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Do You Have Network Media Storage?

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There’s something to be said for having network attached storage. If you haven’t invested in any hardware yet, you might consider HP’s new offering. It’s a bit more than the average NAS device. Not only was HP at Macworld showing off their Media Smart Server, they also received a trophy for “Best in Show”!!

Maximize the power and potential of your home network with the HP EX475 MediaSmart Server, which enables you to conveniently centralize your files and access them from multiple PCs in your home. Based on AMD Live processing power, the MediaSmart Server enables you to back up your home’s PCs as well as share and enjoy digital music, home videos and photos from any computer or entertainment system on a home network. The server also has the expandability to grow with your family’s changing needs.

This is so far beyond a regular old NAS drive. The HP Media Smart Server runs what is called Windows Home Server operating system. HP introduced the first generation about fifteen months ago, and feedback was amazing! Install the client software on your PC. Once it’s installed on the PC, you can connect to your Mac as well.

You’ll get a preferences pane that opens up, and all of your computers will connect to it. Time Machine on the Mac will even back up to the Media Server. Simply specify how much space on the HP you want to use, and schedule your backup. It couldn’t be simpler to keep copies of all of your files for safe-keeping. The fact that you can use the HP Media Smart Server to do backups across all of your network is something that the folks at HP are very excited about.

They Media Server is expandable up to 9TB of storage!! That’s a lot of file storage, folks. Think about it… an average home user will likely never have that much stuff to back up. Imagine putting every file from every computer on your home network all in one place. If there’s ever a home emergency… grab that ONE machine and go! That type of peace of mind is well worth the cost.

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HP Mini 1000 Unboxing and Review

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A Netbook is like a subset of a Notebook. They’re ultra-portable, relatively affordable, and they have decent processing power. A Notebook has more than enough power, but do you really need one? The HP Mini 1000 is good for doing word processing and any other tasks you may need to do on the road. It has 1GB DDR2 RAM, a 60GB Hard Drive, and a 3 Cell Lithium battery. It has a webcam and microphone built in, so that you can easily make use of VoIP clients when you need to.

Ponzi has a slightly different HP Mini, designed by the very uber awesome Vivienne Tam. Hers is red, with Peonies all over it. It’s cool looking, I suppose. I just prefer black. Mine has swirls all over the case, but they aren’t like overwhelming. They just add a touch of pizazz to it.

So anyway, back on track! The screen resolution is netbook-sized… 1024×600. The keyboard is great, with regular-sized keys. I’m quite happy with that. The HP Mini certainly does make a viable contender. HP is trying to think more along lifestyle lines when it comes to their hardware designs.

Some of the notes I’ve made just in the few hours I spent with it include that they’ve made a few engineering mistakes. The keys in the lower-left corner of the keyboard are out of order. A lot of desktop keyboards may not have the Function key.. and having it where it is on this machine will cause you to mis-type often. When you move between computers, you want it to be seamless, and the keyboard is a large part of that. We don’t have time to adapt to different keyboards all the time!

Another thing that I picked up on is on the trackpad in the middle – they put the buttons on either side (mouse buttons). It’s a little weird to use it in that way. Who knows… once I get used to it, I may like it. For now though, it is just odd.

Another thing to note… I don’t think HP is being very competitive on price. I bought the MSI Wind, and this one was sent to me as a review unit. The Wind has a few more features, yet the price is lower. Heck, the MSI Wind even has a 6 cell battery, so it lasts much longer than this HP Mini will.

HP is leading the charge when it comes to design. I know Ponzi’s review is likely going to be much different than mine. She’s been complaining for a long time about all computers looking the same. At least now, she doesn’t have that to worry about. Her Mini sure stands out from the crowd.

Email me if you know of another netbook that I should review and compare against both this HP Mini, and the MSI Wind.

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Would You Like a Computer Contest has Ended

Hey everyone! Our HP Magic contest is officially over! We will be going through all of the posts and comments tonight, and will announce our winner tomorrow. Please keep in mind that any comments made from here on out will not count towards helping someone to win.

