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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I think that this is the one day of the year where nearly everyone tries to claim they are at least “part” Irish. What better excuse is there to eat some awesome food, drink a lot of green beer, and have a great time on a weekday? I was watching my local news earlier, and they were showing clips from several different local pubs and restaurants. There sure are a lot of Irish people in Seattle! Who knew?

All I know is that I don’t really enjoy green beer. Something about it just kind of creeps me out. Seeing the Chicago River turned green every year is pretty cool though, I must admit! The parades are fun and lighthearted, and I do love a good Corned Beef sammich! I don’t like to be pinched if I’m not wearing green… but it IS quite fun to pinch someone else!

Did you partake in any fun activities today in honor of St. Patty’s Day? What did you do to celebrate?

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Luck o' the Irish: Happy St Patrick's Day

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Hopefully you were wearing green on St Patrick’s Day, so that no one pinched you. Wicket wanted to make sure I enjoyed the day, so he put green food coloring in my coffee. The Little Leprechaun, Joey, sent us a list of ways to pretend to be Irish. It’s all in fun, folks.

  • Drink Guinness! This is one of the most important rules as Guinness made in Ireland… and is practically the symbol of Ireland.(You can also save money as Guinness is strong so you don’t have to buy as many drinks before you know it’s time to stop!)
  • Say “Tree” not three and “Tirty” not Thirty. No self-respecting Irish person would be caught saying three as everyone says “tree”. E.g. : I’m “Tree” hundred and “Tirty” “Tree” today! (I’m not sure why we do this we just do.)
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s day! Wearing a silly hat and badge during the day and drinking at night in one of the many pubs of Dublin is a good way to start!
  • Visit Ireland Learn which accent you want to try and fake, what town you want to be from and if you’re from the Republic or the North(Republic is best btw). (If you want to be a Dub, that’s what we call people from Dublin, then check if you are a Northie or a Southie, same applies to Belfast.)
  • Learn the lingo! Us Irish use lots of slang, so you better learn some if you hope to survive as a fake Irish person.
  • Read up on Leprechauns! Us Irish like to joke about leprechauns (and you never know… you might find one). From what we “know” (hint hint nudge nudge) Leprechauns are very sneaky, so if you find one you better watch out or you’ll lose him and his precious leprechaun gold!
  • Learn to like Irish food and drink. Irish stew and Boxty are two of the ‘biggies’. Don’t worry we have coffee as well… Irish coffee!(Coffee with whiskey)
  • Learn all about our history! At one time, the English ruled us. There was a Revolution with all the bloody battles (Bloody Sunday), the IRA and the trouble in Belfast. These are important things you should brush up on.
  • Learn generally about us! You do know what the Blarney Stone is, right? According to Irish legend, when you kiss the Blarney Stone, you get the ‘gift of gab’. This means you will speak with great eloquence or flattery. Little things like these are important if you plan to pass yourself off as Irish!
  • Learn a few words of Irish. I know a little myself, but its not very good so ill send you to an expert .

St. Patrick’s story
Patron Saint of Ireland born in the 5th Century in South Wales. Brought Christianity to Ireland.
When he was 16 yrs.old he was kidnapped, taken to Ireland, used as a slave and put to work as a shepherd. His Christian upbringing helped him endure many hardships for the next 6 yrs, when he escaped to France, to a small island off the south coast, known as St. Honorat. He then went to a monastery in Auxerre in central France.

During his time away there, he had a calling to go back to Ireland to spread the gospel. His courage and faith so impressed even the Irish king, “Loganaire”, that he gave him protection.

St. Patrick was said to have used the shamrock to spread the gospel. Being a three-leafed symbol to represent the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost) Christianity was there before he arrived, but was not wide spread until then.
He introduced Latin as the church language in Ireland and in so doing, helped build an interest of the Classics. He also wrote, in Latin, 2 short works giving an account of his life, e.g. the “Confessio” an autobiography of his Christian life, and the “Epistola” an account of the treatment of the Irish Christian peoples by the British.

There is also another interesting story of St.Patrick. He was supposed to have taken all the snakes in Ireland and put them in a box and threw them into the sea. This being the reason there are no snakes in Ireland, and when the sea rages, it is because the snakes are rumbling about in their box and trying to get out.

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on the 17th.March each year on the anniversary of his death.
Most American cities have their own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations but it is a day of unity and joy the world over.


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