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RememberIt: Never Forget Things Again

Admit it: you’ve forgotten things many times in your life. You don’t have to be elderly, scatter-brained or even blond in order to lose track of something. You’re human. It happens. If you have an iPhone, though, Fernando Pizarro has created an app that may be a life-saver for you. RememberIt will sound an alarm if you move out of range of whatever item you want to be sure not to leave behind. Fernando came up with this idea after he had been out at a bar with friends. He had handed his credit card to the bartender in order to keep a tab open – and left without it. He didn’t even realize it until he tried to pay for his coffee the next morning.

There are a ton of little ways we can try to remember things, including tying a string around our finger. The problem lies in trying to figure out what the heck that string signified to begin with. This is the main problem with the RememberIt app, as well. You’re going to have to know what it is you wanted to remember when that alarm goes off. There’s no way to enter a note into the application to help you out. In the case of leaving a credit card behind, the author could have added “Don’t leave credit card at bar!” into the app. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to do this.

You can set the alarm using a built-in noise or any song from your iTunes library. A sort of geo-fence will be set when you enable the alarm. Choose your range: 50, 200 or 500 feet and the alarm will alert you when you stray out of that range. There is a lot of room for improvement in the application, but I’m not sure there will be any. This has been created as a side project for Fernando. Any and all proceeds from its sale will be going to help fund his new business venture, which is a social video creation app that he is working on.

When was the last time you forgot something, and what was it? I know for me, the things I tend to leave behind are the things I generally end up needing the most. I’ve been told I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached to my shoulders. Thank God for those shoulders…

Turn Your Videos into Cartoons with Cartoonatic

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah, it’s just cartoon Chris, and if you don’t understand the pop culture reference at the very beginning of this video, you’re probably too young to be online without adult supervision.

But you’re NOT too young to play around with this fun video app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 2 – despite its various shortcomings. The basic version is free. Spend a whopping .99¢ and you can unlock more video modes and a still shot mode (and all the filtering happens in real-time).

Yeah, you probably won’t use it every day – but if you’re looking for something different and fun to do with that iOS camera of yours, this might be it.

Being able to preview your effects in real-time while recording video allows you to adjust the filters and settings so that your subject looks exactly how you picture it in your mind’s eye. You can add soundtracks and then share what you created with the world via most social networks – right from inside the app itself.

Cartoonatic has a ton of fun features, including:

  • 9 video effects, created by cartoon artists
  • Amazing hand draw interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Live preview of video effects
  • One tap switch between effects
  • 5 built-in soundtracks
  • Possibility to add music from your iPod
  • Possibility to speed up videos to make them even funnier

When I attempted to send the video via MMS and email, the audio wasn’t attached. I had to go through a long process in order to attach the sound to the video. Hopefully a future update (not TOO distant future, at that) will include a fix for this issue.

Be forewarned: the video resolution is dinky by today’s standards, and there seems to be a problem in exporting the video with audio attached once it’s saved to your camera’s roll. Moreover, where’s the DropBox support?!

Despite the fact that the resolution is small, I’m having a lot of fun with this app. That, my friends, is what it’s all about.

Explore Prehistoric You With MEanderthal

We’ve all wondered at times where our charming good looks came from. Sure, you may resemble mom or dad. But we all have quirks that no one can quite figure out, right? Did that slight upturn of your nose get handed down through the generations? How the heck far back do you need to search, though? Why not take yourself all the way back to prehistoric times with the MEanderthal app.

Much like early humanity, the app is simplistic. It will morph your face into one of an early human. There are four choices: two male and two female. You can either take a new photo or use an existing one. Once the image is selected, you can scale it to best fit within the morphing program. Choose your species, and watch yourself regress!

Much like the apps which can make you bald or add a hundred pounds to your frame, this one is just for fun. It’s actually kind of cool to see what you would have looked like back in the caveman era. Try it out and link us to your photo in the comments.

