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How Does iTunes Work on the iPad?

Imagine being stuck in an airport for hours on end. You’re bored out of your mind, and feeling as though you could flip out at any second. Now imagine having the iPad with you, just waiting for you to connect to iTunes. It takes one tap of a finger to connect to the iTunes store via a wireless connection.

Once you connect to iTunes, you know what to do from there. You can browse through music, podcasts, telelvision shows and movies to purchase. Grab that new album you’ve been dying to listen to, plug your headphones in, and rock out. There are millions of songs available – and thousands of movies and videos.

If you are a student and could use some extra knowledge (who couldn’t?), you can connect to iTunes U. There you will find lectures, lessons, audiobooks and even podcasts – all coming from universities and museums.

You can quickly transfer your existing iTunes library from another device to your iPad and from your iPad to the other machines. No matter where you go (or what device you have with you) you won’t have to leave your media at home.

iPod on the iPad

Using your iPad as a music device will let you see and touch your music in ways you can’t when using your iPod. The large screen makes it so much easier to view your library, and make changes as needed. You can browse through your entire collection by song, artist, album or genre. You’ll be able to see your collection as full-sized album art. You can flip through them just as if they were physical CDs.

Tap a song to play it and the “now playing” screen shows up. It will show you the album art for the track you’re listening to. Tap on the album art to flip it over, and you will see the track list. A simple touch of your finger can pause your song, shuffle through your playlist, change to a new song and adjust the volume.

It’s really easy to add music to your iPad. Tap a button and head over to the iTunes store to find new tracks to purchase. Or… transfer existing iTunes libraries from other devices by sync’ing them together.

I’ve seen a few people make comments as to how the iPad is “nothing more than a glorified iPod”. When it comes time to listen to your music though, isn’t a “glorified iPod” a GOOD thing?

Still Think the iPad Sucks?

The question posed in this article’s headline is somewhat unanswerable, considering the iPad hasn’t even shipped yet. To claim that a product has failed before it’s even started the race is… asinine.

Given the amount of gamers in my community, I was largely surprised by the “it’s like an iPod Touch with a bigger screen” commentary. That’s like hating on the PS3 because “it’s like a PSP with a bigger screen.” Either analogy doesn’t make a lick of sense.

What gamer in his or her right mind would admonish any device with a larger screen?! Now, if you’d rather spend your money on another product, fine – that’s not the argument (and for you to get pissy over someone else’s decision to buy something with THEIR OWN money is a beyond immature). The day you start paying my bills is the day you can tell me what I can and cannot appreciate.

Consider the following screen shots (as submitted by iPhone OS developer, Kevin Ng). What, again, “sucks” here?

First is a shot of his iPhone game, WordCrasher, running 1×1 on the iPad emulator. Go ahead and click on the thumbnail image to see the full resolution screen capture:

Yeah, that’s not terribly impressive. Second is a shot of WordCrasher running in 2x Zoom on the iPad emulator. It’s a bit more usable, but the jaggies would drive anybody nuts:

Now, the pièce de résistance. Third is a shot of WordCrasher redesigned for the iPad’s screen:

With those images open in separate browser tabs, flip between them – specifically notice the differences between the 2x Zoom and native iPad versions of the same game. Night and day.

Because iPad supports OpenGL ES 2.0, I can use bump maps and other shader techniques to present more realistic materials. And the high resolution means better detail without making the game look too busy and unreadable. Whilst these shading techniques are available on the latest hardware revisions of the iPhone and iPod touch, not all models support them, so you’re left with a two-tier system. With iPad, these shader effects are available from the start, so you can rely on all the players getting the same experience. At least, for now.

How can any self-respecting “gamer” dislike a device that will undoubtedly enable the production of breathtaking games and game-changing gameplay… especially if they’ve never used it (to fairly judge)?

And to put your mind at ease, it’s okay to own both an Xbox 360 and an iPad – just as it’s okay to own both a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS. You can buy whatever you want to buy (including a forthcoming “Slate” product that happens to run Windows 7). It’s your money, it’s your choice.

However, you might want to wait until you have something in your hands before you decide it’s a big fat bucket of FAIL.

Why Do Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod not Use Adobe Flash?

