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The Beginning of Human Circuitry

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The latest Gnomedex wrapped up last Saturday, and the feedback we have seen thus far has been amazingly positive. The general consensus seems to be that people came away energized, impassioned, and empowered. The wide variety of excellent speakers brought laughter, tears, knowledge and food for thought to the table.

For those of you who couldn’t join us (either in person or live over the stream), this Animoto video will give you a taste of what you missed. For those of you who were there, this will hopefully bring back some excellent memories. Thanks to kk+, Derek Miller, and Tris Hussey for the photos used in this video photo montage.

If you’d like a super high quality version of this compilation, you can download the MP4. We have worked hard over the past several days to find feedback from all of you. Here, in no particular order, is the list we have to this point. If we inadvertently missed your blog post, please let us know!

  1. Kat Armstrong
  2. Drew Olanoff
  3. Andrew Hyde
  4. Beth Kanter
  5. Beth Kanter (2)
  6. Brian Solis
  7. Aaron Brazell
  8. Ben Curtis
  9. Carleen Hawn
  10. Kevin Merritt
  11. Dave Delaney
  12. Dave Delaney
  13. Randy Stewart
  14. Betsy Aoki
  15. Blue Sky Factory
  16. Alberto Lopez
  17. Bradley Bradwell
  18. Jeremy Toeman
  19. Maura Desimone
  20. Jacob Stewart
  21. Cassie Wallender
  22. Chad Norman
  23. Nick Podnosh
  24. Brian Rowe
  25. Lipsticks and Laptops
  26. Gary Kamen
  27. Steve Spalding
  28. Jay Cross
  29. Alex Williams (Iterasi)
  30. Micah Baldwin
  31. Daniel Terdiman (CNET)
  32. Joseph Thornley
  33. Network Solutions
  34. Mark Bao
  35. Bruce Henry
  36. Rick Turoczy
  37. Charlene Li
  38. Chris Brogan
  39. David Risley
  40. Duncan Riley
  41. Kris Krug
  42. Kris Krug
  43. Duncan Riley (Inquisitir)
  44. David Brazeal
  45. Bruce Henry (Liquid Planner)
  46. Jeremy Toeman (Live Digitally)
  47. Geoff Livingston
  48. Preston Taylor
  49. Matt Hartley
  50. Jason Preston
  51. Marcus Whitney
  52. Mark Carras
  53. Pam Mandel
  54. Derek Miller
  55. Jamie Nelson
  56. RcktBOY
  57. Angel Djambazov
  58. Shashi Bellamkonda
  59. Steve Mays
  60. Liz Strauss
  61. Jason Harris
  62. Blue Sky Factory
  63. Lamarr Wilson
  64. Eve Maler
  65. Shiny New Toy

Thank you to all of you for being there, and sharing in what we feel is the best Gnomedex yet. We appreciate your support… not only with your presence, but also in your writing.

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