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How to Do Crayon Physics on the iPhone

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I don’t know how many of you have played Crayon Physics on the web. It’s this little game where you draw little objects on your screen using your mouse. Well, on the iPhone you can now play this same game, while connecting an apple with a star. Play with this App on your iPhone or iPod Touch, just like in the PC version. You can draw shapes, dots and lines and then interact with them in a number of levels.

Shaking the screen clears it, and there are options to adjust gravity in both planes independently. You must move a ball to the star by drawing various things on the screen. For instance, to move a ball across a gap, you would simply draw a line with your finger over the gap. The game has 50 levels, and it includes a level editor so that you can make your own levels to increase replay value. You can play straight through the levels, or use the level chooser to jump around and play any levels.

As you progress, the puzzles get more challenging as the game continues. You’ll be able to easily figure it out. It’s a lot of fun, and takes great advantage of the Touch features built into the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is available right now in the iTunes App Store for only about $5.00. As always, check with me before buying – I may have a coupon for you!

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How to turn Your iPhone into a Video Recorder

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I’m live streaming from my iPhone once again! The latency isn’t bad at all. You know what this means, don’t you? It means I can get up and be on the move without being tethered to a laptop or desktop. At least, when you’re able to download and install this app for the iPhone – which isn’t quite available (yet).

You might remember a few months ago when I did a review of the QIK app for streaming on the iPhone. Well – this isn’t it! This is Ustream’s app! You can use this new app to stream live from your iPhone or iPod Touch as long as you have a wifi connection. The audio is solid, and the picture quality is pretty good.

So, how do you turn your iPhone into a video recorder? Easy:

  1. Download and install this app from the iTunes app store.
  2. Sign up for a Ustream account (free).
  3. Press the Broadcast button.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t allowed them to release the app yet – but it should be coming soon!

For this video, I carried my iPhone into my bedroom with me, and stretched out on the bed. You can do pretty much anything with your own stream (within reason). Although this app works well for the most part, there are some bugs, as you would expect. For instance, I cannot switch over to my regular live video feed with any degree of ease. People get stuck in limbo, and aren’t sure what they’re watching. I may have to set up a separate mobile feed for this until Ustream figures out a way to make this work a bit better.

Walking back into my office didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. If you have an iPhone and a live video stream – you can travel! Ustream is a live video community for everyone. Anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and a web cam can set up their own channel and broadcast live.

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How To Set Up Email On iPod Touch or iPhone

Geek!This is Kyle submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

I looked around for a while in lots of different places and couldn’t find any tutorials that told you how to set up a mail account that is privately hosted, with your iPod Touch or iPhone. This gave me a perfect opportunity to be the first one to teach everyone that doesn’t know. So if you have been wondering how to do this, keep reading, because I think I can help.

For this tutorial you don’t need to have it be jailbroken. First get out your iPhone or iPod Touch and make sure you have the mail application already installed. Then go to settings and mail. Choose add account and pick other. Now you need to open up your mail client with your privately hosted mail account in it.

For me this program is Outlook Express so if you’re running anything else you will just have to try and follow along.

If you are using Outlook Express, then go to Tools, then Accounts. Find your account you want for your iPod Touch and select it. Once this is done, just click on the properties button. Click on the servers tab and at teh top it should say, “My incoming mail server is”. Whatever it says after that is the tab you are going to click on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Now, back on your iPod Touch, fill in the name and address blanks. To find your host name go back to your computer and under the servers tab again take whats in the incoming mail spot and put that in the host name blank on your iPod Touch.

Now for the username and password, to find these look under the servers tab again and in the middle there should be a spot that says account and password. Take those and put those in the user name and password blanks on your iPod Touch.

Now last, but not least the host name that is under outgoing mail server (SMTP). For this just look right under where you got the other host name that was for the incoming mail server. Just take that and fill it in on the iPod Touch. Leave the last username and password blank and click save in the top right corner. This may take a while and might come up with some kind of error. If it does, be sure to check for misspellings. If it says cannot connect using SMTP click try without and when its done just send a test email to that address and check it on your iPod Touch / iPhone. If it shows up then your good to go. If it doesn’t just let me know and I’ll try to walk you through it.

