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Bring Art to Life on the iPad with Art in Motion

Art in Motion is a totally new type of art app. It’s based on an idea that art should evolve WITH technology. Since the iPad is the best multi-touch device out there right now, the app creators realized that it was the perfect platform for them to unleash this very awesome way for you to make something stunning. Sure, painting a picture can be wonderful. But, it doesn’t take advantage of these advancements in technology.

How IS this app different than standard art? With Art in Motion, you will be creating an entire scene, instead of just a painting or picture. Instead of drawing in scenery such as trees or flowers, you’ll customize and add orbs to your work in progress. Instead of just looking at a drawing, you’ll watch your orbs come alive. Unlike a painting, there is actual motion in what you create with Art in Motion. Heck, you can even interact with your scene. In a normal painting, the colors don’t (or shouldn’t, at least) change. With your Art in Motion creation, the colors fade, flow and change constantly.

The app has a powerful physics engine with 20 different bundled scenes to play with and study, helping you to learn how to create your own. There’s a highly-intuitive interface, full multi-touch support and very clear documentation.

If you enjoy creating things, this app may be the one you never knew you had to have. It’s an easy – and awesome – way to make something truly outstanding of your very own.

DNSF David Newman Makes iPad Portraits

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During the recent 1C Company Another Night in Moscow 2010 event, I happened to run into David Newman. He is an artist who can do some pretty amazing portrait work – right on the iPad. I had to see it to believe it for myself, so I sat down and let him draw.

You know me – I couldn’t sit still. However, David did a pretty fantastic job capturing my likeness.

Thanks to the folks at AMD for bringing me down to San Francisco for this event.

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