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Keep Yourself Safe From Online Disasters

There should be an image here!In 2008, there was some published data about how many laptops were lost or stolen each week at U.S. airports. The number was staggering. The 2008 research put the number at over 10,000 laptops per week. With the increasing popularity of netbooks, as well as the wide use of laptops, the numbers now may exceed the 2008 findings. And that is just airport data.

When those figures are combined with home thefts, the numbers must be impressive — in a bad way. Not only is the hardware valuable, but the information on those machines could lead to even more problems. For example, most computers have personal information on them. This is especially true as people are doing their tax returns. If that information falls into the wrong hands, then there is a real concern for identity theft.

We encourage our readers to use security software. As much as the security firms try, they are usually one step behind the hackers. No security firm says that their software gives one hundred percent protection — they simply can’t. The Internet is too dynamic and things are happening too fast.

Because of disasters like a stolen/lost laptop or a hacker penetrating security, there should be a final layer of protection — and that is encryption. Encryption may seem like an extreme measure that will make it difficult for the user it’s meant to protect, but this is simply a myth. Encryption is not difficult, and it is not only for the geeky.

One simple, effective program that is recommended for encryption is SafeBit:

SafeBit Disk Encryption is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy. It features military strength on-the-fly encryption, by creating virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all them time, but still work with these files just like you work with normal files. SafeBit is the last line of defense if your current security system fails against viruses, trojans or hacker attacks.”

This is a very special offer for our readers. The SafeBit people are offering our readers a generous forty percent (40%) discount off their regular price. This is a remarkable saving on an award winning software program.

Use this link to get SafeBit at its discounted rate.

This offer expires on April 21st, 2010. SafeBit works on 32-bit versions of Windows 2K/NT/XP/Vista.

If your computer is lost or stolen, then the information is safe. Encryption theoretically can be broken, but it may take years of sophisticated effort. Most thieves will not bother, and the data likely would be wiped and the stolen machine sold. When you know that the information on the missing machine is safe, it makes the disaster of the missing laptop, netbook, or even desktop somewhat easier to take.

Here is just one last reminder for the people who will be traveling with their laptops. If you are using different Wi-Fi connections regularly or plugging in to unfamiliar Internet connections, there is the risk of keyloggers. For example, the keylogger would record your name and password when you enter a site like PayPal. That would be comparable to handing over the log-in data to your online account. SafeBit has a virtual keyboard, which will give protection from such keylogger programs and password stealing malware. The virtual keyboard feature alone is worth the generous price of this program.

Thanks to the SafeBit people for offering this program to our readers at this price point.

How to Protect Your Hard Drive

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There are thousands upon thousands of hard drive enclosures. However, only one of them is both fireproof and waterproof. I have precious video files from the Gnomedex conference on my ioSafe Solo. For the purpose of this video, I completely submerged the hard drive in water, to show you that it truly is waterproof as they claim! Yes – the videos were all still completely intact! I wouldn’t try this at home with any enclosure other than the ioSafe Solo!

I know you’re not likely to submerge your hard drive in a bathtub full of water. However, imagine your business or home office were to become flooded for some reason. Or, heaven forbid, you were to have a fire. Using the ioSafe Solo will guarantee that your data is still safe.

It’s waterproof for up to ten feet of salt water OR fresh water, for up to three days. It can withstand up to 1550 degrees of heat for up to half an hour! It’s only good for one disaster, of course. I have to thank ioSafe for passing this along for me to review. It’s an excellent piece of hardware!

We have a special for you, in case you want to pick up your own ioSafe Solo. You can save 10% when purchasing the ioSafe Solo for yourself!

After I extracted my hard drive from the enclosure, I hooked it back up to my computer. As you can see in the video… my files are all still in perfect shape! Gnomedex is saved! The ioSafe Solo definitely works as advertised!

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