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What Can You See in Hawaii?

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I just returned from Hawaii, courtesy of @alohabruce and his team at Hawaii-Aloha. Despite visiting the state to speak at a Social Media conference, they coaxed me out onto the water for an afternoon of frivolity. I learned there are many interesting things to see there in Oahu.

Believe it or not, I managed to not have a problem with motion sickness. Being The Great Indoorsman, it was very tough for me to have to be outside… in a boat… racing at break-neck speed across the water… and having that giant yellow thing in the sky beating down on my face. I swear I’m not going out of my house again for at least a month. I’ll need that much time to recuperate.

Imei thought it would be great fun to make the boat rock back and forth. HELLO! I don’t think this thing was designed for that kind of nonsense. It seems to me as though it should ride smoothly through the water at a sedate pace – much like a luxury car going down a new stretch of highway. Imei apparently doesn’t agree.

Bruce pointed out something the locals call a “Sea Booger.” I thought it was rather interesting looking, but got yelled at when I wanted to touch it. Danger Will Robinson! I’m still not sure why the hell I couldn’t play with it.

A moment later, we were enjoying the gorgeous scenery and seeing some pretty amazing rocks. All of a sudden, one of them started moving! What the hell! This thing was gargantuan, with legs as long as an Anaconda. The pinchy things on the ends of its legs look like something straight out of the movie Predator – or was that Alien?

Once that thing was gone from view, I was amused momentarily by a nice fat Sea Turtle. He was cute, in a slow kind of way. He didn’t worry me overly much… at least, not as much as Hawaii’s very own Sarlacc pit. It didn’t have tentacles and it kept erupting with water. That seemed mostly harmless.

I’m happy to report that there was no sign of Boba Fett there in Hawaii.

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Add Video Into Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Roxanne Darling lives up to her name. She’s a darling woman – one who knows her business well. She spoke with Believe and Succeed after the Next Level Hawaii event last weekend. She is one of the top women in social media, and you can learn an awful lot just by talking to her.

Video is the fastest growing communication medium online. When you watch a video, you get a 3D experience with the music, the message, the visuals, the emotion, and the body language. You don’t get that with text-only communications. Plain-text isn’t bad, but it is limited. Video is alive and dynamic.

With our connection speeds getting larger and faster, online video will grow quickly. Those of you who are already in the video business will have the advantage whether you’re live streaming or recording conversations to share with the world. You can even create episodic tv shows or screencasts.

Sharing your message through video can change how a person is thinking and feeling. It’s extremely powerful. You need to get over your fear of cameras. Don’t think you’re going to be perfect. You just need to be you, and be real.

According to Roxanne, you need to remember the words to a song: “Come join with me.” She invites you to join her in the social media space. Be your own marketer. Get yourself out there. Use the immediate and real-time tools to connect.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

Why Should You Turn Your Site into a Facebook Page?

Jesse describes himself as a Brick Builder, CEO, Blogger, Father, Entrepreneur, and Published Author. The interviewer thinks of him as a coder and developer. He spoke at the Next Level Hawaii event last weekend about the many changes going on at Facebook.

Facebook just released a whole set of HTML tags that will make your website become a part of the Facebook network. More than 500,000,000 people are active on the popular site at least once per day. There are an insane number of people and brands coming together, so you really need to turn your site into a Facebook page. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice and miss out on huge opportunities to talk about your brand.

If you head over to the developers area of Facebook, you can easily add your web site into the mix. Facebook will open up more and more over time. People express concerns about the entire Internet being Facebook-driven. Jesse doesn’t see that as their intent. He says that the Facebook team is working hard to make the web more open and more social.

With the advent of the OpenGraph protocol, it’s easier than ever before to make connections that can help you do the indexing. They’re using the closed element to make things on the Internet more open, if that makes sense.

What are your thoughts about all of the recent changes at Facebook? Do you agree that these are exciting changes with huge possibilities, or are you afraid the FB team is becoming too big for their own britches?

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

How do You Make WordPress Work for You?

During the Next Level Hawaii event last weekend, the team at Believe and Succeed spent a few moments talking to Aaron Brazell, author of the WordPress Bible.

During the event, Aaron spoke to use about WordPress 3.0 coming out in May. There are a lot of big changes on the horizon. It will make WP less of a blogging platform and more of a content management system.

There are tons of tools and platforms out there to turn your WordPress installation into a place where you can hold conversations online and share your content across more than 270 networks. Social media is a powerful tool according to Aaron, and you should be spending time checking out what pieces of the tool will work best for you.

Aaron is working on a new version of his book which is due out next year. With all of the changes to WordPress and the social environment in general, there is sure to be a lot of new and interesting content.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

Startups in Social Media

I always love spending time on the islands. I was there last weekend to present at the Next Level Hawaii conference. Kelly Mitchell and her team did a fantastic job of putting this event together.

The team at Believe and Succeed grabbed Andrew Hyde to give his thoughts on Next Level Hawaii, social media, and starting a business. Andrew is the founder of Startup Weekend, Endoze Design and VC Wear.

Andrew hopped on a plane to Hawaii with only six hours’ notice in order to speak to everyone about his views on social media. He started a conversation about startups and the social space, and how they interact.

Andrew says that your goal is to be the best, but that you need to listen to find out how others are doing things. Find your niche and own it. He feels that everyone in any type of business should know where the conversattions are happening online, and insinuate themselves into the mix.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

Why Do You Need Social Media?

I had a great time in Hawaii last week. I was there to be a presenter at the Next Level Hawaii conference. Kelly Mitchell and her team did a fantastic job of putting this event together.

The team at Believe and Succeed stopped me to talk about the power of social media and the Internet in general.

People need to know that they’re missing out if they’re not participating. Sometimes, participation can mean just looking and listening. Most of the participation that happens in social media is passive via lurking and watching what’s happening. Ignoring it, however, is only done at your own peril.

There’s a lot that can be gained by watching, reading and exploring. Social media isn’t as “technical” and difficult as some would make it out to be. These tools being used by Geeks can honestly be used by anyone.

Social media as a suite of tools is dynamic and always changing. Twitter may not be around when I hit 80 years old. We don’t know where these tools will go in the future, but they can still help us on a personal and professional level.

Don’t cut yourself off. I have heard a few people say that they don’t feel they need an Internet connection. That’s frightening to me in this age of information and online tools and consumption.

If your business isn’t making use of these tools, you’re wasting time and money. Don’t miss out. Take advantage of what’s out there to help you to succeed.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.