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Getting Things Done in Windows: Enso!

AntLogiK (from the chat room at live.pirillo.com) found something that appears to be a bit like Quicksilver – only this one is for Windows. It’s not quite a GTD app, but it’ll help you get things done:

I’ve found a wonderful program for the Windows user that will make every single thing you do in Windows so much easier and way, way faster. So i thought i wanted to share it with you, so that you could give it a try and make a lot other Windows users have a better experience. It works for XP, Vista and 2k. It’s a little program called Enso. It’s developed by Humanized. It’s been around for a while, but it just recently became freeware.

There are two released programs under Enso. “Launcher” and “Words”. Basicly it’s an overlay program that you can access from anywhere within Windows. You just press and hold the CAPS-lock and start typing commands. All enso programs have some common commands. Some are google search, calculator, converting selected text to upper- or lowercase.

The Enso Launcher lets you open any program, file or URL you want, fast and easy. It also gives you window controls like minimize, maximize, restore and close. Furthermore you can make your own commands. So if you have a program, file or URL that you use a lot and it’s not that easy to get to it, maybe it has a long title. Then you can make a command that with a few characters open it. I happen to use the command prompt quite often, but i get tedious having to go down into Start menu | Run, write cmd and press Enter. With Enso i can make a command that launches command prompt when i hold capslock and type: open cmd, then releasing capslock. It’s that easy and fast.

Enso Words obviously has to do with text processing. It gives you a function for spell checking, it gives you word and character count – this is on any text that you have selected, anywhere. There’s also a command for getting a definition of any word you have selected.

They have other additions to Enso under development that are looking great too. But install them, play around, i’m sure you’ll like it very much. I absolutely love it, and i’ve only been using it for half a day. There are so many things I usually do using the mouse, but now i can do em with my keyboard thanks to Enso. So this is also a great tool for improving ergonomics by eliminating some mouse tasks. From now on i dont think i will be using the Start menu anymore.

If you have any proplems, there’s always the help command in enso, and also the commandlist command. But it’s quite easy to get the hang of reading the instructions on their website and using the command list.

So i hope you take a look at it, and show it to everyone, because it’s really a great program that everyone should use. Or atleast everyone a bit “geeky” should use it 😉 And i hope it wasn’t too much reading this novel.

Busy Bees and Barrs

My life is completely consumed with everything outside of the technology memeosphere. The inbox is certainly sitting happily below 50 messages, but I feel irreversibly out of the loop. I never thought I’d ever say this: it’s time for a vacation.

Christmas shopping has been a bust, items are still scattered about the forewinds of our new home, and the honeymoon will be starting in a few days. I need a mental reset, to regain clarity and re-energize my body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve been flying around the house, taking care of smaller tasks that whittle away at the ebbing and flowing collections of clutter. Most boxes have been emptied at this point, but we’re still “missing” a handful of key posessions. Last night, Jake came over to help me reconnect the media center – only to discover that our speaker cables had gone walkabout. I believe he’s headed back tonight, if only to sample Ponzi’s Mexican-themed dinner.

Her office furniture arrived (unassembled) yesterday; it was almost the straw that broke my back. I don’t mind putting things together, but I was simply not looking forward to setting up her new desks and bookshelves. Jeff Barr emailed me and asked if he could be of any assistance – simultaneously volunteering his sons (Stephen, Andy) for labor. His timing was impeccable. Males of the Barr family came to the new gnomestead with tools in hand, and by mid-afternoon had pieced together Ponzi’s home office. I’m so very thankful for their assistance.

In a bit, I believe that Brandon is scooting by to help me upgrade the Quad FX system (with a new set of heatinks). We’ll see how that goes. And tomorrow is another day.

Will it ever end?

It started with the almost move, then it was the almost-almost move, then it was finding a house, preparing to do the new move, setting up the honeymoon, closing on the house, moving across town, getting married later that week (and entertaining family), setting up new / old services, beginning the unpacking process, getting hit with a power outtage, and Christmas is in less than a week and I haven’t received (or even had a chance to dent) Ponzi’s list yet.

When… will… this… madness… end?!

I don’t know what my mental or physical limits are, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been pushed beyond them in recent weeks. Worse yet, I just discovered I missed out on a 40% off sale at Office Depot (where I ordered office furniture today). I’m sure my biorhythm has been spiking and dipping every other hour over the past couple of months.

Doing It Differently

Okay, I love what Gina and pt do – who doesn’t? Jake and I have been kicking an idea around for a while, and I think we’re ready to unleash it. Nothing revolutionary, mind you – just an idea that might (or might not) work.

We’re Doing It – a DIY/GTD group blog that anybody can join at any time. Sign up, post a draft immediately, and never post again for all we care (or continue to post, if you get enough cross-promotional or search engine traffic from the coverage).

So, let’s just see if this “wisdom of crowds” thingy works – and not just for geeks!

How to Handle Email Overload

I sent a quick message to Matt Cutts from Google a few minutes ago, asking him when Google might be updating their index to reflect my new site strucutre (since moving from BlogWare to WordPress a few weeks ago). I almost shot milk out of my nose when I received his autoresponse a minute later:

I’m on vacation until June 30th, and I *will delete all email* when I return. In case of an emergency, Carol Smith has my cell phone number. You may wish to send your request to Brian White or Amit Singhal, or you may want to resend your email after I return.

I suppose that’s one way to handle email overload? Okay, Matt – you’re going to delete my original message, but I’m sure this post will show up in your ego feed. Or, at least, it should show up.