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Do You Want to Read Tweets From the Womb?

I honestly thought that after all these years I had seen it all. I truly thought nothing more could completely shock me to the point where I stared at the computer screen with my mouth hanging open. We’ve seen so many silly things come across the tubes that we tend to be able to filter out and not even see the new inane things that pop up. However, reading about this particular new little invention was sort of like a train wreck: you know you have to keep going, but you cannot help but stop and stare.

The Kickbee is a belt-like device that a pregnant woman wears around her stomach. Every time the little bundle of joy kicks mommy square in the ribs or bladder, a tweet or text message will be sent out letting the expectant Daddy know. The trouble is… everyone following the momma-to-be will know, as well. Is this really something a Dad wants to see? I asked a few friends who either are expecting children or have small tots running around. Not a single one of them showed any interest at all in this gadget.

To be honest, I find it kind of creepy. What do you think?

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Let's Expand the Patriot Act!

I can’t believe what I’m hearing on CNN right now: pundits are suggesting that we extend the Patriot Act. “We need an MI5” is what they’re saying… even though such a structure would trample directly on America’s first amendment rights. Unbelievable. They’re playing on our fears to take away our freedoms. Does that sound right to you? Don’t get me wrong: I’m very thankful that officials in the UK were able to stop terrorists a few hours ago. But it’s not just your life that’s at risk now – it’s your civil liberties. Yes, I agree – we should be on high alert, but not for the reasons they’re spoon-feeding to us. Media propoganda is in full swing; scare tactics only serve to manipulate you and public opinion.