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iPhone Speeds Through the Years

Mike Hellers and his friend Chris Pinnock put this video together to show you the actual differences in speed amongst the different iterations of the iPhone. They included a 2G model, a 3G, a 3GS and the iPhone 4 – side by side. The differences from the 3GS to the 4 are not as large of a gap as you might think they are. However, when compared with the 2G, the iPhone 4 is blazing fast.

Surprisingly, there were a few small areas where the phones were fairly equal. For instance, they all opened Google Earth at nearly the exact same time. However, when loading up Safari, the iPhone 4 blew its predecessors away.

How does your latest cell phone stack up against older models? Is there truly much of a difference?

Used iPhone 3GS Unboxing

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When I received my iPhone 4, I decided to give my 3GS model to my assistant and Community Manager Kat. She works extremely hard, and is always willing to drop whatever she’s doing to take on something else whenever I need her to. She’s fantastic at handling the community issues that crop up, and it seems as though everyone loves her. I was lucky as hell to find her three years ago on accident, and I don’t know what I’d do without her! Here you’ll find her attempt at an unboxing video. GO EASY on her, y’all. This is the first time she’s done something like this. She was extremely nervous, so she asked her daughter Ashley to join her in the video.

As you can see, I threw in some extra goodies! Kat was quite shocked to find everything that was in the box. She tells me her favorite is the gorgeous CalypsoCrystal iPhone Dock. These are solid lead crystal, and each are hand-made. They truly are beautiful, and the video doesn’t do it justice.

I included the Richard|Solo external battery so that she never runs out of juice. There’s a car charging kit as well as a wall-charging plug.

Next in the box was the ZeroChroma iPhone Theater Stand with Sound Scoop. I thought this would be a nice addition to her accessory collection. You never know when she may want to watch movies or listen to music… that sound scoop REALLY works well!

I also included the ThinkGeek AirVolt Wireless Charger (click here for ThinkGeek Coupons). Kat is a big-time fan of anything from ThinkGeek (hint! hint!). I know that these wireless chargers are a lifesaver at times, so I wanted to make sure she had one.

Kat indicated she has already bought a “girly” looking iPhone case. Lord help me… I’m not sure my heart could take seeing it when she’s here next month for Gnomedex! However, I did send my case along.

Since she’s new to the iPhone and smartphones in general, Kat is very excited to start trying out apps. Anyone who wishes to send her a free code to test something out (and then possibly talk about it here on my blog), feel free to Email her directly.

Kat – thank you for everything that you do. No one really has a clue how hard you work, or the amount of hours you put in every week. Hell, I’m not sure even I know how much of yourself you give every day. Just know that the entire community appreciates it, and we’re better off for having you running the show behind the scenes.

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Giving Away my iPhone

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Now that I have my iPhone 4, I had to decide what to do with the iPhone 3GS. I could sell it. I could put it up for auction. I could keep it for a backup device, since it’s still in excellent shape. Some of the chat room members wanted me to smash it or microwave it – neither of which I wanted to do. There were so many possibilites that I had no clue what the hell to do with the phone.

I decided I should call someone for advice. Like a dork, I tried using the iPhone 3GS to make the call. The call wouldn’t go through… duh. I had already transferred my service to the iPhone 4. No worries, I have a backup!

My assistant and Community Manager Kat answered the phone with a cautious “hello?” Instead of my asking her to do something, I simply hollered out “Kat – do you want an iPhone?” Her answer, predictably, was “uhm. Yes!!” Immediately, most of the chat room went nuts congratulating her, and showing their appreciation for what I had decided to do. One person, though, said “no fair! Why does that chick get a free iPhone?”

This phone isn’t exactly “free,” folks. You have no idea how much work this woman does on a daily basis for myself and the community as a whole. She puts in a LOT of hours, and is always right there when I need her. I can call, email or IM her with something pressing, and she literally drops whatever she’s doing to jump on the new task as though it were nothing.

Kat has helped hold the community – and me – together for just about three years now. I’ve said publicly and on the stream many times that I don’t know what I’d do without her, and that’s the truth. She somehow balances all of the work she does with volunteer work, and being a mom and grandma. She’s almost always in a happy mood, and will literally give the shirt off her back to someone who needs help. I’ve seen her go out of her way on so many occasions to help someone out.

