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HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway

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I have been selected as one of the people to give away an HP Dragon notebook this month on May 29th!! My requirements to win will be simple: You must be present in my chat room at the time of the giveaway. You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel. And… you must comment on my blog. The winner will be chosen from a random blog post, so the more you comment… the better your chances of winning! Remember, only GOOD comments count. Any insipid or useless comments will be deleted by my assistant Kat, and will not count towards winning. A good comment is one that contributes and even adds more to any discussion within a post. Show me with your comment that you took the time to really read my post, and want to discuss it. Don’t just say “HI THERE EVERYONE!”, or “I want to win!”.

So, anyway.. let’s talk about this amazing machine sitting on my desk! The Dragon comes with an Intel Core2 Extreme Processor X9000, and 4GB of Ram. This baby is more of a portable PC than it is a notebook. It has a 20.1″ High Def monitor, and a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS video card. Wow, eh? Wouldn’t you like to be the proud owner of this notebook?

HP is giving away 31 of these, can you believe it? The 31 machines are distributed amongst 31 technology blogs – some you probably read already and some you might not have heard of. Each blog will draw a winner on each day starting from May 9 to June 8. How each blog will pick a winner is unique but they will only accept entries starting from 7 days before the draw. Going to each blog to submit an entry is allowed and encouraged.

So to recap, get those comments rolling in, and you can be the winner of my Dragon giveaway!


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Is the HP Blackbird 002 any Good?

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A caller to the 888-PIRILLO line asked me what my opinion is on the new HP Blackbird 002. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use this product, so I don’t have an opinion. If you’re talking about a gaming rig, then you definitely NEED a pc… not a Mac. Why would you even ask about a Mac? Seriously… if you’re going for a hard-core gaming rig, a Mac is not for you. You want a Windows machine that will overclock and tweak and handle those games you love so much.

Everything about this machine is perfect for a gamer. The cooling and airflow components are outstanding, and the design is cool. It’s very obvious that the HP engineers took their time in building this rig. Heat is the enemy of performance PCs, and the three biggest heat generators are the CPU, the GPUs, and the power supply. The Blackbird isolates each of them in its own thermal chamber, ensuring that cooling air isn’t contaminated with heat from one component on its way to cool off another. Regardless of performance BIOS modification you may make, the Blackbird can handle the heat.

It really is funny that this person called in when they did. I know I’ve gotten a lot of flak from Windows lovers, who are trying to claim I am now a “Mac FanBoy” who despises Windows. That’s just not true. I am using Windows every single day. I still recommend Windows. I still help troubleshoot Windows. And if a gamer asks me what computer should they buy… I don’t have to think twice. It HAS to be a Windows machine. When it comes to anything else they may want or need to do on a machine… I’ll tell them that the Operating System they choose is solely based on their needs and preferences.


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HP Responds to a Computer Hardware Problem

So, “CamBlack” from my chat room tells me about this problem he’s been having with an HP laptop. I immediately pass his message along to my friends at HP (who were quite instrumental in getting HP to sponsor Gnomedex this year). The story has a happy ending:

My mom got this HP ZD7010us Laptop. It turns out, that the first mistake was during the ordering process. A BRAND NEW laptop was ordered and paid for but somewhere, someone at HP typed in ONE wrong number and she ended up getting a refurbished computer. She didn’t really know it at first but then the problems started. First, about a month after she got it, the screen started to flicker on and off. You had to get it in just the right spot to make it stop. Then, the next problem, a few weeks later, It would just turn off whenever it felt like it. My grandparents came up to where we live (Michigan) from Florida and my grandmother made the first call to HP, Who then told her to, yep, you guessed it, reformat. Of course that did no good.

Well, then the next problem, the CD/DVD Drive would not read or write. Then, she called HP again to get the same ‘solution.’ Reformat. Did not good. Then, the laptop started to overheat and die. Hp was called again. Mom was on the phone for 5 hours with them and then they FINALY said that they would come and get it and take it in for repair. The laptop was gone for a LONG time. It was gone such a long time that when it was returned, the warrantee was expired and absolutely nothing on the laptop was fixed. Even though when it came back, it came with a paper that showed everything that was ‘fixed.’ But the problems were even worse then before it went in, in the first place. So she gave up on it, because the laptop was still useable. But NOW, the darn thing wont even boot, it does the windows loading screen and then it does then it flashes the BSOD and dies.

