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Do You Want an iMac?

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Brandon asked in chat the other night if an iMac is a good investment. I don’t know if I can view any computer as an “investment.” Yes, I think the iMac is a good computer. The issue I see with a lot of desktop computers is that they lose their value the moment you bring them home. The iMac is an excellent machine, to be sure. However, is it really something you need?

I wouldn’t classify any computer as a good “investment,” no. Even an iMac will lose value over time. Get whatever machine it is that will fit your needs, whether it’s an iMac or a Windows machine.

Take care of your machine… baby it. Keep it in good shape and you just may be lucky enough to make a little cash from it when the time comes for you to upgrade to something newer.

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iMac Second Monitor Question

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Liam has a brand-new iMac, and a 42″ television sitting around. He’s wondering if he can connect the television to the iMac to increase his workspace. As far as I know, the new iMacs will indeed do this.

As long as the iMac is a newer one and has the video out to video in connections on it, this will work in theory. Also, the television should be at least 1080p. If it’s not, you won’t be able to push many pixels down the pipe.

However, a second screen IS a second screen.

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iMac Skins – Black, Pink, or Red

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No, Apple hasn’t released a new “Black iMac.” This is the same ol’ silver iMac with a shiny new black bezel clip-on. Works perfectly, too – from the front or the side. IMHO, this is a must-have for all iMacs. I’m not sure why Speck isn’t making the black one more readily available? Maybe they’re working on an updated model?

The Speck Products IM24-BLK-SEE SeeThru Hard Plastic Case takes the looks of your iMac up several notches, in my opinion. It just looks so much better now – don’t you agree? It snaps on easily, and shines in all its hard-shell glory. It’s not only pretty… it’s also seriously functional. What better way to protect your iMac than to have it protect while it looks great?

Yes.. some of you may have trouble watching this video on YouTube, due to situations that are explained in this post. That’s why the video has been embedded twice.

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Rent Movies from YouTube

You read the title correctly, yes. Beginning Friday, you can rent movies on YouTube. The Google-owned YouTube has partnered with the Sundance Film Festival to offer five independent movies for rental. In addition, Google is looking for other independent artists and companies to work with in order to bring you even more titles in upcoming weeks.

YouTube is also inviting a number of its partners to participate in the new rental service, allowing those it selects to keep their rights, decide where they want their content to be available, the price of their video and the rental duration. One day, YouTube will offer even more services where movies are concerned, even going so far as to bring movies to platforms other than the website, including Apple TV, Boxee, Wii and PS3.

Is this something that will potentially interest you? Would you pay a flat rate (or perhaps subscription fee?) to rent movies on YouTube? What types of films are you hoping to see there in the future?

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What are Your Greatest Accomplishments?

Reading threads on Geeks a little while ago, one headline in particular jumped out at me. The poster asks: What are your greatest accomplishments in life?. Even if you feel you have gone “nowhere” in life, the fact remains that you still have things to be proud of. So what if you haven’t reached all of your goals yet? The point is that if you really look at yourself and your past, you will indeed find many things to be proud of.

I’m interested in hearing your stories. Did you ace a test you thought for sure you would bomb? Did you win a scholarship that you had prayed for? Did your website or business garner more attention than you dreamed it could? It doesn’t matter how “small” an accomplishment may seem to you, the fact is that it is still something you should gloat about! So go ahead – share it with all of us!

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Are You a Part of the Apple Revolution?

Geek!This is Sage Naumann’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

Over the past ten years, Apple has really changed its style. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. Let’s see what computers (and other devices) were the cornerstones for the Apple “Revolution” that we know of today.

