the money I would have saved, I could have purchased the stamps for all of those postcards. That’s nearly 500 of them!

I lose my ink pens all the time. It never fails. I’ll go to grab a pen, and there’s just none to be found. Had I saved all this money by using the Kodak printer, I’d have a stockpile of 762 black ink pens lying around.

Om nom nom A&W Root Beer Barrels. Those little hard candies are addictive and delicious. I’d have 2025 of them sitting here right now if I had saved money. Of course, I would likely need to get some exercise after eating them all.

You know those little wooden toothpicks that are mint-flavored? They come individually wrapped so that they stay minty fresh. I can’t get enough of those. They are just… cool. I could have 50,528 of them right now. WHY am I not saving money on ink?

Lastly, I could have purchased additional storage space for 348,996 pictures online. That is one heck of a lot of photos that I could be sharing with the World.

What would you get with your savings?

By using a Kodak printer instead of the one that’s sitting behind me right now, I could have any number of really cool things. Rethink your ink!.

Thanks to Kristin Marshall for all of the awesome artwork used in this post.

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