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Tech Support Remote Control

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of GoToAssist. All opinions are 100% mine.

Once you have initiated a remote desktop support session, it’s usually a great tool for your business. However, many of the programs available to help you connect take a long time to get in, and are difficult to use. GoToAssist makes it simple, by providing you with a link that your client can click. Once they’ve done that, you’re pretty well already connected and ready to go. They make it seriously easy for you to get your work done, and keep your customer happy.

It really is that simple – and fast – to get started using GoToAssist. It takes only a few seconds for me to log in to my account. As soon as I log in, a link is created for me to give to the person I want to connect to. I can then send that link via an instant message, an email or even over IRC as I did for this video. Once the person clicks the link, they will be prompted to install the software. It walks them through it step-by-step, and takes only a moment or two. As soon as it is installed, GoToAssist connects the two computers together automagically! There’s nothing to configure, and no other hoops to jump through.

Using GoToAssist Express is a matter of common sense, honestly. It allows you to quickly and easily connect to the other person. It works on all platforms, so you aren’t hindered when you’re taking on new clients. Best of all, GoToAssist Express is a very powerful little tool. Use it to install updates to client machines. Diagnose problems using the comprehensive reports that the software will give you. Save yourself a whole lot of time, headaches and money by using a piece of software that will pay for itself in a matter of days.

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Is GTA IV the Best or Worst of the Grand Theft Auto Series?

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Is it just me, or is GTA IV like the most awesome game ever?! I don’t know, I’ve never played GTA to be honest. Grand Theft Auto is just not my thing. I have a top five list though, from someone who was also disappointed with GTA. He waited anxiously for the release of GTA IV, purchased it, and spent the night in Heaven playing it. He now regrets buying it instead of renting it first. Here are his reasons to not buy the game:

  • From the second he started playing, he noticed the weird camera angles. Running and walking is very slow. The camera won’t stay directly behind him, so you have to re-adjust constantly.
  • GTA IV received way too much hype over online play. Firsly, the maps are way too big for the number of people trying to play in a game. It’s hard to find anyone, and there are a limited number of cars in too large of an area.
  • The auto-aim system needs to be revamped. It’s nearly impossible to switch from one enemy to another. There’s almost no free aim. When you aim with any weapon, it automatically aims at the nearest person. This makes things all the more frustrating.
  • There’s one thing that is consistent, the missions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a mission full of explosives or killing a family of Italians. There’s no variety. Each mission is the same. There’s no originality in the missions, like in past games.
  • There is a serious lack of things to do. The city is the largest, but there isn’t much there. Bars and strip clubs get old after awhile. There’s a limited number of buildings you can enter. There’s no shops, restraunts or theaters. I don’t understand why the company would spend so much time building a beautiful game, yet limit us on what we can do.

The reason why I pointed this out was not because I’ve played GTA, but because this is a very well laid-out list. I don’t complain about something unless I really care. When you hear me complain, then you know I care because there is passion behind my complaints. The person who sent this list truly cares. It’s a very well constructed bit of criticism.

I’m curious to hear your opinions on the entire GTA series, and specifically your thoughts on GTA IV as compared to the rest.


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