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How Does Music Influence Your Life?

If you’ve tuned into my live stream lately, you’ve heard the awesome 8-bit music that’s playing. I can’t stand silence. There’s always something making noise here in my office. This sound can come from the television, or from music I have playing. My tastes are pretty out there as far as style goes. The beauty of music, though, is that there’s something for everyone.

One of our LockerGnome contributors recently asked about music which influenced other members. This made me stop and think about music in a very broad sense. I know so many people – my assistant Kat included – who claim they cannot think, work or sleep without music playing. I cannot honestly say that I am the same way, but I do agree that what I listen to has a lot to do with the mood I am in.

Our tastes change depending on what is going on in our head. If you’re in the writing zone, you may prefer to have classical music humming through the speakers. However, others insist they have to have some hard bass pumping in their blood before they can type the first word. We go through life stuffing people into pigeon holes and deciding for them what they are most likely to enjoy. But when it comes to our listening style, every profile is thrown out of the window.

The grandmother of four down the street probably likes rock music, but the teenager on the bus has Jazz soothing her soul on the ride home. That young man with black fingernails and clothing isn’t listening to some “weird” punk stuff… he’s enjoying Mozart and smirking at you as you walk by. The little old lady with blue hair on her way to the supermarket isn’t playing something from the 1930s – she’s cranking up the Beatles and bopping her head along in time.

There’s something about music that reaches out and grabs you by the soul. It doesn’t matter what genre you happen to prefer – music is going to touch you in some way. You’re going to identify with it and you’re going to crave it. Why do you think there are hundreds of ways to get your fix? Crank up a radio, turn on the CD player, slap in an 8-track or cassette, tune in to your favorite online station or grab an instrument and play whatever is in your heart.

How does music influence your life each day? What do you listen to?

8-Bit Music on the Live Stream

Many of you have asked where the music is coming from which is heard over my live stream on a daily basis. A couple of our community members – Jeff and Lumpy – have graciously put together a special section of their IndieNation station just for your listening pleasure. Our stream is called 8bitwonder, and runs 24 hours per day – even if I’m not listening. The music is completely random. However, many of the tracks come to you courtesy of 8-Bit Peoples.

8-bit is NOT the only type of music you’ll hear coming from your speakers when you tune in. There are a few DJs throughout the day, and each of them brings something different to the mix:

  • iscifit.tv (Jeff) – The network/tech director, also DJ’s, bringing sci-fi, tech and 80s music to the masses.
  • Lumpy (John) – The programming director that bring indie/podsafe music to the masses
  • Meshelly (Chell) – Programming director, started as a fan and now kicks butt on the air herself.
  • The Guys Podcast – TGP brings their show each Wednesday at 9pm Eastern time (-5 GMT).
  • Zack “The Mothman” Daggy – Brings you the very best indie music every Wednesday at 11AM EST.

Many people are confused as to the true meaning of “8-Bit music.” Back in the early 1980s, computers for the home became cheaper and more accessible. This led to a proliferation of PCs and gaming consoles which were abandoned as people upgraded to new generations of software and hardware. Despite this, small groups of artists and musicians continued to use those old machines to produce their audio. This type of music is commonly known as chiptune.

The gaming technologies used in chip music production are those which were produced in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s. These systems include the old Commodore 64, the Nintendo Game Boy and the NES itself. They were unique back then in that they marked a period in the tech development of gaming audio in which sound chips were used.

The term Chip Music is now applied to compositions which try to recreate the original sound, even though they are made using more complex technology. Composers use modern computers to help them compose, record and execute their craft. These same modern machines are needed to help the composers network with others throughout the scene.

The popularity of Creative Commons over Copyright in this scene has helped many musicians learn and develop their craft through the open-source environment. Emulating the original sound chips has become quite prevalent due to the increasing rarity of those old original gaming systems that were used “back in the day.”