Thank you all for participating… and good luck! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of submissions we received (and underestimated the time it would take to edit / prepare those that were 99% perfect to begin with).

This is Kat, posting an update for Chris. He’s been sick with food poisoning since early last night. Ponzi reports that he’s completely knocked out, but I wanted to express my thanks to those of you who played by the rules and remained patient with us. I also wanted to thank both Ryan Courtade and Jamie Inscore, who helped us get things done – and kept things running smoothly for the duration).

We’re finding it difficult to discover the winner, as we’re starting to peel back layers of duplicate IP addresses, use of proxies to comment, as well as checking for comment validity (remember, insipid comments would be rejected or would NOT count towards the total number). Thanks again for your patience.

Do You Believe in Magic?

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You know how much I love to give things away. I’ll be doing it again here very soon. Instead of giving away something small, we’re giving away a bundle of hardware and software worth over $6000. We are participating in the HP Magic Giveaway! Our contest is now open!.

This holiday season, HP and Microsoft are asking you to consider giving the magic of HP and Windows. This program is being offered through 50 of the top blogs on the Internet today. Each contest will be designed and implemented by the individual sites. The one thing that remains the same is the amazing prize package being awarded to each of the fifty winners! All winners are encouraged to “pay it forward” by giving the gift of magic themselves. Why keep all of these great items under one roof? I’m sure you all know someone who could really use a notebook, or even the TouchSmart. Why not give them a helping hand if you win?

The prize package includes:

Yes, ONE winner from each site will win this amazing package. I have to thank the people at HP and Microsoft for putting together such an amazing contest. Here are the rules for our contest:

  1. Be registered on Geeks.
  2. Submit a how-to, what-is, or top-five article on ANY subject.
  3. The article must be at least 500 words long, with proper punctuation, grammar, usage, spelling. Remember your PUGS.
  4. Articles will not be accepted if they require editing, so have someone you trust proofread for you!
  5. Entries will be posted on my blog.
  6. Whichever post gets the most comments by December 10th at 10pm CST is the winner.
  7. Insipid, short, pointless comments will be deleted.
  8. Get people to comment on your article, but spamming will not be tolerated.
  9. Your article will be cross-linked with your Geeks account.
  10. Email the article to me: [email protected]

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And the Winner of an HP TouchSmart is…

HP was an amazing sponsor this year for Gnomedex. Anne Finney and her team did a fantastic job. On day 2, they announced a giveaway of one TouchSmart PC to a lucky attendee. In order to enter, people had to write a Limerick that dealt with Gnomedex in some way, and record it. We then uploaded the videos and Limericks to my blog, and opened a poll for two weeks.

The results have been tallied, and the winner was chosen by simple majority vote. That winner is our very own Kat!!

The WordPress poll plugin that we used kept track of votes by cookie and IP address both. A full disclosure of the results will be available upon sending me an email request.

Congratulations to Kat, and thanks to everyone who entered for such a fun contest!


Gnomedex: Why do Geeks Gather Here?

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On the opening night of Gnomedex, I took a few moments to highlight the new theme of the convention and explain exactly what Human Circuitry really means. We had an amazing time this year, and are thinking of spreading out into four events next year, all over the country!

Human Circuitry is going to be our general theme from here on out. It’s not just about Technology, nor about a relation to technology. It’s about the relation between humans and technology and how it all kind of comes together. Forget the “social media” stuff, what’s it mean anyway? Human Circuitry is simply Technology and Humanity coming together and working together.

It’s too bad if you weren’t with us at the conference. HP was an amazing sponsor, and provided many excellent prizes to attendees! We already gave away an HP Notebook, and an HP Mini. Right now, the voting is in place for one lucky attendee to win an HP TouchSmart. So get out there and cast your vote!

