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iTunes Exciting Announcement Coming Tomorrow

If you’ve opened your iTunes account today, you were greeted with a very understated photo embed at the top. “Tomorrow is just another day. That you will never forget. Check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes.” Under that are a few clocks representing different time zones to let you easily figure out when to expect this big news. The question is – what the heck does Apple have up its sleeve this time?

There are already any number of rumors and speculation circulating around the web. Everyone is weighing in with their predictions. The truth of the matter is that for once, none of us have a single clue.

We know that iOS 4.2 is supposed to drop tomorrow morning around 10:00AM Pacific time. With that information in hand, one can easily assume that the iTunes announcement has something to do with the new firmware. MacStories wonders if Apple is going to “change the system underlying the whole software update process?” However, that’s not really a big deal, and certainly not something we’ll never forget.

Is iTunes finally going to release a music subscription service to rival options such as Pandora? Will we soon see a web-based version of the software? Your guess is as good as mine at this point, so leave me a comment and let me know what you think the folks in Cupertino have planned for us.

Netflix Coming to Android

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings claimed earlier this year that the company was not focused on streaming their content to mobile screens. However, the iPad app was launched the same day the device itself was back in April. Since then, Netflix has stated that they are working on a version for the iPhone to be available later this summer

The company hasn’t made any type of announcement regarding plans to bring you an Android app. However, a job listing for an “Android Video Playback Expert” sure seems to put it into black and white, doesn’t it? Android will likely be the next mobile platform to get Netflix streaming.

A Netflix staffer reportedly told Electronista staff members that “With the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.” Every day, we see reports circulating the ‘Net of formerly die-hard iOS (or Windows Mobile) users dropping their long-favorite operating systems in favor of the more “open” Android. I myself even recently admitted in a video that if Android were available for my iPhone that I would likely be using it, as well.

Android users in our community: Are you looking forward to having Netflix on your devices? Will you be subscribing?

What are Your Thoughts on Legal Jailbreaking?

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After the court system in the United States declared that jailbreaking a device is not illegal in and of itself, TechRob asked how we feel about it over on Lockergnome. This is something that is being discussed all over the Internet, even weeks after the ruling was handed down. It opens a whole new set of questions which tech pundits everywhere are trying to determine the answers to.

I realize this has been a gray area until now. However, you can now legally jailbreak any device without fear of reprisals. Apple, of course, still claims you’re going to void your warranty if you jailbreak your iPhone. However, this leaves the door open for entrepreneurial interests. This was the right move, in my mind. It’s YOUR device, right? You should be able to run it on any network you choose.

I’m going to bet that within a year’s time, Google will develop a version of Android specifically for the iPhone. It will be made so that you can choose to boot your iPhone into either iOS 4 or Android. It’s sort of like what you do with Boot Camp on a Mac, right? Google has a huge opportunity here. It’s legal to jailbreak a device even if Apple will continue to complain about voiding the warranty. For those of you who don’t really care about that, having an easy way to run Android on the iPhone is going to be a huge difference.

It has to be your choice. Do you care if you void the warranty on your mobile device? Is it more important to you to be able to have the choice of carriers – and operating systems? At this point, I won’t be jailbreaking anything. However, if there were a solid Android operating system available – backed by Google themselves – I would seriously consider doing so. Would you?

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iOS 4 First Impressions

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I learned a few things while I was trying to record my first impressions of Apple’s new iOS 4 (as seen here on the iPhone 3GS). I decided to make the fandroids happy and used my HTC Evo 4G to capture the excitement. It disappointed me on so many levels. Not iOS 4, but the HTC Evo 4G’s default camera app and settings. If you would like to read my rant about this video’s quality, you can catch it on Facebook. Let’s get on with the iOS 4 chatter!

Overall, my impressions of the iOS 4 are (surprise, surprise) positive. This was an incremental upgrade. Apple seemingly left out a few finer details, but it didn’t completely take away from the experience. If you’re already an iPhone user, you’ll love what you see here. Some of these features have been long overdue. I don’t care if you had them four years ago – it’s today, and now we all have them (making your history, in this respect, moot).

The largest update, of course, is the ability for third-party apps to multitask. You don’t have to terminate one in order to do another thing any longer. People have been clamoring for this since the original iPhone launched. Apple’s own apps could already do this, but now third parties can make use of a limited set of multitask capabilities. You’ll be able to listen to streaming music in the background while doing other things on your phone. You can carry on a VoIP call (such as with Skype) while surfing the web and even let your GPS run in the background. Notice the common theme here? This isn’t “true” multitasking as you’re used to with a desktop. However, you don’t have to quit one app in order to use another any longer.

The ability to create folders on the home screen is a pretty big deal to most of us. You can group all of your apps based on genre, personal preferences, or whatever criteria you choose. Simply drag one app onto the top of another, and you’ll be prompted to name your new folder. You can store up to twelve apps within each folder. For most users, this should be more than enough. However, some of the power users may wish that Apple would add folder nesting. If we bug them enough, perhaps we’ll see that in a future update.

There are a few changes you’ll see on (and around) your home screen. If you tap on the home button once, you’ll be taken back to your home screen (or the last folder you used). Tapping it twice brings up the multitasking app drawer to make it easy for you to find recently used apps. Apple has finally granted us the ability to change the home screen background. I know there are a lot of people searching for just the right look tonight.

Being able to lock the screen across the entire device is an excellent move. However, it only works in portrait mode. If you try to lock it in landscape mode, the iPhone will revert itself to portrait mode for you – whether you like it or not. That’s annoying, but I suppose beggars cannot be choosers. Due to the home screen changes, you can not assign the home button to a different app any longer. It was nice to quickly launch the camera or phone favorites. You’ll have to go into these apps the old-fashioned way now, unfortunately.

As we’ve discussed before, Mail got a nice overhaul. There are several new changes to the interface this time out. The largest difference is probably the addition of a “unified” inbox. You can see all of the emails from every email account in one convenient place. If you are chomping at the bit to access several different email addresses all at the same time (good luck not confusing yourself) then this change will make you pretty happy. Threading is a VERY welcome change to Mail. When you open an email, you can now read every other message in that particular “chain” in one easy place… much like with Gmail. You can turn off this feature easily if you aren’t interested in having your mail grouped this way for you.

The only real change to the iPod app is the ability to create and edit playlists. As mentioned before, the audio controls are now added to your multitasking drawer. The camera app has a few minor changes to it, as well. One nice addition is the ability to tap “focus” while recording a video, as you could before with the camera. You can make use of the 5x zoom function if you want, also.

You’ll find many other small surprises inside of iOS 4: The spell checker has been enhanced (thank god!) and isn’t quite as annoying as it was in previous iterations. Mobile Safari will offer search suggestions (like you find when you begin typing something into Google). You can bring your iBooks to the small screen. Oh… and… you can use Bing now on the iPhone if you choose. Google is still the default search engine with Bing added as another option.

Everything seems to be working okay so far. The updates were incremental, and the update was free. There’s a lot of spit-and-polish involved with iOS 4. I’m very much looking forward to getting my iPhone 4 which will be arriving at the end of the week!

What do YOU think the best new feature of iOS 4 is? Is there anything you aren’t happy with?

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