Mom has a serious disability, many herniated disks in her back which means she cant work, and neither Social Security or workers comp will pay her anything. So thus, she cant afford to get it fixed. So I decided to email you about the whole thing to see if you could come up with something. Then, the next day, I get an email from Jeff Utigard from HP requesting my contact information. Thus, I responded and he replied back saying that it would be taken care of. Then, maybe 30 minutes later, Jeff Utigard calls and gets all of the information about the laptop, and then he tells us that someone will be calling very shortly. He then called someone else, who called us.

The woman who called has us tell her all of the info again, and then she said that we WOULD be getting a new laptop sent to us. She told mom that it would take about 2 weeks to build a computer with a 17 inch monitor, which we have currently on the computer that doesn’t work. So the woman on the phone said that there are a lot of problems with the 17inch monitors because they bend easier and could cause it to break. So she suggested a 15.1″ screen. I mean this computer is WAY better then the one we have.

The model is a HP dv6565 us. It is loaded with features, and she included a TON of extra features with it. Example: An HP Courier carrying case, an extra lithium ion battery, Microsoft Office 2007, and HPs best warrantee, a 3 year warrantee including accidental damage (a $400 warrantee.) Everything totaled up to be just shy of $2000 which is about $400 more valuable then the current laptop. The new laptop will be shipped on Monday. And it was all thanks to you Chris. I can not thank you enough. If there is anything that I can ever do for you PLEASE let me know! The link for the new laptop if you would like to look at it is here.

I’m glad I’m able to play ombudsman for people who otherwise feel lost in the shuffle. The only thing you can do for me, CamBlack, is stay active with our community and pay it forward. HP is certainly to be applauded for this resolution!

HP Designer Meets the Blogosphere

I just received this note from my buddy, Chris Aarons. He Gnomedex’ed last year on AMD’s behalf – and this time, he’s found a way to bring one of HP’s lead designers to the Thursday night mixer:

Stacy Wolff, one of HP’s lead designers, is coming to Gnomedex. This ought to give you an idea of how important Gnomedex is to HP and how serious they are about engaging and getting feedback from the community.

Unfortunately, we were only able to get him for the Party of Thursday as his schedule was booked solid. I think you and the other attendees will like talking to him as he is a very straight forward, no BS guy and is very opinionated about design. If you or anyone you know would like to interview him, the party is really the only chance for a while. He will be there all night discussing his team’s design philosophy and answering questions.

Also, you should remember will be launching the HP Design Portal at Gnomedex (URL coming soon). This is a direct result of the TX-1000 reviews we did with you and other bloggers. HP was very impressed with the insightful and thought–provoking comments the community shared on this product . As such, we have created an influencer only portal to foster conversations between HP and the community. It was designed by several bloggers for us to give the community a forum to talk about future generations of HP notebooks as well as share any ideas, designs, thoughts or rants they wish.

Blogosphere FTW!!!

HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC

It’s not very often that hardware manufacturers send us hardware to review (largely because we don’t ask for it). Since AMD is a reigning sponsor for our programming, they connected us with someone over at HP to lend us a tx1000 – which we’ll have to send back in a few weeks. Still, this was our first true “Tablet PC” – even after using UMPCs at our wedding.

Well, instead of giving ‘er a typical geeky review – I let Ponzi play with it for a bit. She’s anything but a geek, but she loves to bring technology into the home (specifically, her kitchen). So, here’s the phone call between a product developer, public relations coordinator, Ponzi, and myself. I have a few complaints about the product, but some issues are largely held against every PC OEM. Oh, and here’s what we were laughing about towards the end of the discussion:

When Perspective Correction Stands Uncorrected

Printer Statistics

According to the test sheet that just came from my HP LaserJet 1220, my page counts are as follows:

  • Total Pages Printed = 9477
  • Pages Jammed in Printer = 4
  • Pages Mispicked in Printer = 8
  • Total Pages Scanned = 1559
  • Pages Jammed in Scanner = 1
  • Pages Scanned to Copy = 361
  • Pages Printed From Copy = 375
  • Pages Scanned to Host = 1183