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Mac OS X Security Software

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Think you are 100% safe from security vulnerabilities because you’re a Mac user?

Take a time out, and think again. No operating system is 100% safe. Chances of being infected on a Mac are much less than with Window because the exploits are different. Macs enjoy security by obscurity. If you are an advanced user who is careful with your surfing and downloading habits, you will be safe using a Mac. Knowledge is key, and this situation is no different. You should educate yourself about computer security, no matter what type of system you are using.

**Turn on the firewall that comes built into the Mac. This will keep you from being exploited.

**Consider using an Anti-Virus program designed for Macs. While there are currently no known viruses for the Mac O/S, it is certainly possible that someone…somewhere…will try and create one. Is this a must have? No – but it won’t hurt, either.

Compute smart. Compute safe. Think before you click.

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