I have to thank Jeff and Lumpy for all of their hard work, dedication and many free hours of service to keep this stream running. Be sure to tune in – either via my stream or their direct link – to listen whenever you have a chance.

How to Play Internet Radio and Pandora without a Computer

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You can’t hear the music playing in my head, because it’s not easy to share. It is easy to share music on the Internet, via legal downloads, music subscriptions, or even via Internet radio. How do you listen to your music online? What do you use for Internet radio? I’m sure you use a computer. But what if you didn’t have to use a computer?

Using a Livio, you don’t need a computer to be able to listen to your favorite artists online. The Livio Radio, featuring Pandora, goes beyond making more than 11,000 free Internet radio stations easily accessible anywhere you, a power source and a Wi-Fi connection should meet. Pandora is your personal DJ; Enter the name of an artist or song and start listening; Give songs a Thumb Up or Thumb Down and Pandora will instantly change the music selection to better match your tastes.

You will, of course, need an Internet connection. It can connect either wirelessly or via a wired connection. It’s simple to get started and use, and it’s much smaller than a standard laptop. The Livio connects right to your Pandora account. Pandora will create a radio “station” around the type of music that you like, based on a song or artist that you enter. You don’t need a Pandora account in order to use your Livio, so don’t worry!

The speaker is pretty decent – much better than what you’d expect! It has a remote control, and of course the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Wouldn’t you like a normal radio or computer to have those?!

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Do You Want to Have your Own Internet Radio Station?

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Some people claim I have a face for radio. I have to agree with them, but that doesn’t stop me from streaming my life online. Maybe you have a plan to do something with audio, you could use ustream.tv like I do. Or, you could use the free service at Radionomy.

Search, find and listen to Radios. With the music you like and the content you want. Become a fan. Post comments. Be part of the Radionomy community. Download and customize our player.

Create your own radio, it’s free! Music, Jingles, Content: browse our libraries. Upload your own creations. Program your radio easily and broadcast it to the world.

Share your music or your content. The place to be for Artist or Content Producers. Share music, jingles or audio contents with all radio creators on Radionomy. Discover the win-win relationship we want to build.

Create your own legal radio station in minutes, for absolutely no money! Customize your show with their pre-designed templates. Listen to others, network to make new friends, and stream your musical life online.


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Is Online Radio Killing Traditional Radio Advertising?

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The differences between traditional radio and Internet radio are pretty vast. Yes, they are both audio. Everything else is merely the mechanism and limitations of the delivery. With a traditional radio, you can flip between bands and frequencies. You hope to pick up some kind of signal with your antenna that may be within range. With Internet radio… your Internet connection is your antenna. You have no limitations on what you can find.

When we talk about radio, we are talking about some kind of audio, usually live. Online radio is kind of the future of radio. Some argue that Satellite radio is the future, but I disagree. As more and more cars have the ability to connect to the Internet, they will start utilizing Internet radio. I received an email recently from Brian, who asked about more information on Online radio advertising. He had to do a research paper.

What I do here with my live video feed isn’t exactly radio. However, since there is audio and it’s being streamed live… there are similarities. When I have dealt with sponsors in the past, not only have I been transparent about those sponsors. I’ve also used certain hooks that traditional radio has. For instance, if you want a domain name, you want to go to GoDaddy. However, if you want to save 10%, you’ll use the code Chris or Chris1 or Chris2 or even Chris3. Same thing with GoToMeeting. When you do these things, that lets my sponsors know that you found out about them through me. They then know that I am connecting with my audience, and the money they spent to advertise with me was worth it.

Online advertising honestly isn’t that much different than traditional. The only thing that is different is the delivery method. It’s still audio… in some cases it’s more than audio. The audience will be larger with Internet radio, actually. What’s compelling about radio is that it’s live. You need to understand that with Internet radio, you are no longer limited by your antenna. You are only limited by your creativity and talent. When you match that talent with sponsors, you’re going to be happy, with far less overhead. The onus will be on you to draw in and retain an audience to listen to or watch your content.


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