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Apple iDontcare

From Thank Sucrets, a Steve Jobs fan site, comes news of a revolutionary service: Apple iDontcare. With this offering, users will finally be able to rent commercials through the iTunes Music store.

Instead of being forced to skip free commercials at home with a confusing remote control, iPod owners can now pay to borrow commercials and skip them with their friendly click wheel instead. This action has been heralded by experts as “a paradigm shiftâ€Â? in the way people are able to waste their money.

Apple has already filed a lawsuit against Thank Sucrets, claiming that Steve Jobs was deprived of the wind for his $90m yacht (due to the leak). iDontcare will continue to roll out at Apple’s WWDC, otherwise known as the “What Will Developers Chew?â€Â? conference.

Source: Apple
Domain: ThankSucrets.com

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Gnomedex Recordings

If you wanted to hear anything and everything that was officially recorded (in audio) from Gnomedex 6, you might want to subscribe to our show – conference interviews and sessions are already being posted there. The videos are forthcoming – more word on that soon. Until then, you should get our podcast (which I hope you’re getting, anyway). We’ll have a few dozen unique recordings come through over the next month or two. When they’ve all been published, expect a full list of links here (and on Gnomedex.com). If we dumped ’em all on you at the same time, they would overwhelm your iPod.

MP4 Support in WMP11

Don’t count on MP4 playback out of the box in the next version of the Windows Media Player. I filed this “bug” a few months ago, but apparently not supporting MP4 (by default) in WMP11 is a feature: “Spend the money. Pre-install the codec. The PSP relies on it, the iPod relies on it, and Microsoft should have had its hands in one MP4 spec or another. Drop the political bullsh*t and just do it for the sake of your users who don’t know what’s going on.” Their response this morning was simple: “This is currently expected behavior.” Expected behavior? Language barrier. Perhaps Microsoft is hoping that more people install and use iTunes. I’m not sure why? Meanwhile, I’m looking at my iRiver Clix and wondering… why can’t it support the leading video format?

Buying Digital Content at Gnomedex

Ethan Kaplan (no relation to Pud) wants to talk about buying digital audio and video:

The $39 Dollar Song and 6 Cent Ringtone didn’t really light up the charts on the TechMeme saturated blogosphere, but it is a valid discussion to have, especially when the business of content is exploding as it is (to use Jeff Jarvis’ parlance). I know that being from a record company, people will immediately look to me to talk about DRM and the RIAA. I will avoid the latter, and only address the former in the context of the discussion about abstraction and mutability and how it relates to Value.

I like buying content subscriptions. I hate buying content ala carte. I love buying physical products from my favorite artists.

Video Converter Extension for Windows Media Center

HOT DAMN! “Avivo Video Converter Extension for Windows Media Center Edition – Catalyst 6.6 introduces a Windows Media Center Edition Video Conversion utility. This utility will allow users to convert video content that is either recorded or available to Media Center Edition to a variety of different formats. The video content can be converted to MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-4/AVC and Windows Media. iPod video and Sony PSP’s are also supported with an optimized profile for these devices.”

USB Charger for Airplanes

Okay, so it’s not exactly for airplanes – the Inflight USB Power Unit was designed for airline passengers. “Plug compatible with any standard USB charging cable. The Inflight USB Power unit plugs into the passenger seat audio jack and outputs regulated power to the attached USB charging cable/connector.” If only I could get every device manufacturer to let me charge by USB, I’d be in heaven. This is a must-have USB charging device. I play with my PSP on just about every flight, and it’s nice to know I could connect my iPod as well. Consider this sucker ordered and owned.

Ethan Kaplan

Confirmed Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Ethan Kaplan. No relation to Pud, Ethan is the Director of Technology for Warner Bros Records. That would mean he’s largely responsible for a lot of the geeky stuff that happens over there. I can’t imagine any Gnomedexer not owning at least one Warner Bros music product – go look at your CD shelf right now (or iPod, for that matter). With music playing such an intregal part of our lives as consumers, we’re looking forward to discovering what the other side has to say about all this new-fangled technology. Are they coping, choking, or creating new opportunities for everybody in this circle?