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Robert Scoble Interviews Kat During Gnomedex

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During the Gnomedex registration party, the people watching the live stream wanted to talk to Robert Scoble. Kat dragged him over to the camera and apparently tried to leave. Robert had other ideas though. He decided to turn the tables on her and he interviewed her. Keep in mind that Scoble interviews some of the biggest and brightest people in technology and social media.

In the minds of our community members, Kat is a rock star of social media AND technology, and it was smart of Robert to take time to talk with her. I’ve long said that I would not be doing as well as I am without having her by my side for the past three years, and I meant it. She was instrumental in making Gnomedex happen this year, and in making it the best we’ve ever had.

According to this footage captured by UncleJohn, Robert and Kat had quite an interesting conversation. What would YOU ask of either of them if you were going to interview them?

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Used iPhone 3GS Unboxing

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When I received my iPhone 4, I decided to give my 3GS model to my assistant and Community Manager Kat. She works extremely hard, and is always willing to drop whatever she’s doing to take on something else whenever I need her to. She’s fantastic at handling the community issues that crop up, and it seems as though everyone loves her. I was lucky as hell to find her three years ago on accident, and I don’t know what I’d do without her! Here you’ll find her attempt at an unboxing video. GO EASY on her, y’all. This is the first time she’s done something like this. She was extremely nervous, so she asked her daughter Ashley to join her in the video.

As you can see, I threw in some extra goodies! Kat was quite shocked to find everything that was in the box. She tells me her favorite is the gorgeous CalypsoCrystal iPhone Dock. These are solid lead crystal, and each are hand-made. They truly are beautiful, and the video doesn’t do it justice.

I included the Richard|Solo external battery so that she never runs out of juice. There’s a car charging kit as well as a wall-charging plug.

Next in the box was the ZeroChroma iPhone Theater Stand with Sound Scoop. I thought this would be a nice addition to her accessory collection. You never know when she may want to watch movies or listen to music… that sound scoop REALLY works well!

I also included the ThinkGeek AirVolt Wireless Charger (click here for ThinkGeek Coupons). Kat is a big-time fan of anything from ThinkGeek (hint! hint!). I know that these wireless chargers are a lifesaver at times, so I wanted to make sure she had one.

Kat indicated she has already bought a “girly” looking iPhone case. Lord help me… I’m not sure my heart could take seeing it when she’s here next month for Gnomedex! However, I did send my case along.

Since she’s new to the iPhone and smartphones in general, Kat is very excited to start trying out apps. Anyone who wishes to send her a free code to test something out (and then possibly talk about it here on my blog), feel free to Email her directly.

Kat – thank you for everything that you do. No one really has a clue how hard you work, or the amount of hours you put in every week. Hell, I’m not sure even I know how much of yourself you give every day. Just know that the entire community appreciates it, and we’re better off for having you running the show behind the scenes.

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4th of July Fireworks can be Deadly

We often hear about accidents involving fireworks at this time of year. Inevitably, we’ll read about someone losing a home due to the many exploding rockets landing in places where they shouldn’t. However, we tend to think that it can’t happen to us. We’re cautious, right? We follow proper safety procedures. We don’t shoot them towards homes or businesses. The problem is, though, that not everyone cares enough to even think about these things. Such was the case two years ago when my Community Manager Kat nearly lost her home.

Kat was inside working on some things for me late that night just before the holiday when she heard a lot of popping noises outside. She sighed and went to check… seeing the kids from down the block once again shooting off various fireworks in the parking lot of the strip mall across the street. Sadly, Indiana doesn’t have a law against this. The police refused to do anything about it. About a half an hour later, she heard sirens that sounded awfully close. She opened the door to be greeted by smoke pouring from the roof of the buildings across the street. The pet store, fireworks store and tax service office were on fire.

As you can see from that video footage, this was a devastating fire. It was quite dangerous since there are houses (including hers) so close to where those stores stood. It was horrible due to the fact that there were more than a hundred animals in that pet store waiting to be adopted into loving homes… including new baby kittens. None of the animals survived. Since there was a fireworks store attached to the pet store, the fire chief felt it was too dangerous to send men inside to attempt a rescue.

In this next short video clip, you can hear the sheer terror and panic in her voice as the fire finally made its way inside the fireworks store. You can hear her yell that the windows are about to blow. Just a few seconds before that, she saw what she described as a “huge fireball” come from the back of the store… right out through the window she was facing. She saw fiery debris landing on her home, and was about to have a panic attack.

Thankfully, no one was injured and all homes in the area were spared – including Kat’s. It was later determined by investigators that the fireworks the kids were shooting off in the parking lot did, indeed, cause this massive fire. One of the rockets landed on the roof of the pet store, smoldering there and quickly sparking.

It CAN happen to you, no matter how careful you or anyone around you is. I urge you to use extreme caution and care when playing with fireworks. The next unnecessary explosion could be your home.

Have a happy – and SAFE – Fourth of July.

Giving Away my iPhone

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Now that I have my iPhone 4, I had to decide what to do with the iPhone 3GS. I could sell it. I could put it up for auction. I could keep it for a backup device, since it’s still in excellent shape. Some of the chat room members wanted me to smash it or microwave it – neither of which I wanted to do. There were so many possibilites that I had no clue what the hell to do with the phone.

I decided I should call someone for advice. Like a dork, I tried using the iPhone 3GS to make the call. The call wouldn’t go through… duh. I had already transferred my service to the iPhone 4. No worries, I have a backup!

My assistant and Community Manager Kat answered the phone with a cautious “hello?” Instead of my asking her to do something, I simply hollered out “Kat – do you want an iPhone?” Her answer, predictably, was “uhm. Yes!!” Immediately, most of the chat room went nuts congratulating her, and showing their appreciation for what I had decided to do. One person, though, said “no fair! Why does that chick get a free iPhone?”

This phone isn’t exactly “free,” folks. You have no idea how much work this woman does on a daily basis for myself and the community as a whole. She puts in a LOT of hours, and is always right there when I need her. I can call, email or IM her with something pressing, and she literally drops whatever she’s doing to jump on the new task as though it were nothing.

Kat has helped hold the community – and me – together for just about three years now. I’ve said publicly and on the stream many times that I don’t know what I’d do without her, and that’s the truth. She somehow balances all of the work she does with volunteer work, and being a mom and grandma. She’s almost always in a happy mood, and will literally give the shirt off her back to someone who needs help. I’ve seen her go out of her way on so many occasions to help someone out.

If there is anyone on this planet who “deserves” this iPhone, it’s Kat. I know she’s thrilled to be getting it, and could care less that it’s not the new model. She’s never had a “smartphone” before, and is very much looking forward to this one. With the type of work we do, she really does need to stay connected, no matter where she may be. I know this iPhone will go a long way towards accomplishing that.

Kat says that since she’s never used an iPhone – she needs YOUR help! What free apps do you recommend? She doesn’t play any games. She’s interested in productivity, social media and music apps. She’s also on the prowl for a “cute” iPhone hard case that will protect well but still look “cool.” Additionally, since she helps me out with videos, reviews and the blog, she’s willing to test out any apps that someone may want to send her way and post about them here on my blog. If you want to reach out to her in that way, you can always Email her.

Kat – thank you for everything. You are a rock star. Those simple words don’t begin to express what you mean to this community.

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