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How Do Microsoft Certifications Help You?

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RedChannel is a student who plans to pursue a career in the IT field. He isn’t able to obtain a four-year degree at this time, and wonders if gaining some certifications from Microsoft would be enough background to help him land a decent job.

I don’t know if they will help you find a job… but in terms of getting a job – they will absolutely help. If you were in charge of hiring for a company and you were torn between two people to hire for one position, you’d be likely to go with the one who had some certifications. More education is never a bad thing, and that includes the type of learning you receive when you take any type of certification exams.

Certifications are additional education that you didn’t have to get. It shows a lot of initiative to do something like this. It shows potential employers that you are willing to go that extra mile.

You have to remember, you’re going to go up against quite a large number of other people for any positions. Having an edge is something you have to do. It may cost you some money… but how much is that next job worth to you?

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How to Get Referrals From Clients

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of GoToAssist. All opinions are 100% mine.

They say that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. While I don’t know who “they” is, exactly, I do enjoy spreading the word regarding products and services that I find to be helpful or that I have enjoyed using.

If you’re helping people with their computer problems, you’re likely using GoToAssist. GoToAssist Express can be used on either Mac or Windows, or a combination of the two. The software is hands-down the easiest way to help someone in a remote location with their issues.

The thing you want to do to build new business on top of your existing business is to ask for referrals. It’s really not that hard, honestly. Let’s say that I just finished helping someone solve a problem that had plagued their machine for awhile. They are a happy camper, and keep thanking me in our chat dialog window. I decide then and there that I am going to ask them to help me build my business. I let them know that I’m happy that I was able to help them, and that I would give them a special deal if they refer me to someone else whom I then pick up as a client. It only took me a few seconds to type all of that out. Those few seconds may just get me some new clients – thanks to word of mouth from a happy client.

Do you see how easy that is? It didn’t cost me any advertising dollars. It didn’t take up a lot of time. I didn’t even have to spend hours trying to come up with a catchy slogan or poster. All it took was my doing my job well, and dangling a carrot in front of them with the promise of discounted service. The customer is happy with me, and now they are looking forward to receiving help in the future at less of a cost. This will make them want to refer me to everyone they can think of, I promise.

There are a lot of tech support people out there these days. One of the reasons you want to have the right tools at your disposal is the actual marketing opportunities those tools can provide you. Ask for a referral while your customer is happy. Using GoToAssist can help you achieve your dreams of success simply by giving you the tools you need to do your job right the first time.

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