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What is There to do in Kentucky?

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted a top ten travel tips post. We have had so many responses, and I have loved learning about where all of you live. I thought it was past time to get back to posting these. Spring is coming sooner than we think, and many of you are thinking of planning your vacations! Kentucky has much to offer in the way of entertainment and culture, as evidenced by this list sent in by Tim Cook.

  • Mammoth Cave – Mammoth Cave is considered to be the world’s largest cave. So far, the passageway is measured to be 360 miles long, with discoveries of new passageways every year.
  • World’s Largest Baseball Bat – This bat is six stories high, and is located just outside of the Louisville Slugger Museum. There is also the world’s largest baseball glove to go along with it.
  • Paramount Arts Center – Go watch a concert at the historical Paramount Arts Center. The arts center started out as a movie theater in 1931, showing only silent films thats was made exclusively by Paramount Pictures. It was also one of the first transitional theaters built for “talking pictures” while it was a model theater to showcase films by Paramount. But during the Great Depression, Paramount had decided to turn it into a all-in-one theater for mainly concerts. It has recently been remodeled to look like it did in 1931, which is like stepping back in time.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace – Visit Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace, which is not located in Illinois, as many believe. You’ll find the cabin where he was born, still in good shape.
  • First Kentucky Fried Chicken – Visit the World’s first KFC, which started in 1937. The original name of the restaurant was Colonel Sanders Cafe & Museum before it burned to the ground. It has been, and still is today, a restaurant and a motel combination.
  • Muhammad Ali Center – If you’re a boxing fan, then the Muhammad Ali Center is the place to go. It was created by Muhammad Ali himself. The Center is entertaining for any age, and features captivating exhibits and multi-media presentations, a five-screen orientation theater film, historic Civil Rights era media footage, video-on-demand of Ali’s fights, interactive boxing, two changing exhibit galleries, children’s Hope and Dream wall, meeting and event space, a retail store and more.
  • Kentucky Derby – The most well-known derby in the U.S. is the Kentucky Derby. It has been anually held since 1875 on the first sunday in May. The horse races aren’t the only attraction. The museum is also the most famous and remunerative in the world.
  • Nicholasville – Visit a town called Nicholasville, which is the home of the nation’s first commercial vineyeard, established in 1798. It holds national record as the third-largest producer of win since 1860.
  • Cumberland Falls State Park – To see the rare moonbow, you need to go to Cumberland Falls. The moonbow is located in front of the waterfall, which is 125 foot wide and has a 68 foot drop. The moonbow can only be seen on clear, strongly moonlit nights. The lake is also called Little Niagra.
  • Jenny Wiley State Park – For those who enjoys outdoors, then this park is for you. There are any number of activities to participate in. You can play golf, watch a play, go fishing, swimming, walk or ride a bycicle at the trails. The heritage byway alone is a 154 mile loop.

I don’t know about visiting anything sporty or outdoors-y, but I’m down for heading over to the KFC! What about you? Where would you like to travel to this year?