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The Death of Two Devices

Today saw the death of two devices that we were actually looking forward to getting our hands on. Neither of these gadgets ever saw the light of day outside of their respective manufacturer’s offices. Both of them were going to be truly innovative in their own ways. Neither of them will get the chance to prove themselves in an ever-changing market. Both the HP Windows 7 Tablet device and the Microsoft Courier project are now dead in the water.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft never confirmed a single Courier rumor until the day it was put to rest. This is actually depressing news. The combination of both touch- and pen-based computing was compelling, and we waited with bated breath for news of its impending arrival. That arrival has been indefinitely delayed, and the wind has gone out of our sails.

The HP device announcement is a bit different. They are killing the idea of a tablet running Windows 7. But… they haven’t said much yet on the speculations surrounding what the company will do with their newly-acquired webOS. According to Nick Eaton, “iPad’s user interface is simple. It’s not a keyboard-less laptop with a touch screen, it’s its own type of device.” In order to begin to compete with it, HP and other companies are going to need to keep that in mind. Think about it. What if an HP tablet came out running a new version of webOS? Imagine the possibilities…

My mind boggles as I struggle to come up with the possibilities of what we may soon see. These companies know that they have to come up with something truly new, different and genius in order to begin to compete with what Apple has done. I know that the technology and the brains to put it to use are out there. I can’t wait to see what they come up with, can you?

Blizzard Cashes in on Virtual Game Spending

I think I am in the wrong line of business. I knew already that Facebook’s Farmville was a huge hit. Every time I log into the site, I see people harvesting their crops and begging me to fertilize them. I’ve also seen people cooking up delicious things in their restaurants on Cafe World. I’ve heard (and read) that you can use real money to advance yourself in these games. I had no idea, though, just how huge of a market this is until now.

The people behind World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment, struck gold this week – literally. In the past, they have occasionally offered limited-edition virtual pets for sale in their online store. Pay Blizz some real money, and you can have yourself a seriously cool pet on the toon of your choosing. This week, the geniuses introduced a new Celestial Steed, which allows you to “travel in style astride wings of pure elemental stardust.” I’ll admit that the steed is pretty cool looking. But I can’t see paying twenty-five real dollars for it if I was already paying fifteen every month just for the privilege of playing the game.

Apparently, one heck of a lot of people disagree with me, though. Blizz is reporting that in the first four hours that the mount was available they made an astonishing two MILLION dollars just off of that pet alone. That is over eight-thousand smackers per minute.

The mount doesn’t give a player any advantages in the game over other subscribers. It simply looks cool. Who knew that you could make a fortune in moments through a virtual game? I need to put my brain to work to come up with one of my own.

Photo courtesy of MMO Champion and Blizzard Entertainment.

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Teen Sues Mom for Hacking his Facebook

A 16-year-old boy from Arkansas has filed suit against his own mother for breaking into his Facebook account and embarrassing him on his profile page. Denise New hacked her way into his account last month to “check on” him. Not only did she read what he’s been up to, she also posted some things about his personal life that her son didn’t appreciate. He brought action against her and even requested a “no contact” order. Ms. New is charged with harassment.

She isn’t taking the charges lightly, and vows to fight them. She believes that parents have the right to know everything their child is doing… even if they have to break in to their profiles to find out. However, the woman didn’t stop with checking up on her son. She posted some humiliating things to his Facebook Wall, including things like “This is what happens when you use my computer to get on Facebook” and “Does anyone have a room for rent? Help a poor mother out and get him out of my house”. Keep in mind that her son is only 16… and is now living with his grandparents.

What do you think? Does a parent’s rights to take care of their child extend to spying on them and humiliating them?

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Should You Keep Your Personal and Business Lives Separate on Twitter?

Rick Calvert is the creator of Blog World Expo, which is one of the largest conferences that people in the Blogosphere flock to each year. Earlier today, he was publicly condemned on Twitter for a couple of comments he made in reference to the iPad. Apparently, a few people took serious issue with the fact that he posts personal opinions under the Blog World Twitter account.

This raises an important question: Should you keep your personal opinion to yourself on your business account? Calvert is quick to point out that his bio on the social networking site clearly states that the account is both his business – and – personal account. However, a few attendees (and perhaps potential advertisers?) weren’t happy with his commentary. They strongly proclaimed that the things Rick said reflected badly on the brand, and should have been kept out of the stream of chatter.

What do you think? Can a person’s opinion make their entire business look bad? Should people get so upset over one man’s commentary and then demand that he register himself a whole new account to talk about what HE thinks?

My personal opinion is that you should take the time to check out what’s new in our software center. Yes – I just mixed business with pleasure!