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The Internet is all abuzz with anger due to Apple’s decision not to use Flash on the iPhone operating system. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that decision. Flash is the most unstable piece of software I’ve ever used.

This morning, I checked stats on the recently uploaded Mountain Dew Throwback video, Flash crashed inside of Google Chrome. Sadly, this is something that I’m used to.

Why, pray tell, would you expect Apple to put such an unstable piece of software on their operating system? I don’t feel that it is something we need to have on the iPad, or the iPhone. You can disagree with that all you want – I’ll punch holes in every flawed argument you present. It has nothing to do with Apple wanting to make more money – it has to do with controlling the consumer experience, much like other CE manufacturers do. Flash would ruin the iPhone OS experience, not enhance it.

Go ahead, give it your best shot. Give me a good argument as to why I’m wrong. My mind is always open.

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Twitter Bans More Than 370 Passwords

Having a secure password for anything and everything is a no-brainer. Sadly, though, many people still aren’t very careful with what they use. When you choose a password, you really do have to be careful. If someone hacks your Twitter account, it’s true they won’t have access to your sensitive data (such as your social security number). However, they can wreak havoc on your reputation by posting some really awful things if they wanted to.

To help protect against this, Twitter has hard-coded 370 password no-noes into their registration page. This is a set of words that are definitely not secure, and Twitter won’t allow you to use them during sign up. If you want to see the list, simply view the source code of the registration page. Do a search for the words: twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS, and you’ll see them all listed.

You really should make use of a secure password generator, such as the one that you can add to Firefox. Don’t take the chance that someone will inadvertently guess what you’ve used. Protect your reputation as much as you do your personal information.

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Need for Speed Car Racing Video Game

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Playing Need for Speed on my iPhone is actually a great way to unwind. I gotta thank the folks at EA for sending this along to me to play with – I mean… review! I’ve been having a great time trying to beat my own score. Racing games are always fun, but this one takes first prize in my book. It has excellent graphics and animations, the audio is good, and it’s just plain fun.

Need for Speed: Shift features 20 cars to maneuver through 18 tracks with your phone’s tilt functionality. You can play on your own, or against your friends via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi.

It takes some getting used to in order to properly control your cars when using a mobile device, but it’s not as difficult as some people have made it out to be. Sure, it’s easier to use a joystick. But you can’t take your console with you on the bus, now can you!?

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The Simpsons iPhone Video Game

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If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and you’re a fan of the Simpsons, you’re going to want this App. I’m very thankful that the folks over at EA for sending me this App to review! I admit that I’ve spent far too many hours already sitting here playing it!

The Simpsons Arcade is full of win. You can help Homer save Springfield, or make him figure out how to buy presents for Christmas even though he didn’t get a holiday bonus.

The bad guys pretty much look the same throughout the game, but the boss fights make up for it. They are creative, and actually very, very well created. There are tons of levels to the game, and tons of hours of fun.

You can get the App right now for about five dollars. I guarantee that you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of this game.

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Manage Your iPod Without iTunes

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If you have an iPod, you know that using iTunes to sync it and manage your music can be a pain at times. Copy Trans Manager is a free alternative that is much easier to use. Marques is back with another screencast, and this time he’s going to show us all how to effectively manage our playlists and libraries with ease.

Copy Trans Manager can manage all of the music on your computer, not just that within your iPod or iPhone. Add music & videos to iPod, edit song tags and artworks, create and organize iPhone playlists, or preview tracks with the integrated music player. It has never been this simple!

It’s faster and lighter than iTunes… and it’s free. iTunes cannot effectively manage all of your media, though. Once you’ve downloaded Copy Trans Manager, simply install it. After installation, you’ll be taken to the Copy Trans Manager interface. Click to open the Copy Trans Manager itself.

First, the software will let you know it’s safe to connect your iPod. Go ahead and import all of your music, photos and even games into the program. Under “Advanced Settings”, there are numerous options you can choose in order to manage your music and files to your liking. Play around with them until you are satisfied with the way things are.

Copy Trans Manager is a very powerful piece of freeware, one that works amazingly well. It’s simple to use, and will do everything iTunes can do… and so much more!

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