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Save on Holiday Shopping with Griffin

Yes, it’s nearly that time of year. Heck, I know people who are already finished with their holiday shopping! . I’ve long been a fan of (and supporter for) Griffin Technology. Not only do they have a wide array of products for most of your mobile devices, the products look great and work well. I use a Griffin case and screen protector much of the time on my devices. I have excellent news for those of you who tend to buy gifts late in December. Griffin has graciously extended an excellent coupon offer to everyone in our community!

Use coupon code PIRILLO1510 when ordering from Griffin, and you will save 15% off of your entire order – AND you will receive free standard shipping! This offer runs October 1st, 2010 through December 31st 2010.

Griffin offers a wide array of products, ranging from cases and stands to power solutions and cables. One of the coolest things I have ever seen may be of great interest to you this holiday season: the Woogie. A Woogie is an adorable (and durable) solution when letting your toddler or youngster handle your mobile device.

Woogie is 50% stuffed animal (for your kids) and 50% protective case (for your iPhone or iPod touch), and 100% fun! A protective pocket velcroes shut to hold your iPhone or iPod touch secure, while a touch-through screen protector lets you choose movies, apps, or music for your child. Woogie’s built-in speaker is powered by 2 (included) AAA batteries, or you can plug in headphones (we prefer MyPhones of course). And Woogie’s six arms (or are they legs?) tuck under to prop it up for viewing, or to sit comfortably in your child’s lap.

What an awesome way to let your kids enjoy the content they want to interact with while you have the peace of mind to know your device is safe!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the great Griffin offer before the end of the year.

iPad Cases and Stands Roundup

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Over the course of the past month, I’ve received a handful of iPad accessories to try out. Most of these are stands or cases, and I wanted to try them out. Be sure to email me before you buy any of these products. I will do my best to get a coupon to you. With so many great things to choose from, how will I decide which is best for me?

I’ve been using the Griffin Elan Passport for a while now, but it may just be time for a change. I liked this particular product because it protects the iPad very well and it serves as both a stand and a case. If you wish to grab one of these for yourself or ANY of the Griffin products, be sure to use coupon code pirillo886 to save yourself some money.

Griffin also sent along the new Loop for my iPad. I love this little thing. It’s simple and unobtrusive. I use it in my living room. As you can see in the video, the iPad fits in there snugly in either portrait or landscape mode. I like that the grooves (notches?) in this stand are large enough to accomodate thin cases and covers.

The next stand in this montage is the UpStand from Just-Mobile. I really like this one. In fact, it’s been used on my desk right here in my home office ever since I received it. It looks great with the aluminum finish, and matches the decor around here well. It’s lightweight yet sturdy. It works very well, even with various cases on the iPad.

Another stand of sorts is the WedgePad. It’s sort of like a bean bag for the iPad. You can even strap your device in to keep it more stable. It works pretty well, and it’s definitely something different. It has a more relaxed look and feel for your surroundings.

Something I’m not likely to use on an ongoing basis came in from Hard Candy. The iPad case is actually difficult to get on. It certainly works alright, even if I’m not a huge fan of bright orange. They’ve made all of the appropriate slots in the case to accomodate the areas for charging and such.

The JAVOedge Fiber Axis case is very professional looking. It’s a nice carrying case. If you don’t really like skins this may be the product for you.

Speck sent along the CandyShell case and the See-Thru Satin case. The See-Thru case is both a translucent case AND a stand of sorts. It will work well with a docking station, which is cool. That’s an interesting idea. It feels very well constructed. The CandyShell is a rubberized shell. This product has the same flap in the back, which is cool. It’s shiny!! I love shiny! I’m not as happy about the logo being so large on the back, though.

The case that I have decided will be my new iPad case is the Cyber Acoustics Leather case. This company is local, hailing from Vancouver, Washington! I always like to support local companies whenever I can. It’s easy this time, since this is such a great product. It looks fantastic. There’s a piece of plastic on the inside to keep the device stable. There are rubber grips to hold it in place, and none of the speakers or ports are covered up. The Griffin Elan had that issue, which is why I’m not as happy with that item. This case also makes me feel nice and secure. It just FEELS like it’s secure as heck. You can also double-back one of the flaps and fold it into a well-stitched notch. Viola! You now have a stand, as well.

Each of the cases I’ve shown you are good products in their own rights. However, not all of them meet the needs that I have. We all look for different things, so any one of these could be just what YOU are looking for.

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Is This the Best iPad Case?

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I think I have found a case for my iPad that I am happy with. This is the Elan Passport from our friends at Griffin. The folio flips open to reveal your device, then closes like a book for privacy and protection, and its micro-suede lining protects your iPad from scratches and smudges. There are also pockets on the inside of the cover to hold your ID or other items.

I like this case a LOT. It’s easy to get the iPad in and out, and it fits in there nice and snuggly. It makes for a good stand no matter which way you want to turn it. It even looks nice. Everything I was looking for in a case is right here.