Rock Your iPhone Ringtone with GeoRing

Creating ringtones for your iPhone is usually not easy to do. The apps I’ve tried never seem to work properly. I either give up completely or end up with some half-baked tone that I delete moments later. I was more than intrigued when the makers of GeoRing reached out recently to show off their stuff. After using the app on my own phone, I was completely blown away. It WORKS – and is so simple that even Wicket could manage to work it. Not only can you quickly create a new ringtone for your iPhone, you can also make an entire ringtone playlist!

Change your current ringtone to any song in your iTunes library with a few taps on your phone screen. Unlike other ringtone apps, GeoRing doesn’t require any iTunes syncing. This means your phone can ring with any song instantly.

Even better, you can turn your entire playlist into a ringtone. Once you have done so, allow the app to choose which song plays each time the phone rings. You’ll be surprised with every call and not get tired of hearing the same tone or song a hundred times per day.

One other very cool feature that the app has built-in is the call mapping function. You can SEE your recent answered calls. GeoRing not only logs the duration of each call down to the exact second, they will also use geotags to place on a map where that call came from.

Now that you’re convinced of this app’s complete awesomeness and want it for yourself, how would you like to win it for yourself? I thought so! We’re giving away FIVE codes on Thursday afternoon. You can enter the contest via Twitter between now and noon PST on Thursday, February 17th, 2011. FIVE winners will be selected randomly later that afternoon.

In order to enter, make sure you are following @chrispirillo and @GeoRingApp. Send out a Tweet that includes both @chrispirillo and the hashtag #GeoRing and you’re in the running.

Google Translate Hits App Store

Google Translate has been available on the iPhone through an outside HTML5 experience for a couple of years now. Beginning today, the official app is available and comes packed full of features. Speak to translate yourself and listen to all of your past translations. For those of us who happen to occasionally (or often!) travel out of the country, this will come in mighty handy.

This new app will accept voice input for fifteen separate languages, and allows you to translate a word or phrase into any of more than fifty languages. To begin the voice input, you only have to press the little microphone icon next to your text box. Speak your words and get ready to translate! Other app features include:

  • Listen to Translations – You can also listen to your translations spoken out loud in one of 23 different languages. This feature uses the same new speech synthesizer voices as the desktop version of Google Translate.
  • Full-Screen Mode – Another feature that might come in handy is the ability to easily enlarge the translated text to full-screen size. This way, it’s much easier to read the text on the screen, or show the translation to the person you are communicating with. Just tap on the zoom icon to quickly zoom in.

The app gives you all of the major features that the web app had, including the ability to easily view dictionary results for single words. You can also access your starred translations and translation history even if you aren’t online.

The Day iOS Fragmented

As I type that title, there’s a line from an old song running through my head: “the day the music died”. Cue a scratchy album version of American Pie as I write, please. iPhone fans and critics alike have waited for weeks now to see if the iPhone on Verizon will function exactly as its AT&T counterpart. Early reports and tear-downs show very little difference between the two devices. We already know the whole GSM vs. CDMA debate, and have been repeatedly told that nothing will really change for anyone.

Telenav created the AT&T Navigator app for the original iPhone, but today had to release Telenav GPS for the Verizon iPhone. You read that correctly… they had to release a new version specifically for the new device. According to a conversation between Telenav and ZDNET, the original app would not work properly on the Verizon version of the popular phone.

As much as I respect his insight, this “fragmentation problem” is not what Kendrick makes it out to be.

The app (in its original form) would not play nicely with the hardware inside the new “Verizon iPhone.” Not much has changed in that respect, and Telenav wouldn’t elaborate on which specific differences forced their app change (beyond the title, duh). The new Verizon app is just different enough, though, that it won’t run on the AT&T iPhone.

I’m not so sure I’d say that the app store is any more “fragmented” than before – no more than it was for apps that, say, have been most functional on iPhones (compared to older iPod touches without cameras).

