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iPod touch Camera vs. iPhone 4 Still Photography

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Yes, I posted the still photos to my Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. last week. You may have seen them already if you were following me off-network. However, this screencast sums up the differences quite nicely, I believe.

The iPod touch’s camera, in a word, sucks.

Video comparison between the two devices is not as much of a dramatic differences as the still images are. Photos taken with the iPhone 4 are very sharp and detailed, even without flash or HDR turned on. The images taken with this phone are simply stunning. Seriously.

Pictures taken with the 4th gen iPod Touch are just… uhm… pictures. The saved resolution is absolute crap. You’d get a better quality image by taking a video and then capturing an image from the video.

There is honestly no comparison to be made. Look at the photos, and judge for yourself.

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iPhone 4 Camera Test

As you already know, my iPhone 4 arrived today. After getting everything set up and synched, I had to test it out. I’ve already recorded some videos with it, made a few calls, sent a couple of texts and talked with my buddy David via FaceTime. The next test was taking photos. I take a LOT of pictures. Most of them are done indoors at various functions, or here in my home when my dogs are being more than adorable. Therefore, I tried a few indoor shots to see how they look. YOU tell ME – how awesome is this camera?

Still photo of my office:

iPhone 4 Photo Test1

Back camera shot of Wicket without using flash:

iPhone 4 Photo Test2

Back camera shot of Wicket using flash:

iPhone 4 Photo Test3

Another forkin’ iPhone 4 photo:

Another Forkin' iPhone 4 Photo

I can already tell you – I’m a happy Geek. How are the various tests going with your new iPhone 4?

How to Get a Camera on the iPad

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One of the biggest shortcomings of the first gen iPad is the fact that it has no camera. There IS a workaround if you happen to have an iPhone. You’ll need two apps in order to make this work. One is free, the other is ninety-nine cents. The apps are called Camera-A and Camera-B. Once you get them, it’s pretty easy to start snapping pictures.

The Camera-A is installed on the iPad, with Camera-B being on the iPhone. I enabled Bluetooth so that they could see each other. Once everything was all nice and connected up, I was able to use my iPhone camera to broadcast on my iPad.

It gets better! I can’t really control anything on the iPhone. But, on the iPad I have the ability to take a photo and save it to the iPad. I also can save to the iPhone library if I wanted to.

If you’re looking for a monitoring device or a way to get photos directly to your iPad, this looks to be the best solution out there. It’s ugly and inelegant but it works. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection takes a bit to get going, but that was the largest drawback.

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