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Franklin Language Translator

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – While in Frankfurt recently, we had an amazing time. The food was great, the people were friendly, and the city was beautiful. However, Ponzi and I neither one speak a lick of German.

We managed to get around by using hand gestures, pointing, smiling a lot, and saying “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” often. I am a coffee fanatic, and there is ONE thing I must have in my coffee… real, heavy cream. When I would ask for it in Germany, they kept bringing me milk or half and half. So, off to Conrad’s we went. This store is kind of like a Best Buy meets Radio Shack. The prices weren’t bad, I suppose. I picked up a handy little Franklin Language Translator. I was able to type in a word or phrase, and instantly translate it into German. Of course, my pronunciation still left a lot to be desired. But overall, it helped Ponzi and I communicate a bit better during our stay.

Even though the word Internet is apparently pronounced the same in every single language I tried… for the most part, this little device works really well.

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Blogger Meetup in Frankfurt, Germany

Calling all Twitter followers! Calling all YouTube producers! Calling all bloggers! Calling all podcasters! Calling all videocasters! Calling all FaceBook fanatics!

Ponzi and I are still in Frankfurt, Germany – and we’ve found a spot in our schedule in which to accommodate a Blogger Meetup. I guess it’s more than just for bloggers – if you’re doing anything online that’s interesting or fun, you’re also invited to this informal gathering of the minds. Any European, or worldwide traveler, is certainly welcome to join us. Spread the word!

We’ve set the time for 4pm tomorrow (Friday, September 14th 2007) at th Westin Grand Frankfurt. This is located at Konrad Adenauer Strasse 7, Frankfurt 60313. We realize it’s in the middle of IAA, but that means more car bloggers should already be in town for activities.