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Would You Go to an Internet Cafe?

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I was recently asked if I thought Internet cafes are a thing of the past. I really hate when people go around declaring something is going to die or become obsolete. You may not see a need for a particular thing or place any longer, but does that mean it doesn’t serve a purpose for others?

Just when someone comes along and declares something as dead, it doesn’t really die. What are the chances we will never need to socialize with another human being? Granted, I don’t often go outside and interact with people that way. Thank God for social media outlets.

I don’t think Internet cafes, as such, are going to die out. People are always going to want to use an Internet connection. Perhaps their connection at home will go out (God forbid!!). Maybe they don’t have a connection of their own at all. What if their computer breaks? Why not go and get a cuppa Joe at an Internet cafe?

Seriously, folks. Stop trying to push your own thoughts off on the rest of us by trying to declare something as dead.

Keep Your Gmail Safe

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During the Gnomedex conference this past summer, we held an open mic session. Anyone in the audience could get up on stage and share their favorite website, tips, trick and resources. In this short video clip, we were all reminded of how simple it is to secure our Gmail when viewing it from a public location (such as a conference or an Internet cafe).

When you are logged in to your Gmail account, go up to the top of the page and click on Settings. The fifth header down on the page is Browser connection. Next to this, click the little button that says to Always use https. This will ensure that no matter where you are at, you are logging in to your email securely.

Thanks for the tip!

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