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Can the iPhone Keep You Healthy?

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Doctor Andrew Brandeis, of the Care Practice clinic in San Francisco, is a Naturopathic Doctor and part of the team that created the iHealth blood pressure monitoring for iPad and iPhone.

At Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES 2011, Lockergnome’s Kelly Clay spoke with Dr. Brandeis about how devices like the iHealth can change the way we look at healthcare, both through positive reinforcement of our own behavior and using social proof to influence our personal support networks to encourage us to improve our heath. iHealth, the Withings Scale, and FitBit, are all early efforts to provide better health care monitoring to individuals.

iHealth Keeps Track of Your Blood Pressure

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Lockergnome’s Kelly Clay gets a demonstration of the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system and iHealth blood pressure cuff for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. iHealth works like a standard blood pressure cuff, measuring blood pressure from around your bicep, then charts the data on your iPad or iPhone with an integrated app so that you can track your blood pressure over time. Your iPhone or iPad sits on a mounting stand with a connected blood pressure cuff allowing you to easily sit next to any table top and take your blood pressure, which is recorded to the iPad blood pressure app.

The free app is fairly well-designed with a large central button you press to activate the cuff. After a few seconds, the results (date, time, pulse, and systolic and diastolic numbers) appear in large font on the screen, alongside a flashing graph that shows where you on on the blood pressure scale. Additional features track your history, delete a readout, open the FAQ, and share results via e-mail. The app also calculates your average and compares your risk of hypertension to World Health Organization figures.

The cost for the dock is around one hundred dollars, and well worth the price if you’re someone who suffers from high blood pressure.