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Social Media Site Management Strategy

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On an average day, how many web browsers – or tabs – do you have open at any given time? If you’re like me, there are one heck of a lot of them. Heck, just managing all of your social media sites can be a nightmare. You have to keep track of your Facebook account, your Flickr page, your Google Buzz threads and even your Twitter. You may use a separate utility to keep track of all of this for you. Sometimes, though, those can cause more trouble than they’re worth.

This past weekend, Jake and I put together FaceBuzzer. This is simply eight IFRAMEs put together on one page. What we’re doing is pulling in the iPhone-optimized content from eight of the most popular social-media sites into one easy place.

You can scroll each IFRAME independently, and they are fully functional. You can easily refresh the page, and see the latest information at any given time. You’ll need to log in to your Google account, as well as authenticate the Hahlo account for Twitter. If you hover over a pane (in the white space) and then move your mouse, you can drag-and-drop each IFRAME into whatever order you wish.

FaceBuzzer is not optimized for your iPhone, nor is it intended for use on the iPhone. It’s a way to have all of these experiences in one browser window or tab.

There are small issues, as there can be with any new website. For instance, Google Buzz may give you trouble at times. Keep in mind, however, that Buzz is still fairly new itself.

If there is enough interest, we may look into adding other features in the future, such as being able to close individual frames if one chooses, and / or adding others.

How could this little desktop aggregator be improved upon? Only your support will lead to further development of this collection of IFRAMEs. Yes, customization could be possible.

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