If you can’t figure out how to make a mail account for an email that is hosted by Yahoo or Google or something else, leave a comment and let me know if I should make another post on how to do that. I didn’t originally make one on that because there are already plenty out there, but I would be happy to make one anyway!

What Audio Recorder Do You Use on Your iPhone or iPod Touch?

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Back before I started live streaming, I did a few hours’ worth of audio streaming each week. It’s a stark contrast from doing live video stream, for sure. There have been many times I’ve been out and about, and wished I could easily record an audio file of my thoughts at the time.

WAY more than a “voice recorder”… whether you just want to recall a conversation later, or are serious about capturing the sounds around you, Griffin iTalk is the app you need for your iPhone or 2nd gen iPod touch. Your recordings are saved for replay on your iPhone or iPod, and you can use iTalk Sync (a free download) to drag-and-drop them as high-quality AIFF files to your computer over a Wi-Fi connection. User-centric features include: – Choose from Good/Better/Best quality levels. – Pause/resume and append to existing recordings on the fly. – Append text notes to your recordings for later reference. – The one-button recording interface is designed for quick, easy operation in the field, and simple management of your recordings. Need to add a mic? Griffin has updated its TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk headset solutions to complement iTalk and provide a complete recording solution. (These devices also work with the built-in voice memo abilities of 4th generation iPod nano, and iPod classic 120GB.) iTalk System Requirements: iPhone, iPhone 3G, or 2nd generation iPod Touch Wi-Fi connection for transfer of files to computer (iTalk Sync is available for Mac OS 10.4.11+ and will be available for Windows very soon) External microphone is needed for recording with 2nd gen iPod touch

If you want to record audio at any level of quality, don’t phone it in. It sounds bad. If you have a low-quality audio recording, I can’t deal with that. Get iTalk, and get going!

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iPod Touch Contest Submissions

As we discussed earlier this week, I am giving away an iPod Touch to one of the Moderators from our live chat room. Below, you will find their submissions. The idea is, each Mod who wanted to enter the contest had to write up a short story, detailing a funny or embarrassing moment they have experienced in their lives on a computer. I am going to close comments on this post, so none will be allowed. Once these are posted, I will create a poll for you to vote for your favorite. No one’s name is attached to these, to make it much more fair. Please vote based on hilarity, creativity and just plain fun-ness.

Entry #1

I was working for a contractor at a big software company in Redmond installing their CardKey system. Since I was a n00b at this, it didn’t occur to me to question the orders from above, so I did whatever I was asked. One Friday, my partner asked me to run an “expired cards” report. So I did. I quickly glanced at the print out and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We were working the next day, Saturday, so I’m at the terminal doing some programming when the Facilities Manager comes in. He was not a happy camper.

Apparently the “expired cards” report also voids the expired CardKeys at the same time. And sure enough, one of them belonged to none other than Bill Gates. He was locked out of everything, the front door, his office, everything. He had to have Security let him in. Why he was carrying such a card was beyond me, the print out didn’t indicate anything, other than there was no name associated with the card number. So there you have it, Bill Gates, pwned by yours truly.

Entry #2

The year was 1990. The World Wide Web didn’t even exist yet. I was in High School, and my school was on the cutting edge. They just installed Tandy computers in every classroom, and every student was going to be given an email address that they were to check daily for emails from their teachers and classmates. Since I helped out in the computer lab and happened to be in there just as the setup was finished, I was given credentials, encouraged to login and send emails to my friends who would be receiving their credentials later that day. In my excitement I quickly typed out the subject, “FIRST EMAIL!!!!!” and wrote a short paragraph boasting how I was sending the first email in the school. The next paragraph is where things started to go wrong.
I wrote about a teacher that had just walked in to the lab, and how she was yet again wearing too much makeup and a “very baggy dress only a nun would approve of.” I was explicit and offensive about how HOT she would be if she’d stop “caking on foundation like a circus clown” and “put on a tight sweater for once.” Just as I finished writing this, the Computer Admin told her that I was sending the first email. She approached me with excitement, “Oh I want to watch!” I quickly rushed to hit the send button before she could get in sight of the monitor. Whew, she didn’t see it and I didn’t get caught… or so I thought. But not even a second passed, and the Admin said, “Hey, did you hit Send All?” Yep, I hit the dreaded Send All button by mistake and the email went to EVERY email address in the school: ALL the students, ALL the teachers, and ALL of the facility! The Computer Admin opened the email and I stood there in horror as his face sank more and more with every word he read. I spent the rest of the day in the Headmaster’s Office, and I never heard the end of it from all my friends. Worse of all, that teacher never smiled at me again!