The sky is falling! No, it’s not. I’m with MG on this one.

How to Stabilize Video on an iPhone

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Movie Stiller is an iPhone image stabilization app. If you’ve ever shot video with your iPhone and found your hand to be a little shaky, Movie Stiller can help create a smooth picture.

After you record a video with your iPhone, Movie Stiller analyzes the image frame-by-frame and creates a smooth picture. While this demo is probably more extreme than the software creators intended, it’s a good demonstration of the limitations. There are a few places where the picture gets black edges at the top and bottom as the software attempts to smooth out the motion and runs out of picture data as a result.

How do you stabilize video on your mobile device? Does your application work as well as Movie Stiller?

iHealth Keeps Track of Your Blood Pressure

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Lockergnome’s Kelly Clay gets a demonstration of the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system and iHealth blood pressure cuff for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. iHealth works like a standard blood pressure cuff, measuring blood pressure from around your bicep, then charts the data on your iPad or iPhone with an integrated app so that you can track your blood pressure over time. Your iPhone or iPad sits on a mounting stand with a connected blood pressure cuff allowing you to easily sit next to any table top and take your blood pressure, which is recorded to the iPad blood pressure app.

The free app is fairly well-designed with a large central button you press to activate the cuff. After a few seconds, the results (date, time, pulse, and systolic and diastolic numbers) appear in large font on the screen, alongside a flashing graph that shows where you on on the blood pressure scale. Additional features track your history, delete a readout, open the FAQ, and share results via e-mail. The app also calculates your average and compares your risk of hypertension to World Health Organization figures.

The cost for the dock is around one hundred dollars, and well worth the price if you’re someone who suffers from high blood pressure.

Viber iPhone App – Better Than Skype?

Could the new Viber iPhone app actually work the way Skype should have? According to early reports… it’s far better than Skype mobile has ever thought of being. Viber brings free calling to your phone over 3G or WiFi to anyone anywhere in the world. The app costs as much as the actual calls do – nothing!

When you install Viber, the app syncs your phone’s contact list and shows you which of your friends are also using Viber. You can begin making calls instantly without having to register for anything or hold an account. Viber Media founder Talmon Marco says:

“Skype is modeled after a buddy list – you need a user ID and password, and in order to talk to someone you need to ‘add them’, get approved, etc. Viber, on the other hand, is modeled after a phone. So your ID is your phone number (authenticated via SMS) and you can call anyone, as long as you know their number.”

The coolest part about this app is that it does not have to be running in order to work. You can close the app completely – even removing it from your background services – and still receive calls. The user is sent a notification, a ringtone will sound, and as soon as you click “Answer” on the notification, the app is launched and a connection is made automagically!

The creators are already hard at work on versions of this app goodness for both Android and Blackberry. These should be available early next year. However, the most important future update in the works is the addition of free text messaging between Viber users. This is something that Skype has never managed to accomplish within their app.

Viber simply works, and works well. Isn’t that what an app should do?

Does Auto-Tune Turn You into T-Pain?

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I had a little TOO much fun playing with the new I Am T-Pain app for my iPad. Created by our friends at Smule (the Glee app creators!), this little nugget is going to amuse you for many hours. Hey, singing the things my chat room said back to them kept THEM entertained.

  • The App bundles several of T-Pain’s top songs including Bartender and I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper), complete with lyrics, integrated Auto-Tune settings, and timings.
  • The App includes many previously unreleased T-Pain original beats.
  • Get five brand spankin’ new beats from the hottest producers every Thursday at 3pm. The first 100 to download them get them for free!
  • Use Auto-Tune with your existing iTunes library.
  • You can select the Freestyle option and use Auto-Tune for singing without companion tracks. Use this option if you simply want to send someone an Auto-Tuned greeting over email .

This app is seriously a LOT of fun, and you can spend hours creating some seriously cool tracks. Upload them to the app maker’s site and share them with the world.

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