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How to Be a Geek

While staring at my screen as I put together my next post in my noggin, I idly started typing things into Google. Being a technology geek, I tend to use search strings to see what people like me are looking for. I typed “How to be a Geek” into the search box and was actually stunned at the results. The Internet has it completely wrong – and so do you. The definition of the word itself just isn’t right y’all. Being a geek has nothing to do with carnival performers, computer gurus or peculiar people.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a geek is someone who is passionate about something. There are computer geeks, sure. There are also gardening geeks, motorcycle geeks and word puzzle geeks. Everyone has a passion of some type. I don’t honestly care if you love playing the drums, writing poetry, playing a sport or simply sitting next to the ocean while staring into space. Those things which are you most involved with and excited about are what make you a geek.

I hate seeing the geek label being used in a derogatory manner more than I explain. Those who don’t know any better assume that a geek is someone who hides behind a computer screen, has no social skills and is unkempt. Sure, there are people like that out there somewhere. There are also those of us who have vibrant lives outside of our online world, who are obsessively clean AND who know how to converse in social settings.

Being a geek of any type is something to be proud of. Proclaiming yourself as one means simply that you truly care about whatever it is you’re doing. You love it… you eat, sleep and breathe it. You LIVE it. Can anyone explain to me how in the hell embracing our passions is a bad thing?

A geek cannot be stuffed into one tidy little description. When I polled Twitter to find out how all of you define this term, one answer stood head and shoulders above the rest. Kristijan said that “A geek is someone who would never succeed in defining “geek” in 140 characters or less.” Right on!

What type of geek are you?

Tips for Getting, and Keeping, That Super Geeky Girl

Geek!This is Amber’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

You know you’ve seen her, fellas. She’s not a cheerleader, and she wasn’t the prom queen. Most likely, she’s the girl who carried a sci-fi novel in her backpack, right next to her GBA in high school. She probably spent prom night at a LAN party, rather than subjecting herself to dancing to top 40 songs and avoiding the eager hands of an excitable classmate. Today, you probably see her in a cubicle, partially hidden behind her Pokemon figurines and her demotivational posters. While rare, these girls are approachable – though you may need to change your game plan a bit.

  1. Find out what she’s into, and strike up a conversation about it. Does she like video games? Is she into a certain sort of literature? Maybe she owns all the seasons of Star Trek and enjoys watching them in all-night marathons! This works even better if you find out what the two of you both like, and can have an in-depth conversation about it. Who knows, maybe it could even be first date material! A candlelight dinner followed by a Star Wars marathon? Score!
  2. Just because she gets more frags than you do, doesn’t mean she’s not girly. Sure, we geeky females like to show how smart and independent we are, but little things aren’t lost on us. Compliments to our outfits and appearance are always nice! Oh, come on, girls. You know you love it when a guy calls you pretty! Flowers, cards, and small tokens are still welcomed. Provided that she isn’t a hardcore feminist, you should always open the door for a girl, and take her out on the town every so often. I’m not saying that you need to buy a geek girl’s affections, but it is nice to show that you recognize her for more than just her ability to kick ass at Halo. Homemade free gifts are always welcomed, too. You could always fashion a home made Valentine from old electronics, you know. Example: http://estranged-illusions.deviantart.com/art/Duck-Hunt-lamp-84479813 – w00t!
  3. Don’t automatically assume you’re the first guy to ask us out. Sure, we’re geeky. While we may not be the first girl on every guy’s mind, you shouldn’t assume that we’re going to be an easy target – and don’t expect that we’re going to be grateful that you’ve come along to sweep us off our feet and into bed. Remember: we’re geeky by choice, and we were doing fine before you came along. You have to make sure we know that the two of us be doing even better now that you’re here. Do this by being affectionate, not by acting like you’re rescuing us from lonely Saturday nights.
  4. Don’t feel like you need to constantly try to out-game us, and don’t assume that we need your help. It’s really annoying when you point out what we’re supposed to be doing in a game. Even if we’re not as good as you in certain things, there is a self-gratification that comes from beating a game all by ourselves. Trust me: if we need your help, we’ll ask. Well, maybe after we consult a walk-through, but only if we’re really stuck.
  5. Try new things together. Just like any other relationship, this could get boring fast if all you two do is watch movies or play the same games together. Just because you two are geeky, that doesn’t mean that you can’t head out for a night on the town! Or maybe a picnic is more your style. After all, you could always bring your DSes and play after the potato salad has been put away. Sure, you can bowl a 300 on Wii Bowling, but maybe you two could have a friendly wager over who can knock down more pins in a real bowling alley. These are the sort of things that make relationships memorable – and lasting.

Point is, fellas: take a shine to what she’s into, don’t forget that she actually is – you know – a girl. Oh, and be prepared to argue over who gets to play the 360 every so often, as that is just inevitable.

And ladies, cut him some slack. Chances are, he’s trying pretty hard, you know.

Happy geeking!