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Unboxing the iPhone 4

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When I first opened the box for my iPhone 4, you can see how well they packed it. There’s no extra material. It was strapped in tight with a thin strip of cellophane. The box was white, but the phone is black. I ordered the 32GB model.

Yes, I used a pair of scissors to cut the tape on the iPhone box. No, I haven’t learned my lesson about using sharp objects.

The phone itself was also covered in a thin layer of cellophane to keep it nice and safe. It’s very obvious as soon as you pick it up how much smaller and lighter it is. True to form, there’s a very clean experience on the inside of the box. I wish other hardware manufacturers would “get” this. I didn’t have to fumble around with books and manuals and extra packing materials. I just opened the box and removed the phone.

I am not sure why so many people watch unboxing videos. They’re pretty boring, admittedly. But there you have it, anyway.

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