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House Hunting

Ponzi and I have hit the housing market three times over the past couple of years, but it’s just now starting to favor buyers (“us”) over sellers (“them”). We’ve been working with Stan – who is quickly becoming the blogger’s choice for real estate agents in the Seattle area. Last night, I scribbled a list of personal home search guidelines:

Newer is Better – Classic charm is classy, so long as you don’t mind performing random updates throughout the years. “Home repairâ€Â? is a given for any building, but I think the various problems we’ve experienced in our current rental house has made us a bit gunshy in wanting to buy a structure that’s more than five years old.

I’ve shared nine other house hunt honing points inside the “new” Lockergnome Nexus (expect a separate post on that effort soon, as we’re looking for countless WordPress knowledgeers). Finding a house is… stressful.