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iPad Available in Nine New Countries on Friday

Apple announced today that its iPad will be available in nine more countries beginning this Friday. The lucky countries include Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore. Customers in these countries will be able to buy the device through Appleā€™s retail stores and authorized resellers. As the device slowly becomes available in more markets, one cannot help but wonder what the sales numbers will look like.

In the first three months of its shelf-life, the iPad has sold to more than three million people. That’s more than 33,333 per DAY. How’s that for an average, folks? Original release dates for countries outside of the U.S. had to be pushed back by quite a bit due to the unexpected high demand here. Apple said its tablet will reach more countries later this year and that it will announce availability and local prices at a later date.

As of the end of June, there were already more than 11,000 apps available for the iPad. Apple plans to roll out the coveted device to more countries later this year. Local pricing for them will be announced at a later date.

Did You Order Your iPad Today?

The iPad officially became available for pre-order earlier today. A group of particularly prudent Apple fans from the APPL Sanity Board at Investor Village decided to put together a spreadsheet of order numbers, times that orders were placed and contents of those order. After six hours of tracking the data, the group reported that nearly 90,000 orders had been placed for the iPad. This does not count multiple orders (a single consumer can order two at a time), nor ship-to-store orders, for which no payment is required. In reality, the number of iPads ordered today is likely well over 100,000!!

According to Victor Castroll from the Valcent Financial Group and AAPL Sanity, “$54 million in revenue in a quarter of a day is a great opening. Looks like contrary to much speculation about who would actually want one of these, like the iPhone, people are voting with their wallets. Considering these are just pre-orders for a product still three weeks out, iPad is home run.”

Whether or not you think you want an iPad, a whole lot of people out there have already decided! What are your thoughts? Are you planning to get an iPad, or did you pre-order one today?

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