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Throwbabies for the Holidays

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, you need look no further than our friends at Throwboy. We’ve long been supporters of these awesome pillow. Heck, I admit to having every one of them ever made. I am really excited about their newest product: Throwbabies. These things are just – dare I say it as a dude? – adorable.

All of your favorite chat sayings have been hand-sewn onto tiny replicas of the original Throwboy pillow. Personally, I need the N00B one, the WTF one and the FML one. These little gems are only nine dollars each, or three for twenty-three bucks. They’ll make excellent stocking stuffers, yo!

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Top Furniture for Geeks

Just a few short years ago, the word Geek still had negative connotations attached to it. Companies didn’t really make products designed specifically for those of us who proudly label ourselves as Geeks. Today, though, all of that has changed. It seems that nearly every company now sells products aimed at our Geeky side. You can find everything from shower accessories to jewelry – and everything in between! There are several websites dedicated to selling nothing but Geek items. If you know where to look, you can even find some amazing Geek furnishings for your home!!

Scrabble Furniture

Periodic Table

Nintendo Chair

Captain Kirk Chair

Geek Shower

Geek Door Lock

CD Chair

Book Chair

Pac-Man Shelves

Pac-Man Coffee Table

LEGO Couch

Number Keys Seat

Rubik’s Cube Tables

Calculator Chairs


These are just a few of the things that I’ve come across on my travels across the web. What Geeky furniture have you seen, that I may have missed?

Some of the furniture pictures were also featured in a blog post on Geek.Ology.

Throwboy Unboxing

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People email me all the time, and I get back to as many of you as I can. I received an email a week ago from a local entrepreneur, telling me about the Throwboy pillows! I couldn’t place my finger on it, but I knew that I had heard of these. Once I went to check out the website, I realized that I have these same pillows on my wish list! I fired back a reply email, and ended up having some of these sent to me!

I got to interview the brains behind Throwboy recently. Throwboy is a speciality throw pillow company that caters to niche technology and geek culture. They’re all hand-sewn, and they’re just totally and completely cool!

Choose from the Icon collection, the Chat collection, or grab yourself the RSS Icon pillow. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard for you to choose just one. I’m going to have my Throwboys lined up on the couch downstairs… but I think I may just keep a few here in the office. You just never know when an opportunity will present itself, allowing me to hold the WTF pillow up in front of the camera… or the NOOB one… or maybe even the OMG one.

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