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Another "Moving" Day

  1. The “moving” is actually finished now
  2. Unpacking boxes will take longer than expected – need help
  3. Ponzi’s starting to feel better
  4. I’m starting to get a post-nasal drip
  5. Spent too much at Target tonight for incidentals
  6. Have 2,000 emails waiting for me to address
  7. Pixie is snoring at Ponzi’s feet
  8. Wedding tasks kick into high gear tomorrow
  9. Ponzi is not snoring yet
  10. Completely forgot to take a shower today – oops
  11. Vista’s Windows Live Mail’s IMAP spam filter is rancid
  12. New refigerator, washer, and dryer (all LG) coming in the morning
  13. Ponzi didn’t put anything fun in our wedding registry


  1. We signed documents for our house this morning.
  2. Ponzi and I became happy new homeowners this afternoon.
  3. Half of our “old home” is stuffed in boxes right now.
  4. Ponzi and I decided to spend the night in our new house tonight.
  5. Wicket and Pixie are digging their new digs.
  6. Domino’s Pizza guy just hit our doorstep.
  7. We have to drive back to help the movers move things here tomorrow morning.
  8. This pull-out sofabed is quite uncomfortable.
  9. Our gas fireplace really heats up the room quickly.
  10. I’ll upload a high-def video home tour for you as soon as I can.