  • iMac G3 – Yep, the dreaded, heavy, and slow iMac G3 is number five. This computer took computing to a whole new level. A big screen, a nice color selection, and propaganda posters that tell you to “collect them all”, as if its a Pokemon commercial. Sadly, many of these iMacs lives have ended… either from you chucking them out of your third story apartment, or just setting in your garage to rot.
  • The iBook G3 Clamshell – Remember that thing that looks like a five-year-old’s “Learning ABCs and 123s” toy? Yep! The iBook G3 Clamshell. No faster than the iMac G3, so how is it above it on the top five list? Its because if you ever come across an iBook G3, look how slim it is! No, don’t compare it to your Macbook Air, compare it to that old IBM Thinkpad from 1999 or 2000. See how amazing that laptop was? It re-invented the meaning of “laptop” or “portable computer”, and that is why it is number four on this list.
  • The iBook G3 (Snow White) – Soon after the iBook G3 Clamshell came a sleeker, more defined, and very professional computer called the iBook G3 (Snow White). Compare this laptop to the 1st Gen White Macbook. See the resemblance? Thats because the Ibook was the cornerstone to the Apple design. The iBook G4, and the White Macbook also inherited this design, with some smaller improvements and changes. These iBooks are still being used today, because some ran at 900 MHz, with a 14′ screen.
  • The Macbook Air – Even though it is my least favorite Apple computer on the market, that does not mean it threw Apple’s competitors off their tracks. It’s so thin, that it is the “Portable Computer” of our time. Since then, competitors like Hewlett-Packard have taken the bid to make a laptop just as thin. Will they ever be as stylish?
  • The iPod – Remember when the first iPod came out? An inch thick, it looked like a brick? Well, that “brick” changed the way we looked at… or shall I say, listened to… technology. No more CDs jammed in our pockets. No more boom boxes. Now they have touch screens (iPod Touch)! It’s hard to say you don’t own one. Without the iPod, Apple’s computers might not be where they are today.

Now, you might disagree with this list – and I am sorry if you do. Hope you guys liked it, and please leave me comments on what you think about YOUR favorite Apple products!

Is Your Computer Monitor Sitting Atop a Stand?

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I recently bought an iMac, to keep programs running on it that I don’t necessarily want going all the time on my main machine. I have it set up on one corner of my desk. However, something about the monitor setup just wasn’t ‘right’. I had to find some kind of stand that would work perfectly with the iMac, and my office decor. I found the exactly the right thing, after just a bit of searching.

The LowKey Stand was designed specifically with a Mac in mind. The Apple Slim keyboard fits neatly underneath it, and it’s the perfect width for my iMac.

This stand is designed specifically for Apple slim keyboard’s fans. Not only this beautiful stand provides an ergonomical view of your iMac or Apple Display, it helps organizing your desktop at the end of the day like never before. The perfect height of the stand provides a “home” for your keyboard, nothing will ever seem to be out of place on your desk any more.

The LowKey Stand is constructed of 0.1085″ thick steel, powder-coated in aluminum color matching that of the iMac or Apple Display. This stand spreads out the entire length of the slim keyboard and 9” deep, creating a sturdy structure, which can support any size of Apple Display or iMac.

No more reaching behind your iMac or Apple Display, Macessity’s 4-port front access USB 2.0 hub provides an easy hook up for your favorite toys or gadgets. This hub is self-powered, and elegantly integrated to the LowKey Stand, giving it a contemporary touch.

Features include:

  • Slim keyboard’s best accessory.
  • Sturdy yet elegant and contemporary design.
  • Support up to 35 pounds.
  • Perfect for any size of iMac, or Apple Display.
  • Include a “must have” front access 4-port USB2.0 hub.
  • Compact power adapter that won’t take up more than 1 precious outlet.
  • Powder coated in aluminum color to match iMac and Apple Display.

The coolest thing is the USB port. It gives you those four extra USB ports, yes. You can connect it via USB or AC Adapter, which is great if you don’t want to give up one of your machine’s USB ports. It’s nice to not only keep things organized, but also to keep things cleaner. I can slide the keyboard into the little slot with ease when I’m not using it. Also, the stand lets me easily pivot the machine itself if I need to.

Anything I can get to make my life easier and more organized makes me happy. Just call me Felix.


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What's Your Favorite iMac Tip?

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Yeah… I have a new iMac. Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve been looking at getting one for awhile, to use for a machine to live stream. The live stream has been being powered using a Mac Mini that’s kind of old. It’s just underpowered, and not easy to keep everything going. So anyway, the iMac is going to run the chat and stream, and hopefully everything will run much more smoothly. I’m not sure how it will all be set up at this point, but I’m happy to have new options. I have to thank Ponzi, who gave this to me for my birthday. As a Geek, you can never have too many computers, especially if you work from home.