Entry #3

I was working on a computer and the owner called to ask if it was ready yet. I had been procrastinating on getting it done, so I told him that it wasn’t quite finished. We made arrangements for him to pick it up the next day.
It turns out, this machine needed a new hard drive, as the old one was dying. I grabbed a new drive and connected it to another machine with the original old one. I was going to Ghost the old to the new, which is something I’ve done hundreds of times. This would have kept all of the owner’s data intact for him.
Being in a hurry, I didn’t stop to backup the old drive. I proceeded with the Ghosting. Unfortunately, I figured out too late that I had hooked the drives up backwards. I Ghosted the new one onto the old one… wiping out all of the owner’s data. I was left with two blank drives, and the task of figuring out how to tell the owner his data had been lost.

Entry #4

It happened my during my last year in high school, on a day when the whole high school had no internet. This really made me mad, because my friend and I always used the ‘net during class. Instead, we decided that we should create a video of us doing funny stuff to pass the time. I decided to do a little dance and act silly at the beginning of it. When I tried to do one particular dance move, I tripped over my feet and the leg of a chair. I fell head first to the ground. Of course, the entire thing was recorded for posterity. Everyone in the room was laughing their heads off, including my friend. I was red with embarassment… and laughter.
I had hoped everyone would forget the incident. Instead, it was used as bleeper footage during my high school Senior video. Everyone saw me dance and fall, and everyone was laughing.

Entry #5

It was a hot 90 degree day. I had just taken a shower, and slipped into a pair of shorts. I had recently set up my first Ustream account, and decided I would stream for a bit. I get the stream up, and then started to watch the chat room. All of a sudden, my wife began laughing hysterically in the other room, as she was watching my stream.
She yelled out “For the love of god, go put a shirt on! You look like you’re sitting there naked!”. She continued to crack up as I looked at my video feed. Sure enough, I wasn’t sitting at the computer in shorts. I appeared to be a middle-aged man sitting at my computer naked. There were like five viewers at that point. I scrambled to turn off the camera and shut off the stream.
Instead of simply and calmly saying “wow, this looks bad, let me go get a shirt on” then standing up so they could see I was actually wearing shorts… I ended up looking like some pervy guy who accidentally caught himself on his webcam sitting there naked.

Entry #6

I was in a position of needing to print out speeches. There were six people, at three speeches per person… to be printed on 8×10 card stock. I wasn’t sure if there wsa enough card stock to print them, so a friend went out to buy more. All the school kids had raided the store, and there was none left to buy! Luckily, we had exactly enough, even though we were panicking as the last pages came off the printer.
Fast forward to the day of the speeches. We’re all on stage, reading them. In our hurry to make changes and get them printed, we had named the files “New version” or “newnewversion”, things like that. By the time we had gotten around to printing them, we weren’t exactly sure what we were printing. It turns out that instead of three different speeches, we had printed one speech THREE times. Needless to say, we were mighty embarassed when we were asked why we all had the same exact work.

Entry #7 has been Disqualified

Entry #8

Anyone who has ever had to install Windows 95 from floppies will appreciate this. You must, of course, install them in order from 1 – 5. One day when I was attempting to install Win 95 from floppies for a friend of mine, I could not figure out why the entire install was refusing to work. I checked everything I could think of, and nothing came to mind. I was about to the point of telling my friend he needed a new computer when it finally struck me what was wrong.
I was attempting to install the floppies in backwards order, beginning with #5 instead of #1.

Entry #9
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Where Can You Find Hi-Def Videos on the iPhone, iPod Touch?

