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How to Protect Your iPhone / iPod

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While my new iPhone 3G S was syncing for the first time, I decided to talk to all of you about protecting your device. Why do you need protection? What if you drop the phone? I’ve done it countless times – it’s easy to do! Having a good cover or case can cut down on any damage the phone or device may have received.

When I bought my original iPhone, I used an inCase slider case. When I changed to my iPhone 3G, I switched to something different. Now that I have the 3G S… I’m going back to my inCase. It’s lightweight and works very VERY well.

Another thing I recommend is something that can help your eyes. I use an anti-glare film for my iPhone screen. Not only does it protect the screen, it will also help your eyes. You can check them out for yourself to order one for your phone.

When applying the film to the screen, you want to be careful not to have any bubbles. You can use any credit card or similar object to slowly smooth the film into place. I can’t believe I nailed it on the first try this time! It usually takes me forever to get it aligned just right.

There are my two top ideas for keeping your iPhone and/or iPod protected from harm. Don’t mind the Geek behind the anti-glare screen muttering to himself. He’ll be ok eventually – I think.

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Buy an iPhone Case

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So you have an iPhone. Great!! Now, do you know how to protect it? A case is extremely important, and not just any case will do. It’s important for gadgets and gizmos to wear protection when they are taken out and about.

My iPhone is well protected. The screen has been covered with an anti-glare coating. The rest of it is protected by an Incase. I love that it has so much grip to it. It literally grips to any surface. I actually left my iPhone on the trunk of my car once, and took off. I had driven about 50 feet when I realized “OMG! MY PHONE!”. I stopped, and noticed that the iPhone was still in place on my trunk.

I was really happy to see this new Titan Clear case, sent to me by Gizmac. It’s not just a clear case. What I really like about it is that once I snapped it on, I couldn’t get it unsnapped. It also has a two-way stand. It has both a vertical and horizontal kick stand, for easier viewing. The one thing that would keep me from using this case all the time, is that it added extra bulk to the profile of the iPhone. I am just really happy with the way the Incase is so snuggly, and fits so well. It’s very thin, and hardly has any gap at all between the case and the iPhone itself.

GizMac’s Titan Clear for iPhone is a protective case that can be used alone or combined with the included quick release holster. The Titan Clear case protects the iPhone with its tough, crystal clear polycarbonate shell, but still allows the Apple iPhone’s striking appearance to show through. The addition of a thin film screen protector completes the Titan Clear case protection by keeping the iPhone screen safe as well as clean.

The final piece to the Titan Clear for iPhone, the rotating belt clip holster, is also versatile and stylish. Not only does the Titan Clear iPhone holster securely hold the case face out, but also face inward for added iPhone screen protection. The Titan iPhone holster is made of lightly frosted clear polycarbonate for a sleek look that compliments the Titan case and does not cause a fashion distraction.

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