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Did You Purchase the iPad 2 Today?

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The iPad 2 was released in stores today and I was definitely one of those people who chose to stand in line to get one. Did that really surprise you? A friend of mine was holding my place in the line here in my local area. There weren’t many people in line when I headed over. I chose not to go to an actual Apple store so that I could hopefully avoid having to deal with larger crowds.

I am selling both of my old iPads and am actually getting a pretty good price for them. Who says that they won’t hold resale value?! The amount I’m getting for the two older models is enough to cover the new iPad, which will be the WiFi 3G version once again – mainly for the GPS option. I will also be getting one of the SmartCovers – likely a black one. My iPad will be black, as well. I personally just don’t like white devices.

I don’t know how many of you out there are getting iPads, but two of my friends who are anti-Apple normally are both getting one. You all know one of these people fairly well. I won’t disclose his name at this point in time. Suffice to say, you will be shocked when you figure it out. It’s someone you would never have expected to own an iPad.

After recording the unboxing video, I plan to record one giving my initial impressions of the new device as well as giving a comparison of the two iPad iterations. Additionally, I want to attempt to record a video showing the differences between the iPhone 4 camera and the one built in to the iPad 2 – which admittedly isn’t that great.

I don’t think the quality of the camera really matters all that much in the grand scheme of things. How many times have you complained about the low quality of a webcam on your notebook or laptop? Has that stopped you from wanting, buying and using the device? Of course it hasn’t, so why should it stop you from buying and using an iPad? The camera isn’t what the device was created for – it’s simply an added bonus.

It’s nice to see that so many of you plan to pick up the original version of the iPad now that the prices have been dropped. Even though it’s the first generation, it’s still a fantastic device that holds its own against competitors in the marketplace.

iPad Launches in the UK With Lines Around the Block

The iPad has finally hit Apple stores in the UK – and not a moment too soon, according to the people who stood in line for more than a day. People began lining up outside Apple’s London store on Regent’s Street – in a line which literally ran down and around the corner into Hanover Square. Estimates claim there were more than 500 people in line at this store alone… and there was reportedly police milling about to act as crowd control.

Photo credit to @jasonlan

Essex teenager Jake Lee was first in the line, having gotten there around noon yesterday with three of his friends. He literally ran into the store when the time came this morning, following a loud countdown from store employees and the gathered crowd. As he came out clutching his prized possession, he said that he felt “ridiculously amazing.” He also compared the event to the release of a new Lady GaGa album in the United States.

Keep in mind that the launch of the iPad was delayed originally, due to sales in the U.S. far exceeding the number that Apple had counted on. It was supposed to go on sale more than a month ago in the UK and finally made its way to stores only this morning. The device that allows a person to send email, watch videos and movies, read books, draw pictures and play games is selling for £429 for the basic version and £699 for a model with Wi-Fi and 3G network access.