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Can Temporary Email Addresses Stop Spam?

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I’ve used my [email protected] email for many years now. The reason I share that address so openly is that I’m just not afraid of it. Some of you are quite afraid of sharing your email address, with good reason. You never know where that address will end up, or what mailing lists it could get sold to.

There are various ways you can stop junk email from hitting your Inbox, or filtering it out once it does hit. My plan right now is an Exchange account, in combination with server-side software. I also have local spam filtering, as well. There’s very little that actually makes it into my Inbox folder. What’s your solution to keeping Spam from entering your world?

I had something happen to me today that I’ve heard has happened to others. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, and they released a new single. In order to get that single and download it, you had to supply an email address. I thought about it. I didn’t want to receive indefinite information from this company. I needed to find a temporary email address. It’s a lot of work to create a new alias, especially when there are many services out there that will allow you to create a temporary email address in order to access things just like this.

TemporaryInbox is really simple to use. You don’t even need to sign up, which is the whole idea. It will give you a random email address that you can use, and access for up to six hours. It’s a good thing to use if you’re not sure whether a site is going to keep your identity protected, or if you’re unsure as to whether you will end up using the site/service.

I don’t know if I see the Spam problem going away any time soon. There’s no authentication present in an email. Some people change their email address on a regular basis to keep it private and away from spammers. Meh, not me. My name is never going to change, therefore my email address will always work. Changing your email is not fun, when you have to update so many contacts, sites, etc.

Email is one of those things I cannot live without. I send email newsletters out on a near-daily basis. I also wrote the book on Email publishing. I spend more hours a day in my Inbox than anywhere else… including sleeping.


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GTD: Keeping Your Inbox Clean

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A community member wrote: “I receive about 220 emails a day (I know that’s nothing compared to what you get, Chris, but it’s a lot for us normal folk), and I sometimes find it hard to manage my Inbox. Over time, I came up with these tips for managing my Email more efficiently, and I thought that I would pass them along.”

  • Send replies in bulk. For you Yahoo Mail users, I’m not talking about “bulk” as in “spam”, I mean group your replies to Emails. If several people have the same question, send the same message to those multiple Email addresses. This will save time, and it will save you a lot of stress.
  • Publicly address common questions. Also, if several people have the same question, you could publicly address that issue (in a blog, a faq, etc.). This will cut down on the amount of Email you receive with that question.
  • Don’t reply to rude people. If someone is being rude, don’t reply to them. This is a waste of time, as your response will either be ignored or will trigger another rude response. If someone continues to be rude, block their email address.
  • Have a good spam blocker. Make sure that the Email program you’re using has a good Spam blocker, so no junk gets into your Inbox. Gmail on the Web is a good example, and Thunderbird for the desktop is also good.
  • Make your responses short and simple. Don’t type out extremely long responses to Emails. Chances are, the person you’re sending it to won’t read through it. Just explain the basics in a sentence or two (no more than a paragraph), and hit “send”. However, be careful with your wording. You don’t want to seem curt, as this will probably provoke a rude response.


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ADD and OCD Help GTD

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You may be sitting there asking yourself “How does someone with mild OCD and ADD ever GTD?”. A person in the chat room asked recently asked how I am able to manage my time, and what time management tips I might have for someone who has way too much going on at once.

How do I do it? I honestly don’t know. It’s always just been “in” me. That’s the OCD part of me. I can’t stand not to get things done, so that brings in the GTD part. Then of course, my ADD kicks in and my brain goes flying off in another direction. GTD is Getting Things Done, for those who may not know. Personally, I think I got lucky. I keep everything organized. If I didn’t, I would go nuts. That’s part of my OCD. It literally makes me crazy not to be organized. But, by being this organized, it makes it much easier for me to stay focused and get things done… beating out my ADD at times.

The way I get things done is my Inbox. If I have a task to take care of, it’s in my Inbox. That’s how I stay organized honestly. Since my world is electronic, it’s in there. If I REALLY need to get things done, this is what I do: I make a Post-It note. They drive me nuts. I HATE them. So… I make one for something that’s really important. That galvanizes me into getting it done, just so I can get rid of that damn Post-It. I annoy myself, in order to get things done. It may sound crazy, but it works. You have to do what will work for you.

By having everything I need to take care of in my Inbox, I can deal with them one-by-one. I deal with one, respond to it… delete it… or save it in a separate folder… and move on to the next one. So, my Inbox is “it” for me. What’s it for you? How do you roll? What makes things flow for you? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks, so I can pass them on to others.


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From BlogWare to WordPress

I hate to sound cliche, but… I’m UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the past couple of days, I’ve been quite silent. Partially, because I’ve been flushing my inbox of necessary tasks (largely Gnomedex related). Partially, because Shayne and I have been working on getting WordPress running on our new servers. That, and I spent some time trying to find a template I liked (and could work with). What you should see before you is the “new” me – with archived posts all the way back to the beginning of chris.pirillo.com – 2002! Insane.