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It’s hard to get my attention these days with a glut of new products being released on a regular basis. mDialog got my attention quickly with their amazing marketing promotion. Thanks to them, we’re doing a special giveaway for the Moderators in my chat room.

In three easy steps, mDialog’s innovative mLoader software allows you to encode, describe and upload video of any size and length from your Mac or PC. Download it for free today and start enjoying these great features. Because the encoding and uploading is done locally on your PC or Mac, mLoader can go as fast as your computer can. We don’t believe in size limits, so go ahead and upload that 30 or 60 minute presentation, instructional video or independent film for the world to see. We can handle it! It’s your choice – mLoader allows you to instantly make your video optimized for viewing on desktops, iPods, iPhones and Apple TV’s. You no longer have to create multiple versions for each type. mLoader takes care of that for you. We’re committed to making your video look as good as possible on the web, and we use the MPEG-4 h.264 video codec to do so. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means – once you’ve seen the video you’ll understand. With some services, there’s a wait after you’ve uploaded your video for it to be ready for viewing. With mDialog, it’s instantly available.

We know that you may want to syndicate your content on as many other video services as possible. To make this easier, mLoader gives you the option to save a copy of your encoded video to your computer. This optimized file can then be uploaded to any service you like from your corporate intranet to the latest video sharing site. It is your content to do with as you please.

So I open the box from mDialog, and begin reading the marketing letter. They said they wanted me to try this new app, and installed it on a brand-new iPod Touch. What?! They were nice enough to engrave it, even. It definitely got me looking at the product. The letter even said that there was a personalized video waiting for me on it. It’s a personalized video from the founder of mDialog. I can’t believe that they sent me an iPod Touch to get my attention!

The mDialog site is definitely worth checking out. They are definitely very high-resolution. The site is easy to use and get around in, and the quality of what they’re doing is amazingly good.

So, what’s that about a giveaway? You heard me right. We’re going to use this iPod Touch to thank the Moderators in our chat room. They work many hours every day for absolutely nothing more than our thanks. They are what makes the live community work, and work well. They keep order in chat, and make sure that it’s a good place for people of all ages to come to.

So what do they have to do? Simple! The Ops and Halfops who wish to enter will each send Kat a little writeup of their most embarassing or funny moment involving using a computer. On Thursday afternoon, July 24th, Kat will upload each other those blurbs to my blog anonymously. There will be no one’s name attached to them. We will then open up a poll in the blog, and ask all of you to vote for your favorite. Then, on my birthday Saturday night, July 26th, we will reveal who the winner is, based on the most number of votes. So stay tuned, and check back here to the blog on Thursday so that you can cast your vote!

Thanks again to all of the moderators for all of the work you do. You guys rock!

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Why is the iPhone SDK Important?

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There’s buzz everywhere about Apple’s Software Development Kit – or SDK- release. You can, of course, download the SDK if you are using OS X. Two of the biggest reasons why people wouldn’t get an iPhone are now obliterated. People who already had the iPhone are saying “Great! Now we like it even more!”. I have some excellent ideas, but I’m not a developer. If anyone is a dev and doesn’t know what to write for the iPhone, get in touch with me! We can come up with some cool things.

I have put together five points why this is such a huge announcement. Here they are, in no certain order:

  • The SDK is free to download. It costs you nothing until you want to put it into the iStore (iTunes). The cost is $99.00, which isn’t really that much in this case.
  • Games are coming now! There will be games out the wazoo, that is for sure. If you watched the demo… you were likely oooh’ing and ahhh’ing.
  • There will be a 70% revenue share with the app developer, with a built-in marketing and updating mechanism. This is important. Software devs have a lot of barriers. They have to not only develop something good, they have to find an audience. In this instance, Apple will have the audience already in place for them.
  • Free applications can and WILL be developed. The free ones are likely to be things built on the Twitter api, YouTube, Flickr, and all the other Social Networking sites. That’ll make it easier for you to do your networking, right from your iPhone.
  • iTunes makes discovery and software management a *SNAP* for users. I’ve had all the different types of Windows Mobile devices. I could easily put something on there, and extend the functionality. Trying to update the software is a pain. It’s not the software… it’s the implementation. Apple has already reinvented this, and made it so simple to do the updates.


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