If there is anyone on this planet who “deserves” this iPhone, it’s Kat. I know she’s thrilled to be getting it, and could care less that it’s not the new model. She’s never had a “smartphone” before, and is very much looking forward to this one. With the type of work we do, she really does need to stay connected, no matter where she may be. I know this iPhone will go a long way towards accomplishing that.

Kat says that since she’s never used an iPhone – she needs YOUR help! What free apps do you recommend? She doesn’t play any games. She’s interested in productivity, social media and music apps. She’s also on the prowl for a “cute” iPhone hard case that will protect well but still look “cool.” Additionally, since she helps me out with videos, reviews and the blog, she’s willing to test out any apps that someone may want to send her way and post about them here on my blog. If you want to reach out to her in that way, you can always Email her.

Kat – thank you for everything. You are a rock star. Those simple words don’t begin to express what you mean to this community.

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Goodbye iPhone 3GS

I decided to capture this “changing of the guard” with both iPhones to better illustrate the differences in camera capabilities. The first part was recorded with the iPhone 3GS (640×480), and the second part with the iPhone 4 (1280×720).

I was trying to do something fancy with the camera at the tail end of the video, so I (inadvertently) held it in such a way that the microphone was covered. This is why the tail end looks good but sounds muffled. This is not a shortcoming in the device so much as it’s a shortcoming in how my wrist twists. 😉

iPhone 3GS to Sell for $97 at Walmart

If you still haven’t bought the iPhone 16GB 3GS, now is your chance. Walmart will begin selling the device in its stores for only $97.00 beginning Tuesday, June 1st. The offer is only good when purchased in conjunction with a new two-year AT&T contract, but it’s still one hell of a deal. The handset has been selling for about a hundred dollars more than that until now. Most people speculate that the reason for the price cut is – of course – due to the upcoming release of the new iPhone.

“It is our commitment to always lead on price,” Mehrdad Akbar, Walmart’s senior category director for wireless, said in a prepared statement about the price change. Although it might seem that the timing is unexpected, it’s really not. When Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS last June, they immediately slashed prices of the previous model. It’s a known fact that when a new model of any (popular) phone is introduced sales of the current model decline sharply. Additionally, Apple has already claimed that Gizmodo’s leak of the prototype iPhone a few weeks ago was “seriously damaging” to sales of the existing handset. Perhaps this move will help bolster sales back to where they hope to be at this point in time.

Another possible theory for the reduced price happening now comes from the rampant rumors floating around regarding the iPhone coming to other providers – such as Verizon or Sprint – later this year. As stated in the first paragraph, this deal is only valid when purchased in conjunction with a new two year AT&T contract. If you’ve been holding out on buying an iPhone because you’re hoping for another carrier to come along, you’re still going to be waiting a little while longer.

If you don’t already own an iPhone, will this price cut convince you to grab one for yourself?

Backwards Compatibility Isn't Viable with Hardware

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Dylan called in during the live show the other night and wanted to talk about hardware and having to upgrade. He has an iPhone 3G and installed the new iPhone 4.0 operating system on it as a developer. His phone became very hot, and he began to wonder if it’s “really true” that you cannot use the new os on older versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, of course it’s true. Apple has every right to make that cutoff. You cannot expect manufacturers to support old hardware indefinitely.

We’ve been spoiled, I think, with Windows XP. There have now been two upgrades released beyond XP. Yet, we can still walk into some stores and buy machines off the shelf which have Win XP installed on them. I’m not saying that’s a “bad” thing. It’s just the way it is.

There has to be a cutoff point somewhere. Apple has defined theirs. You simply cannot expect any company to continue to support older hardware indefinitely… especially when it comes to mobile devices. The market for these gadgets is growing very quickly. Many models are leap-frogging right over others in the eternal quest to be “the best.”

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iPhone Video Stabilizer Software

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While driving in the car, I decided to record something quickly with the iPhone 3GS. I was in my beloved Vader, a black Toyota Prius! The reason I recorded this video was to show you how you can easily stabilize your videos when recorded with your iPhone. The Video Stabilizer reduces camera shakiness and makes panning and rotation smoother.

Look at the difference in this video. It’s like night and day, isn’t it? You can see how much smoother it is after I’ve used the Video Stabilizer. You don’t even have to be a video expert in order to notice the changes!