Obviously, you’re human, and you’re using Technology. Hopefully next year, you can join us at Gnomedex and find out what the connection between the two is all about.


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It's a Free Computer!

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Thanks to HP and BuzzCorps, Ponzi and I gave away a $5000 Dragon notebook last night! We had a lot of fun, and I’m sure our winner Ralajer is one happy camper in sunny California!

Unfortunately, the video of the drawing itself didn’t turn out so well. I was called away to go home to Iowa. My parents were in a bad car accident last week. They’re doing ok now, though. I don’t have a very strong Internet connection, so the video didn’t work too well. This is the reason we’re telling you about it after the fact in this video!

The requirements for my giveaway were simple:

  • You must be present in the chat room at the time of the giveaway.
  • You need to be subscribed to my YouTube channel.
  • You had to have left a a good comment to a post in my blog between May 22 and May 29.

Earlier, Kat chose a random blog post. My wife Ponzi then scrolled randomly through more than 175 comments on that post to choose a winner. And a winner we found! Big congratulations go out to Ralajer!!!!

Ralajer posted his comment on the post What do you do with your old Computers?. The comment is as follows:

I usually gift them to my siblings and with 6 of them with 11 nieces and nephews so there will always be an outlet for my old hardware not that I go through that many computers. But being the only computer knowledgeable person in the family I am also the adjunct tech support. I try to get them to learn about computers by telling to Google their problems and try to fix it which has worked for some of the more basic problems.

I’ve been playing around with turning the last one into a file server but I really don’t need it at present so I’ve not put much time into doing that. I’ve only recycled one computer after it physically broke it was a pain finding a center so I just waited until a eTrash day in front of Best Buy.

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Do you Really Want to Win this PC?

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I’m going to be giving away the HP Dragon Notebook very soon… May 29th to be exact. This notebook is something you definitely want to have. Make sure you follow the rules for this giveaway, or you’ll be crying when you aren’t eligible!

Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube account, come hang out in our chat room (you must be present to win, and I’m not announcing the time ahead of time!), and leave as many GOOD comments on my blog as you can between now and the drawing. Any insipid or inappropriate comments will be deleted daily, and you won’t be eligible to win. A good comment shows you have read the post, and are contributing to the discussion.

That’s all there is to it. What are you waiting for? Get to commenting!


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HP's Color LaserJet CM1312

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You guys know about my two dogs, Wicket and Pixie. I took some pictures of them recently, and printed one in about a minute flat on the new printer sitting in my office. The quality was as good as the quality of the photo itself. The big deal would be that it was printed on a color jet printer. To be exact, I used the new Color LaserJet CM1312 from HP. I’m really excited about this machine, actually. HP sent this to me to review, and I don’t think I want to send it back.

I’ve been using HP Laser Jet printers for years, going way back to the days before USB. Over the years, features and functions have grown. I’ve always been sold on the concept of an all-in-one device. Thus, I jumped at the opportunity to review this machine… and it’s been a great experience. This is the first color laser jet printer that I’ve had in my home office. To tell you the truth, I can see it no other way at this point.

This thing is as Uber as these types of peripherals get. It can fax, it can scan, copy and print. It doesn’t just print in black.. it prints in perfect color. I can’t get over how fast it printed these pictures. It’s just insane. I printed high-quality photos in LESS THAN A MINUTE!! Featuring newly formulated HP ColorSphere toner, the HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP produces print-shop quality documents with a wider range of colors, higher gloss and improved photo resolutions to help micro and small businesses who need to take their business documents to the next level.


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HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway Information

We have received many questions regarding the giveaway. Three of them have been repeated over and over, so we thought we’d answer them in a post.

1. The contest is open to anyone in the world, whether in the US or not!!

2. Buzzcorps will be sending each winner a monetary donation to offset any taxes the winner may have to pay to their country or locality, due to the amount the prize is worth.

3. Shipping will be paid for by Buzzcorps, not the winners!

I hope that helps clear those issues up!