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At What Point did You Know You Were a Geek?

Since the inception of Geeks, I’ve often wondered this: how and when did you know you were a Geek? I’ve always been one, I just didn’t realize it really until college. I asked everyone over at FriendFeed when they discovered the truth about themselves. Some of them were hilarious, while others were dead serious about their Geekitude.

The minute you know who Chris Pirillo is and can pick him out of a line-up… :-p – Live4Soccer

The moment I first heard about Dungeons and Dragons in 4th grade (78 or 79). – Just a Tad

March 13, 1972, born in the bay area unto two BART engineers and ex-Apollo rocket worker before growing up in Silicon Valley. – Eric Rice

Not sure if I’ve become one yet. I’m more of a nerd. – JustdoitMS

The entire world knew I was a geek when I got called to the principal’s office to reset his new digital watch after daylight saving time ended/began. – ha3rvey

I think I’ve always been one, but the boyfriend helped bring it out even more, so Feb. 2004! – Kat

Um, when I saw the moon landing when I was a few years old. But, really, when I got into Jr. High in 1977 and joined the first computer club at Hyde Jr. High in Cupertino and got my first tour of Apple Computer (back when it was only one small building). – Robert Scoble

Birth… the child of English/Drama teachers (one working as an engineer), who were friends with science fiction writers, like Roger Zelazney and the Haldemans. Seeing Star Wars when I was 6 didn’t hurt. – 9 (clever name here)

When I stole mom’s copy of Stephen King’s "IT" off ehr headboard to read. i think I was 7. – WarMaiden

My moment was when I walked through the door of the now-defunct Commodore Hotel across from Madison Square Garden, for the Bicentennial (1976) edition of the Star Trek convention (the only one on the east coast that I know of), way back before the popular use of the word "con". The attendance was limited to 6000 people. I heard the most recent DragonCon in Atlanta was 10x that much. And the very fact I know that is verification of my geekitude, as well as my geezertude. – Rick Wolff

Who you callin geek? – Brian Norwood

My mom and I used to play "Trax" on the Atari in the late 80s – it would read the game off a cassette player…I thought that was so cool. My mom would always beat me which strikes me as cooler now. – Kamath

sometime between 1982 and 1984 whenever it was i first made a triangle on an Apple IIe. then my inner geek went dormant until about 1998. – tiffanyNeedsANewNickname

When I bought my VIC-20, in 1983, with my own money. – Joey Gibson

When I went to math and science camp two summers in a row. – Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

I suppose it became official on Christmas morning when I was 8 and there was a shiny new TRS-80 under the tree. The next Christmas I got a 5.25in floppy drive and it was the schiznit. – ※Lindsay Donaghe※

Conception. – torque

When I started talking extensively about IP multimedia subsystems, IP protocol, packets, session border controls or heard others speak about it and it made sense to me. last night was an example. IP engineers at the dinner table talking shop and i could completely understand all of it. – Patricia

Is this a "conception vs. birth" thing? – Mark VandenBerg

I think it was a birth defect. 😉 – Kol Tregaskes

When I accidentally the whole internet. – David

At my cousin’s house, walked into a room and instead of TV on TV, saw PONG! Did I mention I would soon be wearing an orange sweatband on one wrist and a calculator watch on the other? <nostalgic sigh> – Micah Wittman

When I realized I knew more about computers and QBasic, than my teacher in Middle School. – Michel Bechelani

At the point of conception. – Stuart Forsyth

What kind of Geek are you, and when did you realize it? Do you embrace your Geekitude, or do you hide it from others?