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Favorite Seattle Artist – Justin Hillgrove

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My favorite artist of all time is Justin Hillgrove – and he happens to be right here in Seattle. The first time I saw his work was during the Seattle Folklife Festival back in December. I fell in love with the original artwork on display, and knew I had to have some of it in my own home. Unfortunately, the originals were a bit out of my budget. However, Justin has prints and even postcard books available for people like me who wish to have something created by him.

Justin spent several years as a freelance designer and illustrator, but suffered from a huge case of burnout. He stopped painting for several years – until he inherited old canvases and art supplies from his grandfather. He received a lot of encouragement from his good friend (and fellow artist) Mike Capp, and began to paint once again. He had so much fun creating “Love the Sinner” that he couldn’t stop. Today, his artwork is found hanging in galleries all over Seattle, and he has had showings across the United States.

Justin’s artwork is fun, which is why I love it. Each piece is whimsical, and many of them bring back memories of our childhood. Not only can you buy prints and original paintings – Justin also creates designs for tshirts, books and more!

If you know of other fun artists that I might enjoy getting to know, send me a link to what they’re doing. I’m always interested in discovering something different and new.

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