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Enter the Dev:unplugged HTML5 Contest

The Internet is a beautiful thing, and the advent of HTML5 has made it more so. In conjunction with faster browsers, HTML5 is giving devs the tools needed to create amazing applications and experiences on the web. The team at {Dev:unplugged} wants to encourage this type of development by providing a pretty sweet contest, including a whole lot of cash in the prize packages. “The Grand Prize winner will receive $9,000 in cash and a fully-loaded trip with a Golden Ticket to the Future of Web Apps Conference in Las Vegas on June 27th.”

There are three main rules to this contest:

  • No Plugins – The submission must stick to HTML/CSS/JS on the client-side (no restrictions on the server-side).
  • Browser Compatibility – The submission must work in Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 and the latest stable version of Chrome.
  • Making the Web Native – The submission must be amazing! We will be keeping an eye out for submissions that push the envelope and blur the line between a web app and a native app.

You can enter in any of three categories: Games, Music and Innovation. Each of the categories will have a winner and runner-up with one project being chosen as the Grand Prize winner. There will also be prizes for each of these mentioned, as well as for a few people chosen to receive an Honorable Mention.

The Grand Prize is seriously sweet: You’ll receive a trip (airfare and hotel accommodations) to the Future of Web Apps Las Vegas Conference, along with a “Golden Ticket” pass. This ticket allows you access to a dinner with the speakers and more. You’ll receive $9,000.00 in cold, hard cash. And you’ll be prominently featured on the main page of the host website so that people from all over the world will be able to see how YOU pushed the limits of HTML5 on their behalf.

Each category winner will receive five thousand dollars and a mention / placement on the host website. Those who are a runner-up will receive an awesome laptop. The Gaming category runner-up will have a new Alienware M17x, and the Music runner-up will receive an HP Envy 14 Beats edition! All Innovation Award Winners will receive an ASUS Eee Slate. Those who receive Honorable Mention aren’t being left out in the cold! Each of those people will not only have bragging rights, they’ll also receive an Xbox bundled with Kinect.

Get your coding fingers ready, and submit your best effort. The deadline to enter is May 8th, 2011. A panel of expert judges will be choosing the winners.

Good luck to everyone who enters! If you decide to throw your hat into the ring, let us know so we can keep an eye on the outcome!

Is HTML5 the Future of the Application?

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Someone asked recently in chat whether developers are going to start basing their apps around HTML5 in the near future. I believe we will see this with web apps, but likely not mobile apps.

The beauty of HTML5 is that they’ve tied in a lot of these formerly disparate components such as audio, video and databases. Prior to this standardization, these elements were all over the place.

You can test your web browser to see how compliant it is with HTML5. As of the writing of this post, the latest version of Firefox (3.6.12) scores a 139 (plus 4 bonus points) out of a possible 300 points. That isn’t such a great score, folks. These browser companies need to step up their game in a very significant way.

During the making of the video, the Chromium nightly build scored a 241 out of 300, and Safari scored 208. Webkit pulled a score of 232. In my mind, none of these support the HTML5 spec well enough at this point. This needs to be improved quite a lot – quickly.

What are your thoughts? Are developers going to move further and further into using HTML5, or is this going to be a flash in the pan?

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HTML5 vs Flash

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HTML5 isn’t going to be something that will just fade away into oblivion, even if Adobe wishes it would. One caller the other night asked me about the differences between the two, and whether or not I think Flash will “die” once HTML5 is more widely used.

HTML5 is a specification that (to my knowledge) has not yet been made official. In fact, it’s been said that Adobe is holding back the ratification. Some of the richer features found in HTML5 would replace things found inside of proprietary platforms, such as with Adobe Flash. It’s obvious why companies like that wouldn’t want this to happen.

With that said, I do believe that HTML5 will start to become more widely used. Is it a Flash killer? Of course it’s not. Flash does much more than just allow for watching videos. 90% of the problems I have in my web browser are related to Flash in video playback, though. I can play the same video back using HTML5 in the same browser, and not use up as many of my resources.

Flash has done what it’s done. It’s been great. It’s seen its timeline. In terms of video playback, I do predict that HTML5 will replace Flash within the next five years.

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Live Video iPhone

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I recently started broadcasting my live stream in SD widescreen (720×404). Once I made the switch via the Ustream Producer software, the live feed was no longer available in the current build of Ustream’s mobile applications. Moreover, I’ve been able to start pushing out a live video feed which doesn’t require Flash! This particular HTML5 version of my feed is truly of much higher quality than its Flash counterpart (and you can do a side-by-side comparison of the two in Safari on the Mac at the moment).

If you want to watch the stream in high quality on the iPhone or iPod Touch, head over to check out the new Pocket Pirillo application. You cannot watch it in high quality on Ustream, as I already explained above. Pocket Pirillo will allow you to keep up with the zany – or boring – moments in my life as they unfold in my home office.

You can also add Pocket Pirillo to your home screen if you wish. Thanks to Jared Pasanar for explaining it all to the community!

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