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Community Challenge: You Create the Stormtrooper Dialogue

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If you’re complaining that there’s no audio… that’s the whole point to this community challenge; YOU are being asked to provide the soundtrack / dialogue.

Yes, it’s your task to download this video, remix it with your own audio, then upload it as a video response to this one.

You don’t have to use the entire video, mind you – just what you might find interesting or fun to play with. And yes, you’re supposed to have fun with this challenge!

If you’re going for that “stormtrooper voice” sound, might I suggest processing your vocal audio through a high-pass filter and/or eliminate all bass, maximizing mid and treble.

You can email your questions to Ask a Stormtrooper. Perhaps they will be featured in an upcoming video segment.

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Aren't You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper?

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So, am I a little short for a stormtrooper? Quite honestly, I didn’t even want to dignify this question with a response. It’s really upsetting to be someone who has grown as much as he ever will be belittled on friendly nice web sites such as YouTube.

Oh, and if you threaten to unsubscribe, I’ll have to blast ya with Imperial precision.

You can email your questions to Ask a Stormtrooper. Perhaps they will be featured in an upcoming video segment.

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How Do Stormtroopers Do Their Duty?

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Have you always wondered how a Stormtrooper goes to the bathroom? We did, too. Many Bothans died to deliver this information to you tonight.

Oh, and for all of you threatening to unsubscribe – I don’t care, nor does anybody else. Take your whining elsewhere. Bye!

You can email your questions to Ask a Stormtrooper. Perhaps they will be featured in an upcoming video segment.

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At What Age Should a Child Stop Trick-or-Treating?

Over on Lockergnome, Steven asked at what age kids should stop going out on Halloween to Trick-or-Treat. The answers are varied, with many feeling that once a kid hits their teens it is time to stop. I’m not so sure I agree with that, though.

Kids these days grow up entirely too fast. They are being pushed into becoming little adults at a much earlier age than ever before. What’s so wrong with letting a teenager dress up and have a good time. Why can’t they just act like a KID? Many adults refuse to hand out candy to anyone they deem to be “too old” to be out on Halloween night. To them I say: Pfffffffft.

What are your thoughts?

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Are You Gearing Up for the Holidays Already?

Holy heck! Is it already that time of year? Is Fall really officially here? How the hell did that happen? I was just browsing through questions on Lockergnome, and noticed a thread talking about Halloween Costumes. It’s ONLY September 23rd! Do we need to worry already? Great. I have no idea how to dress Wicket and Pixie this year. I need some suggestions, y’all.

It shocks me to find Christmas displays in the store earlier every year. I’m telling you… this year we’ll start seeing plastic Santas and gift wrap before Halloween ever gets here. It’s insanity! We as consumers are being pushed to spend, spend spend more and more – while fighting the fact that we don’t have as much to part with.

Do you start planning for the holidays this early, or are you one of those who tend to go a little crazy when you see witch costumes on shelves when we finish the 4th of July?

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How To Dress Your Dog in a Costume

I’ve been known to put costumes on Wicket and Pixie for Halloween. In fact, a few of their outfits have been shown on blogs and websites all over the World. They love to dress up, honestly! They usually behave very well, and show off their gorgeous selves for everyone to see.

Today, I found what is likely going to be one of my new favorite websites, Cutest Doggie Costumes, courtesy of Life Magazine. Flip through the photo stream if you don’t believe me, as it’ll showcase various pooches in all of their costumed glory. I especially love the iPhone dog (for semi-obvious reasons).

What are your favorite pet costumes? Have you come across other fun sites that showcase puppies the way this one does? Send me a link if you have one, and I’ll check it out.

Happy Howloween

Happy Howloween

Wicket and Pixie hate this time of year. They’ve decided to join the Army!

Wicket has dreams of becoming a First Class Poop Trooper. Pixie wants to go on an Afghan Hound peacekeeping mission. Together, they’ll stage the furriest military coup ever seen!

What’s wrong with having a little costume fun every Halloween? The Star Wars stunt has been seen on television shows the world over. They


Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It’s so much fun to see all the kids in their little costumes. Heck, it’s sometimes even fun to see the grownups in their costumes, as well! But most of all, I love to see Wicket and Pixie all dressed up for the day. I’ve even been known to dress up in recent years, myself.

What sort of traditions do you have for Halloween? What are you dressing up as this year – and are you actually going trick-or-treating? Let’s hear about your celebration, and be sure to link pictures for us!

Do you ever even stop to think about the history of Halloween? I knew that it was based in old Celtic traditions, and that October 31st is a very sacred holiday for many in the Pagan world – Samhain. There is much interesting lore to be read if you want to stretch your mind a little.

You can also learn new things every day by keeping an eye on our community! People post about anything and everything – even sometimes, the kitchen sink!

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What Will the Internet Look Like in Ten Years?

I came across an interesting question on Lockergnome earlier this morning: What will the Internet look like in ten years?. The author states:

… the idea of adverse changes, in my mind, is anything that would change the complete freedom that we have to do just about anything. Certainly crime should not be allowed, but anything that is not criminal should be fully allowed.

That’s an interesting thought. Sure, I agree that crime shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. However, how the heck are we ever going to stop it? Thousands upon thousands of people fight hard every day to try and curb the growth of crime online. Sadly, for every criminal they take down, more are waiting in the wings to step up.

The author states at the end of the article:

The internet policy is something almost as important as health care, and no matter where you stand on health care, you can see that much twisting of the truth is coming from all parties. How much like that will the fight over the progress of the internet be?

Chilling to think about, for sure. It’s also likely very true. Everyone wants to control the Internet. How ugly do you think that fight for control will get? What direction do you see the Web going in over the next ten years? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

This wasn’t the only great article I read today. If you have something you want to share that I haven’t already highlighted here, please pass it along. I’m always looking for something interesting, funny or thought-provoking to read.

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