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Will Google Fiber be Good for Your Broadband Diet?

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The other night, I decided it would be fun to take live questions from the chat room and email. One of the questions was sent in by Eddie, who happens to be a co-developer of the WicketPixie WordPress theme. He wondered whether Google Fiber will whip the cable companies into shape… or if said companies are too stubborn to fall into line.

If I were a part of competing companies, I would definitely be worried right about now. I would most certainly be using Google Fiber here in my house if I had the opportunity. I like Google. I may not like everything they do. I think they need to hire a designer, for instance.

As far as Google Fiber is concerned, I think phone companies have more to worry about than what cable companies do. Google is a name that people trust. People feel that they already are using their other services so why not switch to their broadband?

I do believe that this will drive down prices from competitors such as Comcast. I’ve been very happy with my Comcast connection for the most part. I had big issues when upgrading my business class line. I received a bad Netgear router which turned out to be from an entire bad line. Once we got past those hiccups, things were smooth sailing with Comcast. However, I do pay a lot of money for the connection. I’m online 24/7, and I need my connection to work.

If I had a fiber connection, I would switch the live video feed from DSL to that. I can only push so much down that DSL pipe before it bursts!

Any competition is good. But I would be concerned – and making changes – if I was in the industry where Google is dipping their proverbial toes into the mix.

Google Fiber – information at the speed of light. Would YOU use Google Fiber if it was available in your area?

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Playing Tetris Eases Stress

It’s no secret that I am a Tetris fanatic. That is pretty much the only game I play and truly enjoy. Forget the fact that the game is addictive. Researchers at Oxford University have suggested that playing Tetris can assist in the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

According to the research, playing Tetris after a shocking event can help reduce the number of horrific flashbacks that a person may have. According to Dr. Emily Holmes, memories become permanent six hours after trauma. She feels that playing Tetris will interfere with the process of memories being kept by people’s brains. She further speculates that in the future, Tetris could be used to help people who are suffering after accidents or during wars.

I am grateful that I have never suffered a severely traumatic experience. However, I still maintain that playing Tetris is good for keeping my stress levels down.

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