Don’t spend your money on Apple’s official iPad case. It’s not worth it. This Elan Passport from Griffin is a better solution. It’s clean. It’s uncluttered. It’s looks professional. It’s perfect.

Use 15% off Purchase + Free Shipping coupon code CJ1106 to lower the price.

More Griffin Technology Coupons:

Find Coupons for over 1200 Stores

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Which iPad Stand Stands Best?

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When it comes to creating a stand for the iPad, it’s difficult to get it right. You want the stand to hold the device securely in both landscape and portrait mode. You also want to be able to tilt it to meet your unique viewing preferences. My friend Dave Delaney sent along the new A-Frame from the team at Griffin for me to review, and I have to say I’m impressed. I like the look and feel of this stand, and it works perfectly.

Soft silicone will cradle your iPad and accomodate the dock or sync cable. It’s designed specifically to also accomodate many flexible (or hard-shell) cases. You’ll have easy access to the iPad’s dock connector when the device is sitting in the A-Frame.

It’s safe to say that I’m no longer in the market for an iPad stand. Thanks, Griffin, for once again coming up with the product to beat.

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iPad Stand

Jill Yamamoto asks:

I notice that you have a silver stand holding up your iPad in the live stream. May I ask what model that is and where you purchased it? I pre-ordered a 3G iPad and I’d like a stand for home use and a cover/stand for mobile use. For the mobile cover/stand, I’m looking at a Bookstand. Apart from the unfortunate color, it seems to have all the features I’m looking for. For now, I expect I’ll be setting up the iPad mostly at my desk while I learn about it.

It’s a Griffin A-Stand, and they sent it to me to review. My take? It works quite well as a stand, and accommodates the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode. I’ll be demonstrating it in an upcoming video, too (as I just recorded the official assessment tonight).


Moreover, the A-Stand blends well with the aluminum frame of the iPad! It seems like a natural extension of the device – moreso than the craptacular iPad case that Apple “developed.”

There are certainly going to be several stands in the marketplace, but I’m pretty happy with this one. The up-front Griffin logo is a tad unnecessary, but the stand is certainly functional.

Use these Griffin Technology Coupons to save some money on the A-Stand:


Find Coupons for over 1200 Stores

How to Charge Your iPhone

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I would have liked to go to an event, but I had to stay home and charge my iPhone. Thankfully, there’s a new charger on the block, from the people at Griffin – the PowerBlock Reserve. I know you remember them, and the exceptional deals that they’ve given us recently. The response was so great that they’ve extended the offer! If you use coupon code pirillogo you’ll save 25% on your order!

I unboxed the PowerBlock Reserve prior to starting this video, and have already been using it. It’s pretty small, and there are two parts to it. Simply flip down the adapter and plug it into an electrical socket… and it charges the battery for your iPod or iPhone. Presto! You have juice. The idea is that you can take this with you on the go.

My suggestion is to place this next to the door that you use when leaving your house. Then you’ll always remember to grab it and take it with you. This way, your phone won’t be dead in the water if you’re gone all day. We know how important it is to have a working and fully charged battery.

It’s interesting… it doesn’t actually “click” into the iPhone. It has a magnet that snaps it in place, and it works very well. There’s a USB port on the bottom that allows you to attach the iPhone or iPod to it. Actually – you can charge ANY USB device with this!

If you do not yet have an external battery on your iPhone or iPod, what are you waiting for? You’ll save 25% on this excellent little device – and it works perfectly!

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How to Edit Audio and Video with a PowerMate

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I wasn’t using a mouse to scroll up and down on the page a moment ago. I was using a new device that plugs in via USB – and is cross-platform. I can configure the little spinner to do whatever it is I want it to do! It glows, as well. So you KNOW I’m going to love it! It’s the PowerMate by our friends at Griffin. The PowerMate is a volume knob – and so much more!

Use the PowerMate to edit your movies, or even scroll through long documents. Heck, create an audio masterpiece with it! PowerMate has an assignable controller that you can program to do anything you want – in any application – on both OS X and Windows! Customize to fit your needs, and your imagination!

The real power of PowerMate is its programmable driver. You can quickly and easily program it to execute any Key Command, in any application. PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your desk has ever seen. Edit your video masterpiece with your very own Jog/Shuttle wheel. PowerMate is the fastest way to scroll through long text documents, web pages and spreadsheets.

Did I mention that it glows? There’s an awesome blue light glows underneath the PowerMate. When you turn up the volume, the light gets brighter. Mute the sound, and the light turns off. H-E-L-L-O! Massive win right there!

As I mentioned earlier today in the Griffin Elevator Fan video, the folks at Griffin have a special deal just for all of you! Go to their website right now using my special link, and enter the coupon code: pirillogo during checkout. You’ll save a whopping 25% off of anything on the site! That’s one heck of a deal!

I’m also giving away a PowerMate to one of you! Here’s how you win: Log in to your Twitter account, and send out the following tweet:

I’m saving 25% off any Griffin product with the pirillogo coupon through http://go.tagjag.com/griffin Yes I’m a #griffingeek

One of you is going to win this awesome little piece of Technology heaven!

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