The best part of doing unboxing videos is being able to tease people all day. No matter what it is, I’ll leave the box sitting on my desk all day. People will join and watch, waiting to see what I’ve gotten, and what I’m going to do with it. At the time I recorded this particular video, we had nearly 900 people watching the live stream. I love when so many of you want to join us and see what we’re up to!

iMac sets the standard for elegance and power. It packs a complete, high-performance computer into its all-in-one design. With an anodized aluminum frame and glass cover, it’s striking to behold. The 20- and 24-inch glossy widescreen displays make photos and movies come alive with rich color. The use of recyclable glass and aluminum makes iMac friendlier to the environment, too.

The ultrathin Apple Keyboard perfectly complements iMac. Its anodized aluminum enclosure features low-profile keys with a crisp, responsive feel. The keyboard includes special function keys for one-touch control of Mac features, and two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity to your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other devices.

With iMac, details make all the difference. For example, because it’s made from a single sheet of aluminum, you won’t see any seams or screws except for a single compartment on the bottom that provides easy access to the memory slots. The built-in iSight camera and microphone are integrated so neatly you barely notice they’re there — until you need them for a video chat.

So once I get it all out of the box, I was happy to see a wireless keyboard, and the Mighty Mouse that I love using so much. It’s always fun to unbox Apple products! I know… everyone wants me to plug this thing in. It’s a 24″ model, and was not easy to get out of the box, believe it or not. I love the design of the iMac. It’s very clean and uncluttered.

Thank you, Ponzi, for the iMac!! I know this will get a lot of use, and the stream will run much better now.


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Mac Myths

I’m going to keep this person’s name anonymous for the time being, because I’m sure he’d get flamed out of existence for admitting to believing in these stereotypical myths about Macs.

Allow me to provide a list of reasons why I don’t like macs. If you really want to prove their equality to a Windows fanboy such as me, feel free to demonstrate their debunkery through video. Since your recent conversion to the Dark Side, I suppose even I can give the time of day.

I haven’t switched yet, but here are his seven reasons for not giving the Mac a chance:

  1. The Mac UI is so easy to use, it’s insulting to a power user.
  2. Macs are bad for popular games because few games are made for Mac and they don’t do DirectX.
  3. Most popular software won’t run on a Mac, and there is seldom a good equivalent.
  4. I haven’t seen a mac with more than two screens (Three for a laptop); do they go higher?
  5. Since OSX runs on some sort of *nix base, it can be lent to all the *nix stereotypes.
  6. Macs are more expensive than similarly-spec’d PCs.
  7. Even with all the great advances made in the past few years, one cannot “try before you buy” a Mac

Where do we begin to debunk these theories?

Mac OS X: the Light or Dark Side?

Guess what?

Chris has five Macs in his house: Ponzi’s white MacBook, a Mac Mini that drives the live video stream, a 15″ LED-backlit MacBook Pro (sponsored by Lijit for Gnomedex), a 17″ 1920×1200 MacBook Pro (sponsored by Blue Sky Factory for Gnomedex), and an iMac G5 that he’d likely be willing to sell to the highest bidder.

That’s the response you receive from Pixie (bot) in our chat room – although it seems as though I’ll have to remove the iMac G5 from the list (as we’re giving it to Ponzi’s uncle as a gift for his inner geek). I’ve been scrambling around the Internet, looking for interesting and useful software for OS X again. It’s been a while since I’ve pimped out a Mac, to tell you the truth. I’m gonna have to keep my eye out for specials, discounts, review copies, etc.

The 15″ is really damn nice, as expected. The 17″ has awesome resolution, but its screen clutch doesn’t seem to be as tight as it should be (given its weight). Seems to get quite hot when under duress, but iStat Pro isn’t reporting anything out of the ordinary at the moment. I’ve gotta find some killer Dashboard widgets. Might even install the beta of Leopard on it, too (yes, I’m a member of ADC).

I really didn’t want to have to install iTunes on Windows just to get contacts and calendars synced on the iPhone, but seems there’s no other way. I’m publishing my calendar to a private (not visible?!) URL through Outlook and Microsoft Office online, but there’s no simple way to push it through a qualified iCal client. Hosted Exchange, here I come!