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Adobe is Coming to the iPad

Don’t get all excited just yet. There still isn’t going to be Flash on your iPad. Sorry if I just deflated your dreams, folks. However, Adobe will appear on the popular device beginning today in conjunction with Wired magazine. The app that will be released on iTunes today is an e-version of the June issue. It has more than forty different interactive features – including an exclusive clip from Toy Story 3 and a little game that lets you fly around Mars.

This app is the catalyst that set off the war between Apple and Adobe in recent weeks. Since Flash technology is banned from Apple devices, the partners had to come up with something completely different than originally planned, using Apple-approved code. The app makes use of video and graphical tools to expand on a theme that runs throughout the app: unraveling products and teaching you how they work. The June cover story about Toy Story 3 breaks down the making of the movie and lets you follow the process. Pixar also granted Wired an exclusive clip to use in the app.

The Conde Nast publication says that the rebuilt app still comes with all of the features and capabilities you’d have found in the original version. Future issues will have more social and search functions built-in, including web browsing from within the app. “This is very much a 1.0 release,” said Scott Dadich, creative director of Wired.

For now, each issue will cost $4.99. Executives plan to introduce a subscription model later this year and will sell subscriptions through iTunes. This is a touchy area for publishers, though. Many would prefer to sell their subscriptions outside of Apple’s closed system. Some major players in the industry are working together to create a “digital newsstand” of sorts where they can set more of the financial terms.