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Apple iPad Unboxing

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Yes, we had quite a few of you tune in for the live delivery and unboxing of Apple’s first iPad product. Was it worth the wait? Only time will tell. There wasn’t much to the box, really – and setup was certainly a breeze. I went on to demonstrate quite a few features after unwrapping my package. *ahem*

The one that I unboxed in this video is the Wi-Fi version, of course, since it’s the only one available right now. I do have the 3G version on order already, so am likely to give THIS one away at some point in the future. Stay tuned for details on that. Even if you don’t think you want an iPad… would you really turn it down if it’s free?

To all of you who claim that the iPad is “nothing more than an iPod Touch with a bigger screen” I say: THAT IS THE POINT. Dang. Seriously, folks…

It is true that you can sync an iPhone and an iPad both to the same computer and install the same apps. However, the problem is that I have 557 apps sitting on my iPhone right now. I’m going to have to go through and de-select the ones I don’t want on my iPad.

Note: If you’re an iPad app developer (or know of one), I’m interested in reviewing your app.

I know that watching me sync the iPad for the first time may not have been an exciting experience for all of you. I also know that the true beauty of the screen didn’t translate too well in the video. However, trust me when I say this is a really nice screen.

I was shocked at how fast thing load on my iPad. I wasn’t as happy trying to type something in with the iPad on Portrait mode. My hands are just too big. I think I’ll have to use Landscape mode all the time. It’s pretty cool to see how smoothly the transformation is when switching between the two modes. You have to hold the device pretty steady, though. It seems to be almost too sensitive, and will change modes if you move the machine just a tad too much in any direction.

Did you get an iPad yesterday? If so, what apps did you get? I’m curious to know, because discovering new things is part of the fun. Let’s hear your first thoughts. Leave us a follow-up comment.

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