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Does Google have a Command Line Interface?

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It’s hard to believe that many of us started learning computers before there was any kind of GUI, or Graphical User Interface. We existed on the command line. It took the release of Win 95 to get me away from the Command Line.

When we talk about a command line vs GUI, we’re talking about interfacing with a computer with some kind of text prompt. This is where you don’t have anything to click on, you would have to type in text. GUI is basically like a set of icons or pictures. So keeping this in mind, I came across Goosh the other day. Goosh is basically the unofficial Google shell. Imagine if Google existed on a command line only. That is exactly what you get on this website. Goosh is written by Stefan Grothkopp, and it is NOT an official google product!

So you basically have some text, and then a blinking cursor. Basically you’re going to type in the type or search, such as Wiki or News… or just put in your keywords. Bang there you go! It brings up your search results. If you type in Clear, it will clear the screen. You can keep searching all day long. Why would you want to do this? It’s fun! It’s nostalgic! It’s just nice and clean, and simple.

Try this out. It’s a website, not an application or anything you need to download. It’s different and fun. I promise that if you’re a Geek, you’ll be entertained.


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Robert and Robert: Duh!

McLaws says Vista Needs More Time and Scoble says McLaws is right on Windows Vista ship date. Pirillo has been saying this for several months now, and has been labeled a “nitpicking whiner” for his attacks on Windows Vista’s UI and UX. Welcome to the club, boys – I’m happy to no longer be standing out here alone. I’m singing the “I Told You So” song today, which sounds a lot like the Blackeyed Peas hit: “My Humps.” Microsoft Windows is bleeding influencers like never before. And now, further commentary from the memetic echo chamber:

Windows Vista will not be a failure on the scale of Windows ME – but it’s certainly looking to be one of those “Growing Pains” releases that Microsoft must bounce back quickly from. And by quickly, I mean: Microsoft must issue a significant upgrade of the OS within a year’s time. Security is important, but future service packs best be laden with performance increases and feature refinements. I tried telling y’all long before the McLaws admission – VIsta just ain’t comin’ together.

George is getting very upset!

Windows Vista: Lipstick on a Pig

I wish I was making this up – I really do. I also wish that someone at Microsoft would wake up to the fact that the user experience in Windows Vista is 10x worse than it was in Windows XP (if only because they couldn’t get developers to adhere to XP guidelines, and now Vista apps look even more Frankenstined). I wish Microsoft would hire somebody to look at this stuff before it ships – and do something about the problems before the world has to deal with them.

I wish users didn’t have to put up with this level of sloppiness from a multi-billion dollar company. I wish I didn’t have to play the “bad guy” and point out that Classic Mode is still the only way to experience a clean, consistent Windows environment. I wish more people would look past Vista’s translucent veneer to see that it’s nothing more than lipstick on a pig. I wish people would see that I care more about this product than most Windows users do. I wish geeks cared more about UI… so that I wouldn’t feel like such a sore thumb here. Thanks to Brandon for posting this – and thanks to Ryan for pointing out that Windows 3.1 is still alive and well in Windows Vista (screenshot).