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Make a Backup of Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Apps List

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It occurred to me recently that I have installed almost 600 applications on my MacBook Pro. Many of them were given to me to review, and quite a few of them were free. As I was going through the list in order to decide what I wanted to load onto my new iPad 3G, I realized that it would not be too cool if I were to lose all of these little beauties. What happens if my computer crashes and I lose all this data? Apple doesn’t make it easy to restore all of these apps – you have to remember what ones you had.

I decided to print out my list of apps so that I could have a hard copy in case I should ever need to restore them from Apple. I hit the Command + P key combination to open up a print window while viewing my apps list. I set it to the “song listing” option, but you can choose whatever you like. Under page setup, I chose the paper size of “Tabloid.” It’s going to be a large file, and you’re going to save it as a .PDF. Be sure to change it to Landscape mode instead of Portrait.

Instead of choosing an actual printer, just choose to save as a .PDF file. You CAN actually print out pieces of paper if you choose, but it will take a lot of them. Save the trees! With the .PDF, I have all of the information I might need in order to figure out what I need in case I ever lose all of my apps.

If you haven’t done this yet, I suggest you do so now. Not only will it help you if you were to lose all of your apps, it can also help you make a quick check to see if you have already downloaded something in particular. I know that for me, I tend to forget at times what I already have.

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