You don’t have to download the video to your computer in order to fix it, either. It works right on your iPhone 3GS. It won’t work on any other devices, though.

If you are tired of shaky iPhone videos, then Video Stabilizer is likely the answer you’ve been looking for.

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iPhone 3G S Video Upload Test

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I uploaded this short video directly from my new iPhone 3G S. I think the quality is very good, considering this was compressed and passed directly across AT&T’s 3G network while I was driving down the road! It took about five minutes to upload (and longer than that for YouTube to process).

My car’s name is Vader, just so you know. It’s black, just like my iPhone! Yes, the blue Mustang that passed me during the video is an extremely “hot” car (according to Kat, anyway).

Do you have the iPhone 3G S yet? Have you uploaded videos with it? What have your experiences been like? Let me hear from you… I’m interested in hearing how things are working for others. I’m happy. I’m in love with my new iPhone!

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Unboxing the iPhone 3G S

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A couple of years ago I sat at my desk claiming I’d never buy an iPhone on the first day. I thought my then-current phone was fine, and did everything I wanted it to. Not long after that, I recanted and started to use an iPhone. I’ve never looked back, and won’t GO back. My iPhones have done so much more than I could have ever asked for or expected from a phone, which is why I’m so excited about my new iPhone 3GS!!

I saved the unboxing and unwrapping of my new iPhone 3GS to do on this video. I know how much you guys enjoy these! I feel that AT&T is total fail with the way they’re handling these things, and the activations. Apparently, many are taking up to two days! Shame on them.

On a side note… I normally shave my face for no one. However, I felt the need to shower and shave prior to unboxing this. I shaved for my phone! What is the world coming to?

The box included the phone, of course, the instructions (Fingertips), and the cords. The box itself is easy to tell it’s for the 3GS model, since you see the icons for things like the Compass which are now included on the new model.

It looks exactly the same as my iPhone 3G. I connected my Richard|Solo 1800 in order to help extend my battery life. I couldn’t live without this awesome little thing. It has saved me on more than one occasion, when my iPhone 3G would have otherwise been dead in the water.

It’s definitely faster, it boots up a heck of a lot quicker than my 3G did/does. I had to connect to iTunes right away, of course. Had to accept Terms and Conditions, which is pretty standard. I then had to wait for them to process my request. They should play some music, daggone it.

And, of course, I received a notice (typical of AT&T)… “your activation will take additional time to complete. Due to high volume of current activations, it will take up to 48 hours to completely your request”. Thank you for a big bucket of epic FAIL, AT&T.

I had to figure out what to name this phone. My last one was boring, and simply named “iPhone”. So I asked the chat – and my dogs – what to call this one. I decided on “Gnome”, since I’m the Lockergnome!

I had to sync my information with the new device, so I know that’ll take awhile. I had 300 Apps to move over, so yeah… I’m addicted to them. I know it!

So anyways, there’s my unboxing and attempt to activate with my new iPhone 3GS. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in the near future!

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iPhone 3GS Review

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I decided I would record my iPhone 3GS review right from my iPhone 3GS. If you’re going to make a video review of your new phone, I encourage you to try it this way, and link my to your YouTube response! You do know that you can push the video directly to YouTube using the built-in tool from your phone, right?

Bottom line – my verdict about my new iPhone 3GS is “OH YEAH, BABY”. It’s fast – 50% faster than my last model. The camera is much better. There is touch-to-focus built in, to allow you to focus on a particular subject. The iPhone 3GS has twice as much capacity, and twice the amount of memory built in! The amount of usable memory has been increased by about 500%… resulting in far less App crashes.

There is voice control that works right out of the box. I didn’t have to train it first! The battery life has been improved. It’s interesting, because even though the phone is faster – you gained battery life. They throttled back a few things in order to accomplish this, including the video processing. Dude.. I’d rather have had a bit faster processing, and give up battery life. That’s why I carry around an external battery pack! However, I can understand and even agree with Apple’s decision.

For now, my old iPhone 3G is going to a friend to use. This person has been using Windows Mobile phones for years, and has been an advocate. I want them to try out the iPhone, and see what the hype is all about. Apple has exceeded my expectations once again, and I want to share that experience with others. I can’t fathom going back to Windows Mobile, nor can I even fathom going back to the iPhone 3G.

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