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Call for Free Using Gmail Through 2011

Google has caught some of the holiday spirit floating around the world right now, or so it seems. When Google launched Gmail Calling back in August, they offered it up for free for the remainder of 2010. Today, the team announced that “In the spirit of holiday giving and to help people keep in touch in the new year, we’re extending free calling for all of 2011.” This is fantastic news for many loyal fans, and will likely attract brand-new ones, as well.

Dialing a phone number in Gmail works just like a regular phone does. Look for the “Call Phone” icon at the top of your Gmail chat list and dial the number – or enter a contact’s name. It’s that simple – and it’s going to be free for another entire year.

Are you a fan of Gmail Calling?

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Steve Wozniak Loves his Google Phone

Apparently, the Woz has jumped ship! He may still have his iPhone, but he told a news show today that he loves his new Google Nexus One! The Apple co-founder calls it his favorite gadget. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Are you shocked that he would say such a thing… in public?

It doesn’t shock me in the least that Woz would say such a thing. He has openly criticized Apple in the past when he didn’t agree with something they were doing. He griped that the first-gen iPhone should have included 3G support when it shipped. He also claims that the phone should be more open to developers. While he didn’t call the Google phone by name during the recent interview, it’s easy to figure out that’s what he meant. Woz stated: “Well, it’s the latest one. It’s a non-Apple product, but it’s a gadget that just came out yesterday.”. At that time, the Google Nexus One phone was just one day old. I couldn’t find any other important pieces of tech that were released the same day, can you?

This will be a hot topic to read all over the Web in coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this front, especially right on our own network of sites!

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