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Do You Want to Be Able to Read Minds?

Dave asked on Lockergnome if the world would be a better place if we could all read minds… sort of like Mel Gibson could do in the movie What Women Want. This, to me, is an interesting question. I cannot honestly say whether or not I would want to know what people are thinking all of the time. I definitely know I wouldn’t like it if people knew what was rattling around in MY noggin.

Do you think that society would be a better place to be in if we all knew all of each other’s innermost thoughts, dreams and wishes? Would it make life easier – or more difficult?

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what software and apps you should be getting for your machines and devices.

IBM Serves Up Malware at Security Conference

Over the past week, heavy hitters in the computer security field attended the AusCERT conference in Australia. This prestigious conference brings together some of the most important companies and innovations in computer security – and the people who use the services and products out in the field every day. This is serious business, folks, and it’s likely a good idea for anyone attending to have their game face on.

Instead of a game face, IBM walked away with egg plastered all over their mugs. While a company representative was on stage lecturing attendees about the importance of protecting against malware, their co-workers were handing out malware-ridden USB sticks at a vendor table in the hallway.

IBM was in attendance to show off their dominance and dedication to security. A screw-up of this magnitude is going to put their future credibility in that department on the line. Those who had attended the conference were told about the problem in a warning email this afternoon, sent by IBM Australia chief technologist Glenn Wightwick. “Unfortunately we have discovered that some of these USB keys contained malware and we suspect that all USB keys may be affected. The malware is detected by the majority of current Anti Virus products [as at 20/05/2010] and been known since 2008. The malware is known by a number of names and is contained in the setup.exe and autorun.ini files. It is spread when the infected USB device is inserted into a Microsoft Windows workstation or server whereby the setup.exe and autorun.ini files run automatically.”

If someone has already inserted the USB drive into their machine, they are pretty much S.O.L. Hopefully they had an anti-virus product installed and updated which caught it. If not, they’re going to have to manually fix this little bugger. Fix instructions in the email show someone how to clean the files, and then suggests that a full backup and operating system restore should be done. Yes… it’s that important.

It is beyond my comprehension how this could possibly have happened. If you are a leader in the field attending a conference full of other leaders… aren’t you going to make damn sure that everything is in proper working order? Did no one think to test these? This only came to light after one conference-goer went home and popped the device into his computer… becoming infected, of course. The damage control on this is going to be a mess.

Yet another lesson in why you have to protect your machines. It does not matter how “smart” you are when you are online. You can – and likely will, at some point – become infected.

Do We Take Technology Advances Too Far?

In the name of being the best, technology manufacturers are constantly pushing out new product, along with updates to older generation devices. Often, these new gadgets boast something new and improved, making our lives better in some way. Once in awhile, though, we get a product that makes us scratch our collective heads and wonder what on Earth the company in question was thinking of.

Are companies pushing themselves TOO hard to create the next big thing? Are they sometimes sacrificing quality – and sometimes pushing things out too quickly – in the name of beating their competitors to the punch? I happen to think this is absolutely the case, and cannot help but wonder why it’s so all-fire important to hurry? What’s the rush? Where’s the fire? Why don’t these companies take their time to create something truly unique? In my mind, they’d sell far more units – thus making more money – were they to take the time to truly think things through prior to production and rollout.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with me, or do you think I’ve lost my mind (again!)?

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What do You Treasure Most in Life?

I love how during my travels through our sites every day, I come across something that really makes me stop and think. Today’s post is found on Geeks, and it’s called What do You Treasure Most in Life. Not only did I have to stop and take time to think this through for myself, but I also am curious to see your answers. Reading through the thread, it’s heartening to see that many people place their family/kids/friends at the top of their lists. Too often, we let the material get in the way – or at least our quest for what’s tangible. Kat summed it up beautifully, reminding us:

Even with the economy in the toilet – we have much to be grateful for in life, and much to treasure. Don’t let a minute of life pass you by without remembering things like this.

We are seeing news articles daily about people taking their lives over losing their jobs, or falling far behind in their bills. Heck, we’re even reading about people who are taking the lives of others – including their own children. We hear of the layoffs, and many of you have been affected by them yourself. But when you take a moment to stop and really think – you are still blessed. You have family and friends who love you. You have your health (hopefully!) and mental well-being. You have your brain, and the ability to think, do and create. You have your freedom (in most countries). You have YOU.

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